How to Leverage your Software

Rapid advances in technology have transformed the workplace—and the way businesses operate. To keep up with continuous change, companies are investing more in technology than ever before. According to a report from Spiceworks, 44% of organizations plan to increase their IT budgets in 2018. Furthermore, 26% of these companies plan to increase their software budgets and allocate for programs that help their teams communicate, collaborate, and learn.

It’s clear that the evolution of technology is directly impacting employee learning. Gone are the days where employees sit in classrooms for hours at a time to shuffle through paperwork and listen to uninspiring presentations. Instead, companies are realizing the benefits of using the learning cloud to train employees. Online learning and cloud-based employee training software provide plenty of advantages. Here are just a few:

Lower Startup Costs—While cloud-based learning can be a sizable investment, it tends to have lower initial costs than traditional learning programs. Companies won’t need to devote significant time or talent to install programs and troubleshoot glitches. It can be remarkably simple to sign-up with a provider and begin creating training content and lessons.

Enhanced Accessibility—The learning cloud offers better accessibility for both learners and course designers. Employees can learn on the go—anywhere and anytime. Learners can simply type learning cloud login and access training when and where they need it. Additionally, managers can instantly create lessons and access training reports across any device.

Faster Implementation—Because there is no hardware involved, companies have immediate access to their employee training software. This means training—and seeing an impact on employees—starts sooner.

Worry-Free Maintenance—Most providers have IT staff on hand, which means companies won’t have to worry about dealing with bugs or breakdowns in the system. In turn, organizations are free to devote their IT resources to other areas of the business.

The advantages of the learning cloud don’t stop there. Companies can leverage their online employee training software by integrating it with other enablement cloud products. The benefits of pairing training software with other programs are two-fold—improving employee learning and positively impacting business procedures. Some examples include:

Efficient employee management

The most important asset of any company is the employees. While bringing a new employee up to speed may seem like a daunting task, many organizations utilize an HR information system (HRIS) to streamline the process. A HRIS, such as Namely, provides an all-in-one software solution for HR, payroll, benefits, and more.

Companies supercharge their HR info in Namely when they drive learning and training with Lessonly.
Adding Lessonly to Namely automates new hire onboarding and provides seamless ongoing training for current team members. This powerful combination delivers effective and organized employee management while providing the peace of that employees are up to date with the training they need to do great work.

Measurable business impact

Your employees will do great work, if you teach them how. But many companies only offer and promote training during the initial onboarding process. This training period is limited to a fixed length of time and focuses primarily on company policies, products, and procedures. Oftentimes, the impact of this training isn’t measured against business results to determine if it truly effective.

Lessonly for Salesforce streamlines the creation and sharing of sales enablement, support training, and team learning content—and measures its business impact all within Salesforce. This integration gives employees the opportunity to receive ongoing and guided learning right in Salesforce, resulting in improved adoption. Additionally, team leaders, managers, and admins have full visibility into how learning and enablement drives performance, team objectives, and business outcomes. Combining Lessonly and Salesforce data allows for an unprecedented level of insight in the ROI of the company’s learning efforts.

Scalable training and coaching

The learning cloud is a cost-effective and expedient way to scale training and coaching for growing teams. Employee training software allows organizations to track the current knowledge, skills, and productivity of the team member—and deliver additional training to employees when they really need it. This promotes responsiveness, productivity, and engagement—improving overall employee effectiveness

The need for scalable training is exactly why Lessonly is the perfect companion to Zendesk. Together, Lessonly and Zendesk empower customer support teams to learn new information, practice their skills, and drive better support. Lessonly intelligently suggests content for reps based on their activity in Zendesk to provide relevant and effective training. This helps teams train reps easier and quicker in order to deliver more consistent customer support. Lessonly and Zendesk provide a powerful one-two punch for scalable customer service, agent training, and knowledge management—resulting in world-class customer care.

Shared knowledge across teams

As businesses expand and headcount grows, company knowledge and subject-matter expertise often become siloed, resulting in inefficiency. According to McKinsey, the average worker spends 20% of their work week looking for information—that’s a full work-day wasted. In order to maximize workers’ productivity, companies should use their training software to connect employees with the knowledge they are looking for.

That’s why we created Lessonly for Chrome. Lessonly’s Chrome extension recommends the critical information that teams need to do better work—right in their browsers. When relevant learning content is connected to the web pages and apps that employees use every day additional, inefficient searching is eliminated, and teams are freed to focus on the task at hand.

Employee training software is advantageous and essential for any team that wants to multiply the impact of learning on a business. In fact, employee training software is about much more than just training employees—it’s about doing better work.

Maximize your employee training software with Lessonly’s integrations

Lessonly is powerful, modern training software that helps sales and support teams do better work to see optimal business results. Our friends at Ibotta pair Lessonly with Zendesk to train remote support agents, improve their CSAT scores, and deliver exceptional customer service. See how you can leverage Lessonly, and take a tour today.

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