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8:30 AM - 9:00 AM ET
Coffee Connection
Rise and shine! Join one of the “Coffee Connection” breakfast rooms virtually, where you’ll get to ask questions and build connections with fellow Yellowshippers.
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM ET
Choose Your Own Adventure
This time is for you. You can either live stream our yoga class, complete a 5K of your own, or schedule a coffee connection with another virtual attendee or two..
9:30 AM - 10:15 AM ET
Karlie Briggs, Lessonly by Seismic
Join us for live virtual yoga to start off your Yellowship experience with an “ooooom.” All levels welcome—llamaste!
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET
Opening Keynote: Better Work
Opening Keynote | Better Work
Max Yoder, CEO; Conner Burt, President; Kristina Simkins, VP of Product at Lessonly by Seismic; Dave Myron, SVP of Product at Seismic
Join Lessonly by Seismic's Max Yoder, Conner Burt, and Kristina Simkins, along with Seismic's Dave Myron, for a LIVE, inspiring keynote to kick off the week, where they'll be diving into why Better Work matters, and new ways we're helping you Do Better Work in the product. You won't want to miss these updates!
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM ET
Grab your lunch and head to the Llama Lounge to join one of the Llama Network rooms virtually, where you’ll get to ask questions and build connections.
1:30 PM - 2:00 PM ET
Breakout Sessions
We’ll start off the day with some breakout sessions. Choose from one of our five tracks: Sales Enablement, Customer Service Enablement, Talent Development, Lessonly 101, and Llama Life.
Practice Makes Perfect: Designing an Effective Employee Learning Journey
Stephanie Jones & Katherine Sifontes, Lessonly by Seismic
Research shows that we retain only 10% of what we read, but 90% of what we do. So let's get to it! To create an effective learning experience, we need to consider how to apply what we learn. Join us for this session, where we’ll discuss the benefits of practice at every stage of a learner’s journey.
Taking the Zzz Out of Training: How Brooklinen Helps Agents Perform At Their Best
Caroline Svenson, Brooklinen
A great night's sleep depends on Brooklinen, and Brooklinen depends on CX agents. (Seriously, their CX team has brought in more than 80,000 five-star reviews.) In this session, learn how they enable and grade teammates to provide best-in-class support experiences consistently. We'll discuss how Brooklinen leverages Lessonly, knowledge management tools, and QA on their growing CX team.
How to Do Better Work in 1:1 Meetings
Barb Jacobucci, Limelight Networks
As a manager, mentor, or coach, you're responsible for the successful delivery of your teams’ goals and objectives. But your role doesn't stop there. Supporting your direct reports' individual growth and development is also critical. In this session, Barb will walk us through some techniques and best practices for leading impactful, effective 1:1 meetings.
3, 2, 1, Action: Leveraging Lessonly for Synchronous Remote Training Events
Zack Uzzle, Lessonly by Seismic
Join Zack Uzzle (a Technical Account Manager for Lessonly) for an overview of incorporating Lessonly into synchronous remote training events. You’ll see how Lessonly customers have utilized the platform to streamline customer support onboarding programs enabling new support technicians to quickly absorb the information they need and practice new skills; preparing them to provide an excellent support experience for their customers.
Creating a Culture of Care in a Diverse Workforce
Stevie Cromer, LUNA Language Services
A Culture of Care is focused on caring for others, ourselves, our families, our community, and our ever-changing world. It provides and welcomes opportunity for crucial, courageous conversations, as well as interpersonal connections in a diverse workforce. In this session, learn how to enhance (or create!) a Culture of Care in your workforce for bolstered innovation, inclusion, and company trust.
2:15 PM - 2:45 PM ET
Breakout Sessions
You’ll head to your second breakout session of the day. Choose from one of our five tracks: Sales Enablement, Customer Service Enablement, Talent Development, Lessonly 101, and Llama Life.
The Dos & Don'ts of Designing Enablement for Growing Teams
Megan Friedrich, and Tieg Herman, Deluxe
In a period of fast-paced, company-wide transformation, Deluxe’s Sales Enablement org learned to quickly drive change and accelerate growth. They developed a revenue-focused GTM enablement and sales readiness approach. In this session, learn how Deluxe’s enablement leaders elevated the enablement brand, worked with Product & Marketing to build a comprehensive GTM toolkit, and got reps driving revenue in record time.
Digging for Data: Mining the Untapped Resource of Reporting
Tim Collins, T-Mobile and John Mainella, Lessonly
Picture this: Your leadership team comes to you and says, “Hey! We need data on how our teams are doing in their training!” What do you do? Dig into the data. This session will help you surface the right data, regularly and with actionable insights. We’ll look at how to adjust training “on the fly” to adapt to your learner’s data-backed needs. What are the right checkpoints to look at? And how can you present the information so that it’s digestible for everyone—including that leadership team of yours.
Developing Your Leadership in a Remote Environment - It's Possible!
Jennifer Sutherland, Trustwave
In the past two years, we've changed nearly everything about how we hire, manage, and train our teammates. But here's one thing that hasn't changed: the need for strong leadership development. In this session, explore how to build successful, effective leadership programs in a remote work environment through hybrid learning, videos, modular training, and Lessonly Skills.
The Importance of Creating a Culture of Knowledge Sharing
Chris Buttenham, Lessonly Knowledge
Organizations of all shapes and sizes have an abundance of knowledge floating around. It's siloed in different teammates' heads, living in documents, and lost in various software and systems. This session will help you understand the importance of organizing this knowledge and fostering a strong culture of knowledge sharing before that person (and information) walks out the door.
Thinking With Your Feelings: How to Understand Your Own Intuitions and Make Them Smarter
Jimmy Miller,
There's a part of you that feels the right answer rather than thinks it. This is your instinct, your intuition, your gut. It's common for people to hear the word "bias" and think only in negative terms, but bias is a mode of thinking that's actually a powerful advantage if used properly. Doing what's been described as "weird brain magic" on audience members, we'll walk through why our brains take shortcuts, how they impact our work and relationships, and ways we can use these tools rather than be used by them.
2:45 PM - 3:45 PM ET
Choose Your Own Adventure
Make some coffee connections with other virtual attendees, participate in fun activities in the Llama Lounge, check out the Enablement Expo, snag some Llama Loot, catch up on emails, or grab a snack. The time is yours!

Be sure to choose the VIP Virtual Pass to receive a couple of Indy goodies right to your doorstep!
3:45 PM - 4:15 PM ET
Llama Talks
Pull up a chair and join us for a discussion-based, highly interactive session. There will be a variety of topics to choose from to help you train, coach, and enable your team in new ways.
Confidence…or Arrogance?!
Jason Starzec, Skai
"The world is a challenging place, especially because there are other people in it. Sometimes all we need for success is a solid process and perhaps some good data, algorithms, tacos, graphs, and reports. But sometimes, we may need a bit more. Join this interactive, engaging workshop to explore how the once-secret concept of true confidence can enhance and enrich everything from performance to intrinsic motivation, energy, and engagement in everything you do. Learn the STAR method to guide, enable, and help answer the question: Confidence…or arrogance?!"
True North: Maximize Sales Performance by Rediscovering Your Inner Compass
Larry Long Jr., LLJR Enterprises
The “new normal” has caused major disruption to sales professionals across the world. This breakout workshop will empower reps with skills for both personal and professional excellence in the midst of it all. Come ready to walk away with a feeling of being valued as a seller, the confidence to embrace a changing sales environment, the drive to achieve excellence in all aspects of life, and a greater understanding of your personal “North Star” of guiding principles and priorities.
Feedback Analysis: Thumbs Up for a Layered Approach
Alice Taylor, City of Indianapolis | Marion County
As content creators and admins, we rely on lesson feedback to gauge the success of our training content. But is a simple thumbs up or down enough? How can you read between the lines to get a deeper understanding of your learners’ feedback? This session focuses on the insight reporting tools that Lessonly provides, using a multi-dimensional lens to grasp the effectiveness of your training courses.
LlamaTalk about Creating a Core Curriculum Training Path
Dee Bogue, Cummins
In this “LlamaTalk,” we’ll share best practices on how to create a Lessonly core curriculum training path for your customer support team. Join Dee Bogue from Cummins, someone with 10+ years experience supporting customer support centers with L&D initiatives like new hire orientation, soft skills training, and job-specific training.
It's Not About You: How to Build Out Thoughtful Recruiting Journey Communications
Amy Oviedo, Recruiting Experiences
Every job seeker has a story (or three) about a company that never responded to their application, failed to provide any impactful feedback during the interview process, or posted a role that had already been filled. It doesn't have to be this way. In this session, Amy will lead participants in an interactive discussion on building a candidate communication journey that strengthens your employer brand.
A Trainer’s Intuition: The Secret Sauce for Engaging Remote Learners
Erica Horowitz, Policygenius
This probably isn't news to you, but the way we work has changed—a lot. In this interactive session, learn how human-centered leadership development can help managers become the leaders the modern workplace needs. To explore how to navigate change, create psychological safety, and foster inclusion and belonging in new ways that drive productivity and team engagement, join us.
Tools of the Train: Tips and Tricks to a Successful Lessonly Implementation
Sherryl Ray, EP Wealth Advisors
Are you newer to Lessonly and ready to learn best practices from someone who was just in that same boat? If so, this interactive, discussion-based session with Sherryl from EP Wealth Advisors will be perfect for you. Leave with secrets to a successful Lessonly implementation, best-in-class lesson creation, and general Lessonly maintenance. Come ready to share and learn!
7 Critical Steps to Develop an Enablement Charter for Success
Amanda Cremone, Seismic
In this session, we will guide you through a 7-step approach to not just develop your Enablement Charter from scratch, but also communicating it across your organization to establish clear guardrails for your Enablement efforts. You will walk away with tangible to-do’s you can implement right on the spot to make your Enablement work more effective, scalable, and notable.
Delivering Exceptional (Remote) Employee Experiences 101
Cyndi Wenninghoff, Quantum Workplace
We now know we can work remotely, but how do you onboard and keep employees engaged virtually? How do we make sure each and every new and existing teammate can thrive at work, no matter where they are? In this session, we'll go through some ideas and best practices we can use in real life to make everyone feel fully welcomed, enabled, and empowered at work.
Leaders, Tell Me About Your Life-Brand
Irina Soriano, Seismic
Looking to become a more impactful leader? Striving to become the kind of teammate everyone wants to have? In this session, discover what it means to establish a "Life-Brand," control and shape it, and use it to develop critical leadership skills, advance your career, and ultimately drive positive change in your life and the lives of those around you.
4:30 PM - 5:30 PM ET
Keynote Session
Carla's Pearls: Tools for Maximizing Your Success
Carla Harris, Vice Chairman of Wealth Management and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley
Carla speaks about the proven strategies that have helped her succeed and thrive on Wall Street. This presentation shines light on her self-described "pearls" of wisdom. She helps audiences maximize success from where they currently find themselves, as well as increase the odds of reaching the positions they aspire to. Discussion points include the importance—and the power—of perceptions in the workplace, key relationships needed to ensure your success, and the role of authenticity in being a powerful leader.
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM ET
Buckle up for a rockin’ party! Join us virtually for games, live music, food, drinks, and copious amounts of fun.
8:30 AM - 9:00 AM ET
Coffee Connections
Rise and shine! Join one of the “Coffee Connection” breakfast rooms virtually, where you’ll get to ask questions and build connections with fellow Yellowshippers.
9:00 AM - 9:30 AM ET
Breakout Sessions
We’ll start off the day with some breakout sessions. Choose from one of our five tracks: Sales Enablement, Customer Service Enablement, Talent Development, Lessonly 101, and Llama Life.
The Missing Piece: Practice as a Vehicle for Sales Team Transformation
Jordana Zeldin, Spriing Training
We all know it. Brain science confirms it: practice builds skill. Just ask an athlete. Or a musician. But what might a seller say? Join Sales Coach and Spriing Training founder, Jordana Zeldin, to learn about how Sales and Enablement Leaders can leverage the indisputable power of practice to cultivate richer selling skills, make better hires, and build thriving sales cultures.
Design for Life: Crafting your Career for Post-Pandemic Success
Kason Morris, UserZoom
The pandemic has been an experiment like no other—a means of understanding what we truly need to thrive in our careers and lives. This breakout is structured to help you use design thinking to take practical steps toward reshaping your career and life for future success, however you define it.
A Courageous Conversation about Gender & Inclusion
Suzi Sosa & Smith Puerto, Verb
As leaders are seeking to create more inclusive teams and companies, we’re getting more comfortable talking about sensitive topics, like race. In this session, Verb CEO Suzi Sosa and Dir, Customer Success Smith Puerto will have a candid conversation about Smith’s experience at work as a non-binary person. In addition to touching on direct questions, like pronouns, we will also talk about how to have brave conversations like this to strengthen your culture, teams and business performance.
5 Skills All Teams Need in Their WFH Wardrobe
Megan Hostetler, Lessonly by Seismic
It’s not a surprise that companies are continuing to offer remote working environments. In fact, 22% of the workforce will be working remotely by 2025. As teams transition to this new working environment, they’re discovering new challenges and new opportunities. In this session, you’ll learn 5 essential skills that your team needs in order to dress for success as they work from home (even if it’s with sweatpants and a button up).
Survive, Stabilize, and Thrive: Combatting Compassion Fatigue at Work
Liesel Mindrebo Mertes, Handle With Care Consulting
How do we build cultures of care when we feel personally exhausted and overwhelmed? The unrelenting stress of the Delta variant and the Great Recession, coupled with client demands, is leading to exhaustion at work. Compassion fatigue, the emotional residue of exposure to the grief or trauma of others, further inhibits our ability to connect. What if you could feel equipped to meaningfully combat compassion fatigue in the face of unrelenting demands? In this interactive and inspirational session, workplace empathy expert Liesel Mindrebo Mertes will equip you with strategies to boost mental health and combat compassion fatigue.
9:45 AM - 10:15 AM ET
Breakout Sessions
You’ll head to your second breakout session of the day. Choose from one of our five tracks: Sales Enablement, Customer Service Enablement, Talent Development, Lessonly 101, and Llama Life.
From Ho-Hum to Yum: Using Creative Training Strategies to Win with Your Reps
Katrina Lallo, Moen
Training sessions are like sandwiches... and eating the same sandwich gets old, right? How can you provide a consistent platter full of delicious variety? In this session, Katrina from Moen will walk us through creative training strategies that have been a hit with her reps. Long story short, come if you're ready to take your training from ho-hum to YUM!
The Perfect Connection: How Retailers Operationalize Technology to Drive Shopper Success
Ben Segal, Pair Eyewear; Natasha Lende, Etsy; Samantha Platt, Lovesac; Megan Hostetler, Lessonly by Seismic
Join this session to discover how leaders at Etsy, Lovesac, and Pair Eyewear leverage technology alongside Lessonly to boost operational efficiencies in their organizations. Spoiler alert: They've all led to better reps and happier customers. You'll hear from a panel of L&D and CX experts as they share learnings from their successes.
Equitifying Your Interview Process
Casey Schlotter, Clever
If you're on a quest to significantly improve your diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts at your organization, this talk is for you! We'll specifically focus on how to ensure your interview process is equitable by looking at specific parts of the interview process. You'll leave the session with actionable takeaways to implement at your organization. Building an equitable interview process can be time consuming and challenging, but it paves the way for your organization to make strides towards a truly diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace.
The Science of Learning
Kyle Teague, CPTD, Olo
Designing learning solutions can be intimidating with so much at stake. However, years of scientific research and theory prove that there are viable solutions to make it a little simpler. In this session, we'll identify the three domains of learning, categorize the six levels of learning behavior and appropriate learning activities aligned at each level, and apply the first two steps of the ADDIE model to effectively begin building impactful learning solutions.
It's Not a Superhuman Gene: 5 Keys to Living Your Fullest Potential
Margaret Weniger, Rising Tide
Ever wonder why some people seem to thrive as they navigate their career and life? It's almost like they were gifted with some superhuman gene that the rest of us didn't get. Turns out we all have this potential inside us. Over the last year, I've interviewed leaders at the top of their fields, and on the surface, they have little in common. But with a closer look, there are consistent behaviors that allow them to live authentically in each aspect of their lives. In this session, explore the five things that these leaders do to tap into their fullest potential so you can begin integrating these habits into your life, too.
10:30 AM - 11:00 AM ET
Llama Talks
Pull up a chair and join us for a discussion-based, highly interactive session. There will be a variety of topics to choose from to help you train, coach, and enable your team in new ways.
Practice Coaching 101: A New Approach for Rapid Sales Skill Development
Jordana Zeldin, Spriing Training
As enablers, we all know how important coaching is, both for personal and professional development. But what is the most effective way to coach for skill, specifically? In this session, we'll learn how we can apply some of the most powerful elements of coaching from sports, music and performance directly to our sales teams to create quicker results and increased seller confidence.
Eliminating Sales Purgatory
Bryan Neale, Blind Zebra
Sales Purgatory. It's not a yes. It's not a no. It definitely sucks. And we've all been there. Being stuck in Sales Purgatory means frustration and pain. If you've got a deal in purgatory now - or if you've ever been stuck there before - join sales coach and NFL referee Bryan Neale for this special Llama Talk, Eliminating Sales Purgatory. In this session, you'll learn how to avoid Sales Purgatory, what to do if you're stuck in Sales Purgatory now, and how to maintain a purgatory-free sales funnel. Whether you're new to selling or a veteran salesperson, you will leave this session uplifted with new tactics you can implement immediately!
Cracking the Code: Engaging Managers to Drive Enablement Productivity
Katie Townsend, Lessonly by Seismic
Let's face it: Managers have the power to make or break your enablement momentum when it comes to continuous training and learning. Managers stand between you and your learners—sales and customer support reps—and their support is critical to your enablement programs. Come learn how you can foster a strong partnership with your management team and supercharge your success to make productivity skyrockets across your organization!
Consistency, Alignment, Growth, & Lessonly: Endy's Secrets to Delivering a Best-in-Class Customer Experience
Tom Doulos, Endy Canada Inc.
Excellence in all customer interactions starts with proper planning. Tom took Endy's training program from lackluster Google docs to proper onboarding and continuous education. In this session, hear right from Tom how he and his team transformed a whole program and found better completion rates, improved agent efficiency, and higher CSAT scores.
Disrupting an Industry With People, Not Product
Samantha Ettus, Park Place Payments
When I think of disruption, things like innovation, progress, and new tech instantly come to mind for me. Do they for you? But here's the thing - by thinking creatively about who we recruit and how we train them, we can change our industries and cause that same kind of disruption. In this session, we'll explore a new and powerful form of disruption using your people, not your product.
Stuck Like Glue: How to Make Lessonly Stick Company-Wide
Michelle Greener Goodman, Telesign
From onboarding to all-company training, Lessonly can enable more than just customer-facing teams—any team can benefit from a space to share company values, product information, and industry knowledge. Build training that is relevant company-wide, not just for revenue-generating teams. Why? Making Lessonly into a “sticky” tool used by many secures its value in the eyes of more stakeholders—this session will teach you how to cultivate that stickiness.
Creating a Culture of Knowledge Sharing
Chris Buttenham, Lessonly Knowledge
"I didn't know what I didn't know." Have you ever felt this way? Since knowledge lives in so many places within our organizations, it's nearly impossible to stay aligned. Nearly. In this interactive session, we'll share practical steps you can take to foster a culture of knowledge sharing within your organization so you can ensure everyone has the information they need to be productive.
An Uber Helpful Session About Integrating Lessonly & Salesforce
Kaila Crowley, Uber for Business
Thinking about integrating Lessonly data with your Salesforce instance? Uber for Business recently did just that, and in this session, Kaila will share how sales managers and leaders are already benefiting from the added visibility into their global sales team's training trends. Join this session to hear how Kaila approached this project, what she learned, and what's coming next.
Build a Learning Culture Just for the Health Of It!
Meghan McHale Bilardo, BrandMuscle
This Llama Talk explores why organizations should build a culture of learning for the well-being of their employees and the organization alike. In this session, discover the connection between learning and employee wellness, learn what intellectual, physical and career wellness look like, and leave with best practices and practical ideas to build a culture of learning. At the heart of all learning experiences should be your learner’s health and happiness.
Llamaste: Lessons in Leadership from the Yoga Mat
Peggy Hogan, Purple Ink LLC; Courtney Scott, INCOG BioPharma Services
What do yoga practice and leadership have in common? This interactive session will explore the parallels between this ancient practice of wellness and one's journey to influential leadership. Using terminology and lessons from the study of yoga, Courtney and Peggy will share how these concepts can strengthen your ability to lead.
11:15 AM - 12:00 PM ET
Keynote Session with Jill Ellis
Coaching a World-Class Team: A Conversation with Jill Ellis
Jill Ellis, All-Time Winningest Coach in U.S. Soccer History; Legendary Head Coach, U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team and President, National Women’s Soccer League San Diego
The best training programs start with a great plan. Walk through the process of building and executing a training program that personalizes coaching and levels up every teammate. Jill and our COO, Conner, will talk about the coaching milestones and metrics that lead to victories—both on the field and at work.
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM ET
Grab your lunch and join one of the Llama Network rooms virtually, where you’ll get to dive deeper into connection with fellow Yellowshippers.
1:30 PM - 2:00 PM ET
Breakout Sessions
You’ll attend your second to last breakout session of the day during this time. Choose from one of our five tracks: Sales Enablement, Customer Service Enablement, Talent Development, Lessonly 101, and Llama Life.
The Rise of the Corporate University: Why Companies Should Develop Their Own Public-Facing Credentials
Brian Bar, Victory Lap
IBM, Google, and a growing list of heavy-hitters are developing their own public-facing credentials similar to those offered in higher education today. Learn from Founder and CEO of Victory Lap, Brian Bar, about this growing trend and how to position your company to both win and retain top talent by embedding skill development into your culture.
From Couch to Cubicle: Enablement in a Hybrid Environment
Evan Wible, Bradley Antcliff, and Stephen Reynolds, Lessonly by Seismic
Recent events have changed the way we think about building enablement programs. Whether your workforce is in-office, fully remote, or something in between, it’s time to rethink the way you’re delivering training. Join us in this session to talk about adapting your enablement program to better promote retention and meet learners where they’re at—no matter if that's a couch, cubicle, or coffee shop.
It’s Not Them, It’s You: Why Employees Break Up With Their Managers (And What To Do About It)
Laura Sukorokoff, C-Change Learning and Development
41% of global workers have already changed or plan to change jobs in 2021—yikes! People are not happy at work. The chief culprit? Bad managers. In this session, Laura will make the case for managers to talk—really talk—to their employees to build a supportive, trust-filled, respectful relationship. She'll walk us through her seven steps to solving engagement issues between managers and direct reports and share other tips and tricks she's learned throughout her career, too.
The Right Way to Throw Instructor-Led and Self-Paced Learning in the Blender
Jason Aydelott, Premiere Response
While poorly designed blended learning can feel disjointed and jarring, well-designed blended learning is so effective and efficient. In this interactive session, we'll discuss the difference between synchronous and asynchronous learning, explore the perks of blended learning, and finally, we'll look at how Lessonly makes it simple to deliver and track a blended solution. Note: You'll enjoy this session the most if you've got a potential blended project in mind so you can apply these new design principles!
Betting on You
Laurie Ruettiman, Punk Rock HR
Revamping your career — or doubling-down on the things you love about your job — may seem mind-boggling at times. But with a carefully designed plan and goals in place, you’ll be on your way to rethinking the future of work and moving your career forward at the same time. In this session with Laurie Ruettimann, author of Betting on You: How to Put Yourself First and (Finally) Take Control of Your Career, learn how to makeover your career and gain greater respect from your peers by focusing on self-leadership, well-being, continuous learning, and risk-taking. Discover exercises and techniques to empower your search, invest in your professional development, overcome burnout, and take back control of your career.
2:15 PM - 2:45 PM ET
Breakout Sessions
You’ll attend your final breakout session of the day during this time. Choose from one of our five tracks: Sales Enablement, Customer Service Enablement, Talent Development, Lessonly 101, and Llama Life.
The Next Wave of Enablement
Heather Cole, Julie Donnell, Kristen Long, Steve Watt, Seismic
The sales enablement space is growing as more enterprises see sales enablement as a key way to address their top challenges. Hear from a panel of Seismic experts as to how to level up enablement in your organization to ensure you’re meeting the needs of your go to market teams and delivering impactful results to your org.
Quality Assurance: Daily Harvest's Hack for Finding & Filling Knowledge Gaps
Victoria Weiss, Daily Harvest
In this session, hear from Victoria at Daily Harvest about how she and her teammates use weekly QA scores to find and fill in knowledge gaps hiding in their training program. This session is for anyone looking to level up how their customer service team continuously improves and for leaders who simply want to make more informed training program improvements.
The Power of Transparency
Karla Talley, Glassdoor
Transparency is a hard concept for companies to lean into—it's popping the hood of vulnerability and letting your employee base see everything. In this digital age we live in, someone’s going to share, even if it isn’t us. In this breakout, we’ll discuss how Glassdoor has used Lessonly to empower learners, strengthen the employee experience, and create an equitable learning culture. In short, how they’ve realized the full power of transparency by leveraging the employee voice.
Starting with Skills: The Basics of Good Coaching and Enablement
Steven Brokop and Casey Terbrack, Lessonly by Seismic
Too often, skill development programs are pushed to the wayside in favor of more pressing enablement concerns. At other times, skill development is delivered universally, ignoring each learner’s specific needs. Join us in this session to learn how to create a systematic, yet individualized skill development program that’s both metrics-focused and people-centric. The perfect combo!
Near, Far, Wherever You Are..." - Cultivating a Considerate Company Culture while Avoiding Remote Burnout
Sarah Berk, Lemonade
How do you onboard a team that interacts with customers from their own homes? With so many teams going permanently remote, is there a way to get new hires incorporated into your org's pre-remote culture? Rest assured, there definitely is. In this session, we'll show you how to use elements like group panels, mindfulness techniques, trauma-response awareness, and boundary setting to set up customer-facing new hires for success.
2:45 PM - 4:00 PM ET
Choose Your Own Adventure
This time is yours, so spend it however makes sense for you. Rest, recharge, and refuel.

We’ll also host a virtual scavenger hunt for any intrepid adventurers out there!
3:00 PM - 3:45 PM ET
A Vision and Goal-Setting Workshop for Bold Llamas
Karlie Briggs, Lessonly by Seismic
Who’s ready to set a 2021 (and beyond) life vision, and work together to figure out what it will take to get you there? This is a time to dream big. We’ll visualize your future without the constraints of time, money, or knowledge. We’ll work through a few exercises and set vision-based goals that will allow you to walk away with resources and ideas that’ll get you one step closer to achieving your ideal outcomes in the years ahead. Bring your imagination, an open mind, a pen or pencil, and a notebook. This is a workshop-style session, so get ready to think, work, and of course, dream big! Bring a pen and a notebook!
4:00 PM - 5:15 PM ET
Closing Keynote | Better Lives with Max Yoder and Kai Kight
Better Lives: Leveling up with RRRoots
Max Yoder, Lessonly by Seismic
We’ll kick off Yellowship's closing keynote by hearing from our CEO, Max Yoder, about how he’s learning to live happily and harmoniously by developing stronger RRRoots for himself.
Composing Your World
Kai Kight, Violinist and Innovative Composer
What better way to close out Yellowship than by learning from Kai Kight about what we can learn from music as we design our work and lives? Through his three-part method, you’ll learn how leaders can compose their individual career paths and shape the world.
8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Farewell Brunch
Goodbyes are never easy, but they’re definitely better over brunch. We’ll send you off in style with a big breakfast and care package to get you home safely.