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Sales Coaching Training

Training software is a great asset in helping employees build confidence in their profession and gain a more robust skill set for the work they need to accomplish. That’s because it gives them the access to knowledge and skills training that they need to succeed. And, that’s exactly why Lessonly exists: Our training, enablement, and coaching software helps companies deliver personalized sales coaching at scale. 

But, before we really dive in, it’s important to understand the key differences between sales training and sales coaching.Sales training is often a short-term solution to establish an employee’s knowledge base. Training can be rigidly structured and may take place in a classroom setting or through online training tools. Sales coaching, on the other hand, aims to strengthen mastery in skill sets and performance. Sales coaching is an ongoing process that is dynamic and adaptable to employees’ growing skill sets and changes in the sales market. 

And while sales training and sales coaching is extremely beneficial for employees, it’s also important to ensure that you maximize the benefits of employee sales training and sales coaching. That means that managers and trainers should also experience both forms of learning. This ensures that your managers are knowledgeable, can serve as reliable sales coaches, and have the necessary resources for your employees to reference while they are on the job. 

Trainers can also benefit from sales training and sales coaching because it allows them to provide adequate training to their teammates in return. Managers, trainers, and employees that undergo sales training and sales coaching create a productive environment where everyone has a solid foundation of sales skills and best practices. And, having these programs available promotes ongoing learning and professional growth, which is important for every organization.

Why Leaders Need Sales Management Training

When reps show promise in their sales positions, they are often rewarded with a promotion into a management or trainer position. While it’s essential to reward and acknowledge the growth of your employees, it’s equally important to equip them with all the skills they need for that new leadership position. 

You can empower employees to succeed in their new managerial roles through a sales management training program. That’s because there are specific necessary skills that benefit those in a sales leadership position that are not required to be a successful salesperson. By bridging this gap, sales management training sets up your company and its leaders for success.

Benefits of sales management training include:

  1. Increased understanding of customer and prospect behavior

    Understanding customer behavior will allow companies to tailor their messaging and serve prospects to become customers. This is one of the many sales director skills crucial for sustaining and growing a company’s customer base.

  2. Optimizing current sales techniques

    Sales and marketing trends are constantly changing. The best sales management training keeps your company’s leaders on top of sales trends and evolving sales practices. Working knowledge of current sales methods allows managers and leaders to objectively evaluate their sales techniques and find ways to optimize them. Knowledge of sales trends, industry trends, and sales routines is helpful when teaching a leader how to become a sales coach that can adequately train employees.

  3. Learning new sales methods

    Sales management training will also help strengthen the sales skills of company leaders. With solid sales skills comes a deeper understanding of customer motivation, better customer service, and an improved understanding of sales processes. Going about sales with these things in mind, you are much more likely to have leaders, managers, and trainers regularly meeting your sales goals.

  4. Priming your team to reach sales and performance goals

    Sales management training teaches leaders to manage every sales aspect of your company. Sales leadership training strengthens and builds upon the qualifications of each person already in a leadership position. That is because it focuses on things like interpersonal skills, improving collaboration performance, and creating cohesive teams to execute collaborative projects. Strong team leadership is crucial to raising employee retention, satisfaction, and performance.

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Important Topics to Cover in Sales Coach Training

Sales coaching is an ongoing process that involves leaders and managers working closely with employees to maximize their potential as sales reps. However, sales coaches must be well-trained to benefit your sales leadership team, which is why your training program should include a variety of sales training topics and coaching skills. Some key issues to cover are active listening, effective communication, empathy, and delivering feedback. Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

Active listening

To practice active listening, you must focus on the person speaking, digest what they’re saying, and form a thoughtful response when prompted. Active listening is one of the most important sales manager training topics because both require interpersonal interaction during the learning process. When you can actively listen to a trainee, it is easier for you to make them more comfortable with the skills they are learning, build confidence, and address any questions they may have about the training material.

Effective communication

Professional sales coaching requires impeccable communication skills. When leadership members cannot communicate effectively, it creates confusion and disruption between leadership team members and employees. This is also why communication is one of the most critical sales management topics.

People in sales management positions take on responsibilities such as hiring and executing sales strategies. Sales managers may also share training responsibilities similar to those of a sales training coach. All of these duties require interpersonal interaction, the sharing of information, and executing tasks, as well as practical communication skills.


Leaders who empathize with co-leaders and those they supervise can collaborate well while exceeding company goals. Empathy allows leadership members to connect with employees and create a healthy company culture that is welcoming and conducive to company growth. Empathy will also enable those facilitating sales coaching and/or sales training to create a safe learning environment for their trainees.

Delivering feedback

How you present trainees with your evaluations is vital to your sales coaching success. When you structure feedback using constructive criticism paired with appropriate praise, trainees are further motivated to improve while viewing their strengths in context. Sales coaches, sales trainers, managers, and anyone in a leadership position must deliver feedback in a firm yet encouraging manner to ensure success.

Sales Training Techniques for New Managers

There are several ways to deliver sales training to managers. Traditionally, sales training courses have been held in-person with rigid, time-restrictive schedules. But that means that In-person training sessions must occur at a specific time and location, and it may be difficult for everyone to adjust their schedules to accommodate a training session. Now, sales training online provides managers with training options they can tailor to everyone’s schedule.

Online sales training makes it easier to ensure that your company upholds sales coaching best practices. One, in particular, is providing various modes of support. Online sales coaching gives managers access to training tools long after they have completed their initial training. Traditional sales training methods do not offer managers access to course resources to further their studies outside of the course. 

Listening to information during a short, in-person training session does not guarantee the employee will retain the course information. This is important to keep in mind for members of your management team that are less experienced in a management role. 

To make sure that managers can retain, study, and implement all that they learn during training, make training resources, review sheets, and study material available. Providing sales training online makes it easy to keep these materials on one easily accessible platform. This will help managers of all experience levels keep their skills sharp without constantly going to training sessions that relay the same information.

You can also make sales coaching courses fun and enjoyable for sales coaches AND managers. Providing sales coaching online gives companies a unique opportunity to transform their traditional training methods into fun, gamified experiences. Making training fun motivates managers and coaches to move through their training courses with full engagement and enthusiasm.

Deliver Sales Training with Lessonly

Several tools claim to facilitate online sales coaching and management training, but only Lessonly offers unique features that empower companies and their employers to learn, practice, and develop new skills. 

Lessonly provides an easy way to create and complete online training lessons. Customizing your company’s sales training and sales coaching plans will optimize employee experience. Creating training that is particular to your company’s needs will also help you quickly and thoroughly train new managers so that they are fully equipped to meet the needs and demands of your sales team. 

Lessonly also makes it easier for managers to hone in on the sales coaching and leadership skills they need to create continuous improvement in their daily roles. And, our newest product, Skills, allows companies to create a personalized sales training program that meets the needs of your managers and reps alike. With Lessonly Skills, you can also track the progress metrics of your managers to ensure that the skills they practice are positively contributing to your company’s goals. 

Newer managers may struggle to get going, because they may be less familiar with any skills they need in their management role that weren’t necessary for their previous position. But, with Lessonly, you can create a skilled sales team, hone your existing one, train new managers, and even track required certifications for specialized fields. Lessonly helps everyone in your company Do Better Work, and have fun along the way! Take a tour and see how our software works to improve training outcomes for small businesses all the way up to enterprise brands.

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