Powers Rep Success with Engaging Learning and Interactive Practice

“Lessonly is a huge part of the structure that enables our new hires to understand their roles, ramp quicker, and have the best experience with our company.”

—Danica Christiansen

Sales Enablement Program Manager, Zendesk

The Challenge

As a powerful, flexible customer service and engagement platform, Zendesk scales to meet the needs of any business, from startups and small businesses to growing companies and enterprises. Their mission? To help other teams deliver the best possible customer experiences.

With customers in more than 160 countries, and over 3,000 global employees, Zendesk’s diverse, passionate team is dedicated to helping others every step of the way. And to keep up with rapid growth, the Zendesk sales and success teams needed a more efficient, effective onboarding processes to get new reps up to speed and keep all reps engaged and informed.

Their prior onboarding tool was time-consuming to manage. For a company that emphasizes great experiences, that wasn’t good enough. “The system really had no way of customizing the look and feel from a user’s perspective,” explains Danica Christiansen, Sales Enablement Program Manager. “Our products are easy to use, and we were looking for something really similar for our salespeople.” So Zendesk set out to find a better way to provide engaging, scalable, and accessible sales and success training.

“We use Lessonly practice tools to frequently practice the 30-second elevator pitch for different products. We’ll be utilizing it for future iterations of our demo certification—I love being able to provide feedback to other users.”

—Kylie Shelby, Program Manager – Enablement Infrastructure, Zendesk

The Process

With the help of Lessonly, Zendesk transformed the way they think about training. “I remember one session with Lessonly Services where it clicked in my head: This isn’t just about throwing content in and giving it to my learners. It’s really about making content understandable so the learners have the best experience possible,” notes Danica. “The Lessonly team is really well-skilled in teaching us how to do that.”

Making the transition to Lessonly allowed the Zendesk team to create the training experiences they wanted—and empower others in the company, too. Program Manager of Enablement Infrastructure Kylie Shelby notes, “Our other teams want to create lessons with Lessonly to distribute to their team members, because they’ve seen how easy it is to use and how the reps engage with it.”

Now, using templated lessons in Lessonly, the team ensures consistency across their global workforce, and they’ve empowered SMEs to quickly create engaging, on-brand training content.

“Every new team member takes a five-minute lesson with me on how to create content,” explains Kylie. “It’s very easy to show them all of the features in Lessonly. So whether our ambassador in Europe, Singapore, or San Francisco creates the content, all those lessons will be consistent across the board.”

Beyond the Lessonly platform, Kylie’s enjoyed the partnership, too, noting, “the Lessonly team is awesome. They are a great partner for Zendesk. And any chance we get to interact, is something I actually look forward to.”Ed Soria, Product Enablement Curriculum Designer, agrees, “The folks at Lessonly genuinely care about how we work, and they understand that we need lessons that are truly powerful instruments of learning.”

“We haven’t found one person at Lessonly that isn’t willing to help or partner with us, or be a thought leader, or explain the idea of Doing Better Work.”

—Danica Christiansen, Onboarding Program Manager, Zendesk

The Results

Beyond onboarding, Lessonly has had an impact on Zendesk’s ongoing training efforts, too. When it comes to revisiting critical knowledge like legal or financial processes, sales reps can get the information they need to move a deal forward quickly and easily.

“With our size, we have a lot of deal constraints and a lot of product configurations. So Lessonly is a really important, integral part of having that knowledge—especially as you reach the end of the quarter,” explains Shannon Murray, Senior Account Executive. “It’s not uncommon that I go back and look at Lessonly to bring myself up to speed on current strategy, which changes all the time.”

As a rapidly-innovating company, Zendesk also uses Lessonly to assign new product or feature training to their global workforce. Sales and success reps now dive deeper into content, practice demo pitches, and receive certifications with the help of Lessonly. Ed recognizes, “Recording demos [directly in Lessonly] and then having our trainers evaluate those, there’s a lot of rich and powerful feedback we can generate from that experience. And that’s definitely unique to the learning management systems I’ve worked with.”

Zendesk isn’t stopping there. With plans to further enhance enablement and to create additional resources, they’re on the path to Doing Better Work. Danica concluded, “Consider the journey of your new hires or your salespeople. If you want them to have a great, simple experience, Lessonly is for you.”

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