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Training Authoring Software

In the vast land of eLearning, there are two targeted territories: educational facilities and businesses. Whereas Coursera and Lynda rule the educational side of things, there is a myriad of eLearning companies fighting to conquer eLearning for business. That’s where training authoring software comes in. This type of eLearning software allows you to create training content in a digital format, deliver it via eLearning, and share among your team of employees through a learning management system.

eLearning software is software used to teach subject matter to learners through digital means. Most software is equipped with an administrative end and a learner end so that managers and creators can put together and distribute content and learners can easily access it.

eLearning Solutions

There’s a reason the heading is plural. eLearning solutions are aplenty between deciding processes fit for your company’s training and picking the best eLearning authoring software to execute it. Before we get into the right eLearning authoring tools to use, let’s take a step back and suggest some rapid eLearning practices.

Rapid elearning practices and rapid authoring tools for elearning are used to help learners retain information quickly without too much conscious effort. In fact, the best rapid e-learning methods make information commit to memory.

Types of E-Learning

Company-wide training is evolving and a simple PowerPoint presentation no longer suffices. Instead, businesses are turning to E-Learning software to create captivating content for their employees. More companies are recognizing the advantages of E-Learning software, and the industry is experiencing rapid growth. That’s why we’d like to provide a few strategies to support E-Learning software for businesses.

Every E-Learning situation requires a different set of content authoring tools and requirements. At Lessonly, we’ve boiled down E-Learning software into three types to simplify creating content.

  1. Text-driven E-Learning software. At this level, companies only use a few content authoring tools, and the content is relatively straightforward. For the most part, the authoring software is basic and content includes text, graphics, a little audio, and a small set of questions. Training information that doesn’t delve too deep, such as compliance training, is perfect for this format. The goal or purpose of text-driven E-Learning software to simply present and grasp the content as quickly as possible.
  2. Interactive E-Learning software. Every type of E-Learning training has some overlap. Interactive E-Learning software is similar to text-driven, except for a few key differences. The level of authoring software needed is a bit more complicated, takes a bit more time to get accustomed to, and content is more dynamic. For example, consider a graph or chart that users can interact and change the displayed content. The key to this format of E-Learning software is that it’s interactive. In addition to text, graphics, and audio, interactive E-Learning software has charts, graphs, diagrams, and videos.
  3. Simulation E-Learning software. This type of E-Learning software is the most complex as it relies significantly on graphics, video, audio, even handles multimedia authoring using Macromedia flash. There are often custom elements and aspects created by specific content authoring tools. The authoring software needed includes tools to develop 3D components, graphics, texts, audio, video, and much more. The heart of simulation E-Learning software is to offer custom elements that aid in the learning experience by creating a more personalized journey.

Finding the right authoring software can be complex but the right E-Learning software will help companies simplify the training process and save time, financial resources, and mental effort.

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Finding the Right E-Learning Software

E-Learning software is an investment, and companies want to ensure they make the best one possible. Since the needs of a company can vary dramatically, it’s important to create a clear vision of what a company wants to accomplish with E-Learning software. As the company evolves, it’s also natural for training resources to change, especially when it comes to E-Learning software. A rapidly changing company may need more advanced types of E-Learning tools, such as an adapt authoring tool, a set of scorm authoring tools, or a basic learning management system. Whatever the company needs, it’s crucial to ask the right questions, so we’ve compiled a list to help with the search of new E-Learning software, content authoring tools, or authoring software.

  • What’s our vision for E-Learning software and what do we hope to achieve?
  • What specific tools does the company need to obtain this vision, such as content authoring tools, authoring software, or a learning management system?
  • How can the company be sure they’re buying the right E-Learning software or content authoring tools?

Companies are not alone. At Lessonly, we’re happy to help your business find the right E-Learning solution based on the company’s needs, not ours.

Rapid eLearning Practices

When it comes to quick learning, Lessonly is not only an excellent rapid elearning software, but we’ve got a few tips for learning processes:

The Flipped Classroom Approach – We suggest taking the material you use to train and assigning it prior to work hours. Whether it’s before a first day or new quarter, the material can be learned then immediately exemplified by the learner.

Bite-Size Lessons – Shorter lessons and more frequent quizzing make for higher retention. Lessons should be under 15 minutes and questions should be sprinkled throughout

Content Switch-Up – We’re big fans of changing up the type of content within course creation software. Because Lessonly supports all types of files, you don’t need to build content outside of your learning management system. The authoring tools, tracking tools, and distribution tools are the LMS.

Ongoing Training – Training doesn’t end after onboarding. Even seasoned vets need to learn new things. Ongoing training is important for everyone in the company so that everyone remains on the same page. Top e-learning software helps prevent messages from being mixed up and serves as a constant source to reference in case of debate.

On top of these suggestions, you can find many more tips and tricks catering to rapid elearning authoring tools on our Resources page.

eLearning Authoring Tools

The best eLearning authoring tools can be found for purchase individually, but a system with all the tools and the eLearning authoring software necessary proves time and time again to simplify the learning involved with onboarding and ongoing training.

With traditional learning management systems, the authoring tools are generally outside of the learning management system. Content is built, often through Adobe Captivate or another elearning development software, then sent through SCORM-compliant pipes to the LMS. Luckily, Lessonly is not traditional. Though we go against the grain of SCORM authoring tools, Lessonly takes everything you thought you needed from SCORM, condenses it to one platform, and simplifies it. We don’t even have to get into the difference between Captivate and Articulate.

Lessonly’s elearning development tools consist of the following:

  • Text – bolds, italics, formatting, hyperlinking, you name it, we got it covered on the copy side. Our text tools help make the copy within a lesson easily formattable, so that points can be more easily read and emphasized.
  • Image – Learning material without images is laughable, and not in a good way. We not only support .jpeg and .png, but .gif too!
  • Video – If you’ve taken the time to put together really great how-to videos or have timeless videos that have worked well in past training, you can position those within a lesson.
  • Embed – People have media all over different platforms these days. Luckily, Lessonly works with Embed.ly to support content from over 300 content providers, including Youtube, Prezi, Instagram, and SlideShare.
  • Doc – Lessonly supports .doc, .xlsx, .csv, and .pdf.

Link Distribution – With Lessonly’s course authoring software, sending lessons and courses start and end with the copy/paste of a link or email. When implementing the platform, you can add all your members, then never have to enter their email for an assignment again. If you need to share a certain lesson with a certain someone outside of the usual members, you can simply copy, paste, and share the link. No longer do you have to risk the bulkiness of PDFs attached in an email. Lessonly diminishes the ‘delivery’ in online training delivery software.

If your business is thriving and it needs to simply modernize and relocate its training, Lessonly makes the switch as easy as possible. On top of all of these content authoring tools, our company houses an incredible support team to make changes or software implementation as easy as possible.

Online Teaching Software

Sure, we might be biased, but from our elearning software comparison, Lessonly is the best software for elearning because it takes away from the hassle of implementing a myriad of tools into an LMS platform. We have the platform and tools any company needs to onboard and train teams.

The Lessonly interface makes content creation intuitive and supports a variety of file types. Lessons and courses are created then distributed to teams or individuals. With the quizzing and open-ended question features, managers can see how well learners learned, track their progress, and elicit feedback for further learning development. Essentially managers can learn who learned what, when, and how well they learned.

Lessonly is an online training software for hr teams, sales teams, and customer service teams across the globe. Furthermore, we help these teams train their own employees around the world. Because of Lessonly’s mobile platform, housed on our servers, it serves as a distance learning software and enables teams to learn from anywhere internet is accessible, on any smart-device.

Regardless of whether or not you’re ready to switch LMS systems or you need to put one in place, consider the eLearning software and authoring tools you’ll need to get your team up to speed and keep them there. Want to try out Lessonly? We’ve got a free tour waiting for you. Need more reassurance? Let’s point you to our online learning software reviews.