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Sales Enablement Training Software

The world of sales enablement training is a lot like the wild west at this point, sales teams are being “enabled” by their managers, VPs, product marketing teams, and seemingly pretty much anyone who wants to have their voice and opinions heard by prospective clients. Because of this reality, combined with the fact that other functions like marketing and finance have become so saturated with competing tools and thought leaders, sales enablement tools and sales enablement best practices are beginning to emerge to help fill gaps. As such, the question of “what is sales enablement” is being answered by many thought leaders, including Forrester Research. Regardless of how you define the process of sales enablement, it is understood by all that the better you are at enabling a sales team, the more revenue your reps are going to bring in. We pride ourselves at Lessonly on providing autonomy to those needing to enable a sales team with our easy-as-email training tools at a price that any team can afford.

Product Training

One of, if not the most important topic for sales enablement training is product training, making sure that the product knowledge of your sales team is always up-to-date and consistent with the rest of the company’s messaging.

What is Product Knowledge?

The definition of product knowledge will be different, depending on who you speak with and depending on the context of the conversation, but at Lessonly, with regard to sales enablement, our product knowledge definition is understanding held by a salesperson (either inside or outside sales) about the product or service they are expected to sell to meet quota, as well as how that product works with the entire product and service offerings of the company. We include both categories because of the constant horror stories and first-hand experiences we’ve heard and faced with salespeople who just simply don’t comprehend the entire picture. There are very few job functions in the world that consist of a single task. A sales process should take this into account. That being said, it’s important to find the right balance. We find that dividing a sales team member’s time in half (50% towards learning their quota-bearing products and 50% towards related and full-stack products) is a good starting point.

The Importance of Product Knowledge

Why is product knowledge important? One word: revenue. Unless your customers are all repeat buyers or have a long-standing understanding of your product, like a Big Mac or a Coke, your revenue can be grown simply by improving your product knowledge. The benefits of product knowledge are widespread beyond revenue, though, including increased employee buy-in, the feeling of ownership, a more integrated team culture, and more. Product knowledge importance is often overlooked but is critical to understand and implement with your sales team.

Product Knowledge Training

Training product knowledge can be quite a task and it’s one that we love to help people with. Our clients using Lessonly to create product training have found our tracking tools incredibly valuable because they allow the trainer to understand who is following your product knowledge training outline well and who is truly understanding your product knowledge training objectives the best (and the worst). To spice up the product training process, product knowledge training games like role-playing and “telephone” are really great to run between the dryer, information-only-type content. Other product knowledge training ideas include creating a checklist to make sure your various training activities stay on track, also think about including funny or entertaining videos or animated GIFs to break up the monotony of the training.

Product Management Training

A convenient result of how Lessonly does pricing is that you can use Lessonly to train different teams throughout your organization at the same time. You can make this even easier by utilizing the Groups features of Lessonly. With that in mind, a product manager may use Lessonly to enable the sales reps and also use it for product management training. Product manager training could then be used to help train the entire product management and product marketing teams, as well as the sales team, making sure that all of those teams are 100% on the same page, learning from the same materials.

Product Knowledge Games

As mentioned, using games for product knowledge training can help chop up the training process to make it much more interesting. You could create a Jeopardy-type experience to help quiz the team after training has been done, or even create a “pin the fact on the product” game, where you distribute various facts about various products and have your team pin facts to the right product. The key to product knowledge games is to keep the cheesy factor as low as possible though so that you don’t lose the whole group’s attention. The other key is to make sure your training fits your team’s personality.

Product Sales Training

Product training for sales is obviously critical, but product training for salespeople is not the only type of product training that should be conducted. Further, increasing product knowledge in sales is crucial, but also training the customer service department and even product teams that are working on other projects will help grow your company.

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Popular Sales Training Topics for Sales Enablement

Outside of product training, here are some other popular sales training topics for sales enablement:

Sales Tips

Train your sales team on sales tips and techniques on how to sell better and sales tips for success during the sales process. Whether your sales team is made up of veterans or new employees, you should be able to pass along sales tips quickly and efficiently. You should also be able to track those through sales enablement software.

Sales Skills

There are all sorts of sales skills you can train sales reps on, such as communication skills, professionalism, and the art of negotiation. Communicating those sales skills to your team shouldn’t come as a challenge. You should be able to pass along a sales skill of the week to your sales team. With an easy, available sales enablement software like Lessonly, you can.

Sales Techniques

Every company uses different selling techniques, but it’s critical to make sure your sales team is trained on the techniques that work best for your company. This should always be included when onboarding and training a new sales rep or BDR.

Best Sales Books

Another great topic to train your sales team is the best sales books. Although there are sales training books for sale, the sales team may be interested in learning high-level takeaways from sales books. Create a lesson for a summary of each, if they want to learn more, provide the book for them to read in a company library.

Sales and Marketing Courses

It’s essential for sales and marketing teams to be singing the same tune. Create some lessons that will help each team communicate with the other one by informing each what the other is doing. Also, include sales marketing tips to keep them both on the same page.

Sales Management Training

Sales management courses are some of the most popular types of content to create for sales teams. Even if the sales manager doesn’t want to learn from them, it often helps if sales reps learn about sales management to understand where their manager is coming from and helps them keep a bigger-picture perspective in mind.

Retail Sales Training

If you are running training at a retail-focused organization, retail sales training is essential. Make sure you include product information training to make sure your team knows the ins and outs of what they’re selling as well as softer skills like customer service and human interaction training.

Telephone Sales Training

Phone sales training is often found in call center sales training programs, but can be used for all customer service team training activities and even sales team training, especially with regard to outbound sales reps and those running a cold-calling operation.

Direct Sales Training

The blessing of the direct sales model (very personal, customized experiences) is also its curse. Having such distributed staff makes consistency and training difficult. We pride ourselves at Lessonly on providing a tool that allows direct sales teams to stay on the same page and learn efficiently, cutting travel expenses while increasing consistency.

Online Sales Training Courses

With Lessonly, you can make your own online sales training courses for your sales team. If you want to be one of the top sales training programs for your internal team, be sure that your online sales courses include a sales training manual that keeps your team on the same page and a well thought out sales training outline. Training salespeople can often be frustrating, but a professional sales training program may be the difference between a profitable quarter and a loss. Some sales training programs will include just one sales lesson on training for sales teams, but we suggest many to make the best sales training programs. If you do make many lessons, use Lessonly’s Courses feature to easily group them together to make sure your team learns all of the lessons in your sales course. Also, in addition to digital sales training, it’s a great idea to include physical sales training exercises that allow for person-to-person interaction training.

Sales enablement software shouldn’t be difficult to understand. With Lessonly, it isn’t. If you can write an email, you can build a lesson. Start unlocking the potential of your sales team and try out our sales enablement software.

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