The Sales Readiness Alliance: Tying your Training and Sales KPIs Together

Part 3 of a 3-part sales readiness webinar series. Discuss how to tactically combine your training and sales metrics for a lasting revenue impact.

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What you’ll learn:

Getting a seat at the table

Learn how our enablement experts get executive leadership teams bought in to the value of enablement.

Aligning through data

Explore the strategies and tools our experts are using to get alignment from leadership.

Showing an impact

Discuss how to tactically ensure that the metrics you aligned on stay front and center for your sales leadership team.

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About this series

Sales teams move fast, and your sales readiness approach should too. When it comes to measuring the right metrics for sales readiness, it's crucial to track the correct indicators so you can coach your teams to success, fast. Join industry leaders for a 3-part webinar series where we will tackle all things enablement metrics. We'll discuss ways to measure your learning effectiveness, uncover what KPIs successful sales teams drive toward, and how to tactically combine this data for lasting revenue impact. In part 3, The Sales Readiness Alliance: Tying your Training and Sales KPIs Together, we Discuss how to tactically combine your training and sales metrics for a lasting revenue impact.

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Series Host: Bryan Naas

Series Host: Bryan Naas
| Head of Enablement at Lessonly

Bryan is a leader in Sales Enablement with more than 15 years combined experience in sales and learning design. With roots in public education, Bryan cultivated a love for learning and sales to take on leadership roles in both small and large software companies. Currently the Director of Sales Enablement at Lessonly, Bryan drives strategy and execution to ensure the whole company is prepared to successfully sell the Lessonly message and brand.

Meganne Brezina

Meganne Brezina
| Director of Enterprise Enablement at Lessonly

An active member in the sales enablement community, Meganne comes to Lessonly with a background in education, outside sales, and SaaS enablement. Her career has taken her to ten different cities around the world in various capacities, all contributing to her perspective on Enablement in today’s environment. Meganne is currently based in Indianapolis and is responsible for ensuring that Lessonly’s enterprise sellers have the tools and resources they need to be successful. Outside of work, you can find her taking walks with her two kids, puttering in the yard, strategizing next steps with her husband’s small business, or at the barn getting ready to ride her showjumper.

Adriana Romero

Adriana Romero
| Director of Enablement Solutions at

Adriana will be joining us for The Sales Readiness Alliance: Tying your training and sales KPIs together. She is an immigrant to Canada who left her tropical paradise - Venezuela - in 2006. She is a Systems Engineer driven by process optimization, and a maven by nature. She thrives in sharing knowledge, experiences and best practices. Adriana stumbled into sales by accident and stayed here as she loved how she could make being an Engineer and a Maven come together. She approaches her enablement practice with a mindset of progress, not perfection. Sales for her is an art and a science, that dance together to create something that can be amazing. Married to an exceptional Sales professional, they are raising their daughter in rural Ontario.