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Build Virtual Training with Online Training Software

Online training software, also known as e-learning software or computer-based training software, enables organizations to train and share knowledge with their teams online. Online training software makes it easy to build, deliver, and track training efforts through one easy-to-use online platform.

Old-school online training platforms are notoriously inefficient and difficult to navigate. For example, with traditional elearning creation software, it could take weeks or months just to learn how to launch your first online training course. Elearning authoring tools should be simple, straightforward, and easy to use.

That’s where Lessonly’s online training software is different. Unlike other online training software out there, Lessonly’s intuitive lesson builder makes it easy to develop online training courses quickly. Our one-of-a-kind training creation software is designed to help you produce elegant, clean lessons that are automatically optimized for mobile. The drag-and-drop content elements make it easy to build lessons and resources for your team. Lessonly’s learning software also makes it a snap to include interactive elements in your lessons—from peer learning tools, quizzes, flip cards, and more. With Lessonly, your team will have the best online training program.

Give Lessonly a try and experience the ease and simplicity of our modern elearning authoring tools. Comparing our software to other eLearning programs proves that Lessonly’s platform is not only user-friendly but also optimized for creating high-quality, valuable training for employees at every level. You’ll love how easy it is to create new lessons and save time with the Lessonly training platform.

Online Training Videos

For modern employees, learning means more than simply reading books and memorizing information. Those forms of knowledge transfer have been revolutionized by multimedia learning programs and interactive lessons. And Lessonly’s dynamic online learning system incorporates all forms of media—including videos—into the courses, lessons, and resources you build for your team.

Conveying certain messages and information through video can be a faster, more effective way for employees to learn and retain that information. And the best online training software and eLearning tools include a video training platform. With our eLearning app, you don’t have to be a technologist to upload or embed videos. Lessonly makes it easy to upload and embed videos and combine those videos with supporting text for complete and comprehensive lessons.

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Train 62% faster with Lessonly.

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Corporate Training Software

At Lessonly, we work with a lot of teams who are looking for the best training management software possible for their company. Typically, these people fall into two different groups—those who prioritize fidelity in their employee training software, and those who prioritize speed.

Companies that prioritize fidelity aim for content with a high production value—something you might see on a professional broadcast with lots of extra features. On the other hand, companies that prioritize speed are creating content on rapidly changing topics, and use media that’s produced quickly and organically, usually a combination of smartphone videos, blog content, screenshots, and quick captions.

Both of these groups are valuable and there are times and places for both in online employee training. Fidelity is the winner for content that stays relatively static—traditional HR topics like workplace conduct, and compliance-related, leadership topics. Speed, on the other hand, is vital for companies looking to keep up with the pace of modern business. Online management training and online employee training software built for speed is focused on productivity learning. It’s designed to help teams learn the information they need to do better, more tactical work. Companies have to train employees quickly and keep them up to speed when information changes.

Online Training Management System

The means by which training is delivered to employees is often just as important as training content itself. Lessonly believes that access to information is more important than perfect mastery of that information, and so we designed our training management software accordingly—to be accessible and sharable across all platforms and operating systems.

Why is accessibility and shareability in a training management system so important? Because in today’s rapidly changing world, where work knowledge and tactics are constantly evolving, 100% mastery is neither efficient nor truly possible.

Modern organizations are changing extremely quickly. But if employees in those organizations utilize traditional corporate learning approaches, they end up memorizing outdated information, which ultimately slows down the company as a whole. Acknowledging that the way employees learn has changed when choosing a training management solution gives employees the benefit of unlimited, universal access to information. Then, the pressure to master old-world knowledge is out, and empowered access to the latest and greatest technology, concepts, and information is in.

Finally, prioritizing access in training management software systems means that employees and teams can tap into courses and resources from their mobile devices. And managers have the ability and freedom to build courses from their mobile devices as well. Today’s workers get things done on-the-go. With Lessonly, teams and managers can take control of their training and have it available at their fingertips—wherever they are and whenever they want.

Employee Training Calendar

It’s easy for training plans to fall by the wayside in business. But, when it comes to learning and training, timing is crucial in setting team members—particularly new hires—up for success. And while adopting an online learning system is a great first step, creating learning and assignment deadlines is essential for getting the most out of training software. Calendar alerts and events ensure team members learn at the desired rate and stay on top of key lessons and assignments, helping them succeed in their day-to-day and long-term responsibilities.

Employee Training Plan

Having an organized plan when it comes to training employees is crucial to new hire success. Not sure where to begin? The Lessonly employee training plan template can help. It’s free to download; just click here to learn more.

One of the biggest mistakes managers make is training reactively instead of proactively. Lessonly makes it easy to build and develop a proactive training plan so that employees level up their performance in less time than ever before.

Are you still using Excel for your training plan? Software designed specifically for learning makes creating annual training and development plans more efficient. For example, with Lessonly, track employee training automatically through triggers, lesson cadences, and scheduled assignments. No more checking off boxes in an Excel spreadsheet. With Lessonly, employee training plans are smarter, more efficient, and best of all, automated.

Measure Employee Learning

Tracking Training

Do you measure training progress? If so, how? Do you have a formalized system? Or do you cross your fingers and hope that your team members are excelling and moving forward in their training the way you want them to?

Lessonly believes that, in order to make true progress, the most successful teams are those that are constantly assessing where they are, where they’re going, and tracking key metrics along the way. There are a few different methodologies with which to track employee training progress. The first, and most straightforward way, is to track completion.

Email isn’t reliable for tracking who has or hasn’t read important documents, training manuals, or resource materials. It might give visibility into opens or downloads, but there’s no way to know for sure who has or hasn’t done their homework.

But Lessonly functions as a training tracking software. With employee training tracking software, easily organize training, and automatically remind employees to complete unfinished lessons. Lessonly also gives organized visibility into which team members have completed training modules, left them unfinished, or still need to get started.

A more nuanced way to track employee training is to measure comprehension. This requires a bit more effort from managers, but it’s worth it. At Lessonly, we’re obsessed with measuring the ROI of learning and we’ve found that tracking comprehension is a valuable way to do so. Evaluating training both quantitatively and qualitatively reveals trends such as gaps in information and sections of information that require more time or resources.

Lessonly’s employee training tracking software reviews reveal how real companies use Lessonly to make the most of their training programs. Check out this case study from Birchbox to learn how tracking employee training made all the difference in their onboarding program.

Training Record Management

Employee learning shouldn’t stop after team members complete new hire onboarding. Winning modern teams recognize the value of continuous learning for employees at every stage in their career. But companies who aren’t measuring or tracking that data will struggle to see the high-level value in learning and training. However, in the bigger, complete picture of ongoing team learning, the true ROI becomes apparent through more productive teams, and everything begins to click.

The best way to track long-term employee training is to use training records management software. Lessonly makes this easy to do right within the learning platform.

Lessonly gives visibility into each and every employee’s ongoing training journey. And this recordkeeping feature is useful for maintaining compliance, without the hassle of traditional training tactics. With Lessonly, long-term records are safe, secure, and accessible for easy reference at any time.

Employee Training Database

Lessonly makes it easy to keep employee training databases up to date with our training database software and unique API.

The Lessonly team learning platform features an easy-to-manage interface that allows for managing and exporting data in a variety of ways. And a growing list of integrations helps take learning programs to the next level. For starters, Lessonly integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, which is particularly helpful for reporting team and individual learning data. Combine Salesforce data with employee training data for unique insight about overall learning ROI and valuable connections between training and team productivity.

Finally, features like Okta and ActiveDirectory help make Lessonly’s employee training database smooth and seamless. From tracking who is utilizing optional training programs, to easily authenticating new employees in the system, Lessonly makes previously tedious processes fast, efficient, and accessible to all.

Develop Employee Talent with Training and Development Software

Everyone deserves the chance to be great at what they do, and the best managers and leaders embrace the chance to provide their employees with that opportunity. Great employee learning doesn’t happen overnight. And in order to set employees up for their best chance at success, planning is key.

We believe people grow when you show them that their skills, knowledge, expertise, and professional development are valued. In too many organizations, professional development has become a check-the-box item on an HR checklist. Employee training software is the future of professional development. And investing in online employee training and online training development software helps make your team’s professional development a priority and sets them up for success.

Professional development doesn’t have to be siloed into an HR checklist. Instead, it should be an integral part of the employee experience and better yet, company culture. Training and development software like Lessonly provides a roadmap to guide and move employees forward with professional development, making it easy to incorporate it into everyday tasks and responsibilities.

Measure Learning ROI

At Lessonly, we’re obsessed with learning. But learning for the sake of learning is not enough to justify investing in employee training management software. That’s why we’re not only obsessed with learning, but also with measuring the ROI of learning.
Most businesses use data to make decisions, identify trends, and gather insights as a crucial aspect of running their company. Yet, those same businesses have been slow to measure the impact of learning and training on their bottom line.

Typical corporate training websites can’t deliver insightful analytics and learning measurements. However, a modern eLearning platform, like Lessonly, is a win for exactly that reason. It tracks employee learning metrics and gives visibility into the bigger business picture: how training and professional development is adding value and positive returns to your business.

Whether it’s online training software for companies or online training software for small business, Lessonly measures impactful employee growth through learning. Lessonly quantifies and catalogs employee learning data in an organized database, making it easy to see gaps in knowledge and where to focus education.

Training and Development Tools

Marketers, engineers, analysts, and sales reps all have modern tools at their disposal that help them do their jobs better. The same should be true for employee learning. Relying on traditional, outdated learning methods and resources for employee training doesn’t maximize employee learning or ROI.

Lessonly is built specifically for employee learning. In fact, we put learners first. That means Lessonly is designed to emphasize learning that drives productivity. With Lessonly’s online learning tools, share and reinforce best practices, subject matter expertise, proven techniques, and industry-specific information with your team. In other words, everything employees need to know to get up-to-speed and start performing well.

Training development tools are an integral part of the employee learning process. Lessonly provides the tools teams need to learn, grow, and ultimately, succeed. Whether providing sales enablement tools to new business development reps, assigning onboarding lessons to new hires, or quizzing veteran employees on crucial knowledge, Lessonly delivers an elevated employee training experience.

Compare Online Training Systems

Outdated LMS Training Software

Let’s call it out—there’s a negative stigma around training and professional development. This is because training traditionally focused on compliance learning. And compliance learning, while rooted in good intentions, can tend to feel condescending and demeaning.

Traditional web-based training tools also tend to be static. In other words, old-school learning software wasn’t designed to keep up with the pace of modern business and technology. In addition, dated virtual training software-focused too much on mastery of content rather than access to content. Instead of getting employees the information they needed, as fast as possible, in a highly-accessible format, companies measured their employee training success by metrics of mastery.

So, what about today’s online training software? Comparing the two reveals lots of change in both technology and modern workplace culture. Modern training software, like Lessonly, is built to provide teams with the knowledge and skills they need to be more productive, more effective, and more confident in their jobs. Keep reading to learn more about modern training software and get a better sense of this learning management system comparison.

Modern Training Software

Teams of all sizes deserve the best online training software, and today, the idea of the best training software means a lot more than it did a few years ago. Not only are traditional training methods less effective in the workplace, today’s employees demand more from training software. They also expect their employers to value learning and professional development as much as they do.

The best online training platforms acknowledge that employee training is changing. They deliver a positive learning experience to employees and make training a dynamic, organized, and measurable process for the manager.

Lessonly was created to do exactly that. Designed to specifically address the changing needs of modern employees and businesses, Lessonly delivers game-changing learning programs to teams of all types. Read what some of the nearly 4 million-plus learners are saying about Lessonly here.

The Future of Elearning Tools

The future of eLearning tools is an exciting frontier. As best learning practices continue to evolve, employees will continue to demand structures and resources from employers that democratize learning and provide unlimited, untethered access to information.

Democratized learning is the crowdsourced approach to engaging employees and leveraging their collective expertise to educate and inspire entire teams. It’s similar to the concept of user-generated content. By capturing the knowledge and experience of top-performing employees, and using it to build lessons, content, and key teachings, teams get better and employees feel valued.

The best eLearning platforms will continue to provide employers with organized, streamlined ways to manage employee training and do so in a way that prioritizes speed, access, and analytics. This helps teams and entire companies keep pace with today’s rapidly changing world. Ready to see how your organization can deliver game-changing online courses with Lessonly’s online training software? Click here to learn more or take a look at some additional resources down below.