What Do Olympians and Online Sales Training Courses Have In Common?

They say the world’s greatest Olympians had athletic potential from a young age, and I definitely believe this. I also know and respect the blood, sweat, and tears each Olympian goes through to get to where they are today, even if they had some pretty incredible skills to start. Countless hours in the packed gym, thousands of runs from the top of a mountain, or an exponential number of dives into the ice cold pool; these athletes give their best effort in their training because they know how important it is to perfect their skills. 

The countless hours Olympians put into their training helps them hone in on the skills necessary to win gold. So my question is this: Why are some sales leaders not approaching training and skill development with the same Olympic-mindset, especially when a great online sales training program can produce better sales? 

Go ahead and let out a sigh of relief because I’m here to tell you that developing and conducting sales training programs is not as hard as winning the gold, or even the bronze for that matter. 😉

Let’s start with understanding the importance of sales skills training and online sales training courses. Think back to my previous example with Olympians. When provided with the right set of tools and skills, people can take their careers one step further to become Olympians, a.k.a. the world’s greatest athletes. I want your sales team to be on the same level! Pipeline generation, increased annual recurring revenue, hitting and exceeding targets, and feeling confident in a sales role are topics constantly on the mind’s of salespeople.

So, how can online sales training courses help you make better sales?

Ah, the age old question. First, you must have the right tools in place. There are many different types of sales training programs available, but finding the right one for your business can take some digging. Some training courses focus more on basic sales training like how to negotiate, ways to perfect your elevator pitch, and understanding different buyer personas. If you take a look at companies with the best training programs, you’ll see some similarities. These training programs go a few layers deeper to include content on creating confident reps, providing important analytical feedback on the user level for managers, and suggesting coaching content after identifying any knowledge gaps that may exist.

According to McKinsey, “stronger sales training relates to strong performance across key skill areas. Undertaking sales training often results in higher opportunity win rates, claiming maximum value through pricing and volume, and an increase in the ability to fill pipelines and grow accounts.”

Sounds ideal, right? Many sales leaders don’t know where to start when building out a training program, but there are many tools out there to choose from to help. 

What should your sales training curriculum include?

Top sales training programs provide a feedback loop for reps and managers to assess where individuals are in their learning, suggest relevant content to hone in on the skills that matter most, and allow reps to practice with the given feedback to grow those skills. We can go a step further and also mention that when reps are confident in their role, they’re more likely to share best practices with their teammates which in turn, creates a more cohesive and successful team. All this to say your sales training curriculum should provide reps with the feedback and coaching they need to develop the skills that matter the most in their role so they are sharing those best practices with the rest of the team.


What should you include in a sales training program?

When we think about how developing and conducting sales training programs, don’t forget to focus on the skills that matter most to reps. These include demo and presentation training, objection handling, selling with stories, company and industry knowledge, and more. There are many sales training topics out there to maximize rep performance which will lead to better sales in your company.

Once you include the necessary sales training topics and present the learning in an engaging way, your sales reps can start to grow and practice their skills. With better negotiating skills come increased ARR for a deal. When a rep feels confident in their role, they will be even better at handling objections. This all starts with the right online sales training. Hope some of these tips and tricks empower you to make better sales with training (and to ultimately take home the gold.)


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