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Free Customer Service Policy Examples

How to train your employees and build guidelines around your business.

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Customer Service Policy

Most businesses understand that customer service can make or break their livelihood. To have good customer service, you need a great customer service policy. The best strategy for allowing your employees to flourish in customer service is to empower them. However, it’s difficult to keep consistent customer service across the business with empowered employees, which is why you need customer service guidelines.

Your employees need to know how far they can go to solve a customer’s problem and keep them coming back. In the download above, you’ll find a customer service policy example for how to train your employees and how to build your guidelines around your business.

Using a customer service policy template can help guide your draft of customer service policy. Basing your policy from a customer service policy sample also gives you insight into what other companies are doing with their customer service. You might see some things you may not have even thought about.

After you’ve built your customer service policy definition, share it with the team and get feedback. It will likely be a work in progress for a while. The first draft simply starts a work in progress. Your employees will have great feedback for what they need to be able to do or say to customers. You can then adapt the feedback to alter your customer service policy and procedures template.

Customer Service Definition

Defining customer service is not an easy task. It takes time to actually define your customer and then you need to decide what kind of service your customer requires or will like to continue to use your product. Knowing the importance of customer service can sometimes affect the morale of a team. If your team can know how critical their role in the business is, they likely will work harder to positively impact your customers and business.

Sharing a customer care definition with the rest of your team after you define your customer service policy ensures that you are all on the same page moving forward. Sure, your customer care definition might change in the coming days, but it’s best to share the start of a definition as soon as you have one rather than holding out on your employees.

After you’ve established the definition of customer service and customer care, it’s time to challenge your employees to not just meet the bare minimum of customer service. You need to establish a good customer service definition. No longer will your company be known for acceptable or even above average customer service but great. If you’re having trouble, we have a few suggestions for how to improve customer service.

One company that has consistently chiseled its way as the best of all customer service is Nordstrom. The Nordstrom customer service philosophy includes doing whatever it takes to make the customer happy. Your company could be the next Nordstrom when it comes to customer service. All if takes is some great training for your customer service representatives.

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Customer Service Software

Once you’ve established your customer service policy, the best way to spread the word is through a solid customer service training program. While gathering your employees in a room and showing them a PowerPoint presentation of your new policy could work, why not use customer service software?

When you use a customer service software instead of a presentation, your employees can go at their own pace. After you hired that auctioneer to speed through presentations in an effort to cut down on meeting times, some of your employees might be missing valuable information.

Your employees can also use their lesson as a repository resource and refer back to it in times of need. We all forget things and when we do, it’s best practice to consult the original source of the information. By making a quick, easy reference point for your employees, you can free up their time as well as your own. They no longer wonder what the last part of the presentation was, they can instead just open their lesson and take a look at what it was.

In the future, if you make changes to your customer service policy, you can easily update the lesson in your customer service program instead of holding another meeting and explaining the differences. Changing an acceptable discount percentage from 20% to 15% then to 17% can be hard to remember for some of your employees. With a lesson, your employees can use it as a reference or a refresher as they please.

Internal Customer Service

The buzzword internal customer service can be confusing. The easiest way to think about it is that it’s the service your employees are giving to internal stakeholders. It could be a supplier or a fellow employee in the same company. It’s someone whose business partly depends on yours.

Whichever end of internal customer service you are on, it’s important to remember that the people you with are also impacted by your business. To get great internal customer service, you need to be a good customer. Remain calm, it’s likely an honest mistake that can be resolved quickly and easily.

Communication in customer service is vital in internal or external customer service. Walking through what exactly the issue is and addressing possible solutions is a lot easier with two people than it is with one. So, communicating between the two parties is vital. Be careful not to use a lot of company or industry jargon, unless you are very sure that the other party is fully aware of what you are talking about.

In terms of quiet communication, library customer service is also important. Think of all of your customer service complaints in the location of a library. That way, no one is yelling at any time because, you know, you’re not supposed to talk loudly in the library.

Here’s a few library customer service tips we can all apply to our lives:

  • If you can find a solution that would prevent the problem from ever happening again, do it.
  • Consider making recommendations based on the past.
  • Develop a relationship with a customer and see what they like, when you find it, recommend something similar every now and then to continue the relationship.