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What is Workforce Management Software?

Workforce management software (WFM) refers to desktop and mobile programs that are intended to make staff scheduling easier for a business. The term was originally used by service businesses like contact centers that employ many workers and pay them by the hour.

Typically, businesses use WFM software instead of establishing workforce management jobs to increase productivity and efficiency among employees. Qualify WFM software identifies the best job for each employee and allows the effective aspect of workforce management and mobile workforce management of employee operations. The purpose of WFM software is to help gain visibility when it comes to business metrics. Some examples of such business metrics include the amount of time required for the production of a certain product or the minimum number of agents required at a certain time of the day. Overall, WFM software helps with call volume forecasting, managing day-to-day basic operations, and scheduling staff.

Advantages of Workforce Software

Workforce management software serves as an automated solution for many of the most common tasks that HR departments perform. Here are several advantages you can expect to reap from WFM software.

Increases Employee Satisfaction

One major advantage of WFM is the increase in employee satisfaction. As you probably know, employee dissatisfaction can cause a number of issues including higher attrition and poor employee morale. In general, the more independence employees are given, the more empowered they become. Employees can use a workforce management system in order to edit personal schedules, request vacation or sick days, confirm shifts, and clock in and out.

The calculations of payroll can use up thousands of work hours every year for a company that has a sizable staff. Fortunately, a WFM software can track the attendance of employees and use the data for the accurate calculation of payroll.

Improves Analytical Functions

No matter the business type, data management always plays a role in the workplace of today. It is a necessity to be able to see data in real-time, compare the budget and the actual performance, and measure the performance of the business against a plan. This is crucial for the successful management of an organization. Managers need to have tools to make decisions that are profitable for a company. The automated system helps by providing the information you need to ensure the effective management of your business. Essentially, WFM software is a good tool to have under your belt.

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Minimizes Compliance Risks

Organizations need to keep records in order to satisfy the requirements of national, state, and even industry standards. The records are needed as proof of compliance with legal responsibilities. The manual maintenance of these compliance records can lead to a number of errors. Fortunately, even a tiny error can lead to major fines for a company. Also, small errors in records can prove to be time-consuming to identify and fix. Fortunately, workforce management solutions perform record-keeping automatically and instantly. The system also reduces risk and enables businesses to remain in compliance with both local and national requirements.

Enhances Customer Experience

Workforce management software enables managers to add customer service performance to the performance review for your customer service reps. Managers and leaders can use criteria that are assessable to make sure employees are interacting with customers based on their company’s standards. The measurements can then be logged and integrated into the performance evaluation of employees on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis. The software makes it easy to measure the performance of your employees against the established standards. That way, leaders can identify and correct mistakes quickly before they get out of hand.

Provides Immediacy

A cloud-based workforce management software allows companies to enjoy immediate benefits. Such systems are accessible from any mobile device that is connected to the Internet. The data of the business is consolidated into a single platform and employees are able to use self-service processes. This will give your HR department more time to focus on complex tasks and other departments will enjoy more autonomy.

How to Leverage WFM Software for Call Center Training

In this section, you will read about how you can leverage enterprise workforce management software for call center training and call center workforce management best practices.

Implement Ongoing Coaching Sessions and Prevent Scheduling Problems

Coaching is one effective way to provide employees with personalized feedback. The purpose of coaching is to improve performance and quality of work. Once employees learn important knowledge and skills, they can easily forget these ideas over time. Coaching sessions are ideal because they serve as a refresher, help employees develop new skills, and address performance issues. Call centers can use a call center workforce management software to plan coaching sessions and record employee interactions. The software helps leaders keep track of areas and skills that the employee should work on. The time and attendance software can also help prevent scheduling problems. The vast majority of agents want to perform better. A coaching program made possible by workforce management software will facilitate the improvement of the quality of work of your employees.

Optimize Idle Time

Agents for contact centers spend about 25% of their time doing nothing. This paid idle time hurts the quality and productivity of contact centers. While it is ideal for employees to enjoy a certain amount of downtime to prevent burnout, high rates of idle time hurt the bottom line of a contact center in the long-run. Therefore, high rates of idle time should be viewed as an indication of inefficient operations. Fortunately, workforce management call center does an excellent job of estimating how many contact center agents are needed to ensure a day goes smoothly. The tools enable the collection and measurement of live metrics and data to product call center schedules that are effective. Workforce management software also helps call centers analyze operations in real-time and adjust the number of available agents accordingly. This leads to higher productivity and efficiency for the call center.

Empower agents with training

Agents who are better-trained lead to teams that are more productive. In fact, contact centers that offer agent training on an ongoing basis enjoy a 4.6% improvement every year in terms of agent performance in comparison to contact centers that do not offer ongoing agent training. Managers can use workforce management software to create lessons that are straightforward yet effective for new services, products, skills, and procedures that agents must learn. In their free time, agents can take advantage of interactive programs and courses from their desktop. The online learning strategy offered will allow employees to make better use of their idle time by boosting productivity. It’s a win-win situation as agents learn vital knowledge while remaining available to assist customers.

Add Lessonly to your WFM Strategy

If you want to improve your WFM strategy, consider adding Lessonly’s online training software to your workforce management software. Lessonly’s powerfully simple customer service training software makes it easy to craft new lessons for reps so that they can learn the skills and knowledge.

While there is free workforce management software on the market, keep in mind that you will probably get what you pay for. Make an investment in Lessonly’s online training software and you can expect the investment to benefit your companies long into the future. Get started with a demo today.