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Free Performance Review Examples

Show employees areas where they are succeeding and areas where they can improve upon.

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Performance Review Examples

Performance evaluations are key to ensuring employees understand their role and how they are doing. Regular meetings with employees to review their performance will help reward those employees who are exceeding expectations. It also helps correct attitude problems and corrects less than adequate performances by some employees. By offering job performance review examples, employers can show employees areas where they are succeeding and areas where they can improve upon.

In addition to rewarding and correcting employees, these reviews offer an opportunity to ensure employees are aware of the company’s expectations and inform them of any new policy changes and updates. This is also a time for the employer have an opportunity to get to know the employee better.

Even when an employee has a less than adequate work performance, it is important to keep the evaluation as positive as possible, by also pointing out things the employee is doing correctly. Lessonly offers programs to help employers complete productive reviews with their employees while still remaining positive and creating a pleasant work environment.

Through our programs, employers will have access to:

  • Employee performance review examples
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  • An employee performance review template
  • A sample performance review

Performance Review Phrases

It is important to keep things positive when giving an employee a performance review and going through an employee evaluation form. The last thing any employee wants is to be bombarded with one negative thing about their performance after another. Using a few positive performance appraisal phrases mixed in with what the employee still needs to work on will help keep his or her spirits up while still covering what he or she can improve upon.

Using effective phrases for performance appraisals that focus on the employees positive attributes, such as reliability, dependability, and integrity will help showcase areas where the employee succeeds. These positive attributes will also help guide the employee when instructing him or her on areas that need a little help.

Positive employee evaluation phrases include:

  • Exceeds expectations
  • Is unstopped by obstacles
  • Give 110 percent
  • Eager to help
  • Works extra hours when needed
  • Compatible with co-workers

These performance review phrases are examples of what keeps employees motivated. It may be difficult to find the perfect phrases for performance reviews, however, focusing on the positive attributes of an employee is a good start. Additional employee performance review phrases are available through Lessonly programs.

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Performance Review Comments

It is important to review an employee’s performance using comments associated with why he or she has received the ratings given in each category of performance. Every company has its own requirements to meet specific performance standards. No matter what the requirements and standards are, most companies use five ratings to evaluate an employee’s performance on the job. These five ratings are outstanding, exceeds requirements, meet requirements, needs improvement and poor.

Along with giving an employee their rating, it is important to include performance appraisal comments. These comments offer guidance to specific areas where the employee can improve upon. Examples of performance review comments for each rating include:

  • Outstanding: Quantity of work is just as excellent as the quality.
  • Exceeds requirements: Takes pride in his work and strive to give the best work performance possible.
  • Meets requirements: Employee does not require supervision and is able to meet deadlines.
  • Needs improvement: Employee tends to miss small errors when working on a deadline.
  • Poor: Makes frequent errors that may be harmful to the company’s operation.

The above-listed examples of performance appraisal comments focus on pointing out why the employee received the rating given. It is important to add something positive about the employee that he or she could use to improve a “needs improvement” or “poor” rating.

Self-performance Review Examples

Some companies let employees give themselves a self-performance review as part of the employee’s performance review with their manager. Just like with the evaluation given by the employer, this type of review requires the use of simple self-performance review phrases. These type of evaluations give employers the opportunity to look into an employee’s performance through his or her own eyes. If done properly, these self-evaluations will be beneficial to both the employee and the company.

Having employees write their own performance review will make them feel like they have an active role to play in their work performance review. This gives the employee the opportunity to discover his or her own strengths and offers the opportunity for the employee to ask for assistance in areas where he or she feels improvement is necessary. If the employee is able to recognize areas where they are not meeting expectations, it lessens the negative feelings associated with being the recipient of poor feedback from a superior.

For additional assistance with finding employee self-performance appraisal examples, check out what Lessonly has to offer. Our site offers a variety of sample self-assessment performance review, including writing self-performance review examples.

Performance Review Goals Examples

The overall goal of a performance review is to showcase an employee’s strengths while pinpointing areas where he or she can improve upon. During this meeting between the employee and employer, it is important that examples of the performance evaluation goals are discussed. Some goals may include:

  • Reviewing employee’s contributions to the company
  • Discussing future employee development
  • Focus on personal development of the employee
  • Outline organization goals and how the employee can help achieve those goals

While giving the employee examples related to his or her performance review feedback, it is important for the employer to keep the conversation as positive as possible. This will prevent the employee from feeling like he or she cannot do anything right. Using performance review quotes from managers and other employees about the positive aspects of the employees work will help keep him or her motivated to improve and keep working for the company.

All-in-all, employee performance reviews help keep the employees understanding his or her role with the company and how together the employee and employer can improve customer satisfaction and work performance.

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