Millions of happy customers.
Millions of dollars saved.

A global telecommunications company saved $6.7 million dollars with virtual training for their customer service reps—and that’s not all. Read The Total Economic Impact™ Of Lessonly for Customer Service Enablement for the full scoop.

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These stats don't lie.

Here are four ways this team of 35,000 customer service reps
reaps the rewards of using Lessonly for training, enablement, and coaching.

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Build training quickly

Reduced the time it took to create training by 50%.

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Reduce onboarding time

Trimmed ramp time by an entire week for every rep.

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Invest wisely

Saw a 76% ROI on Lessonly in just three years.

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Implement with ease

Grew 5% each year and onboarded thousands of reps in the process.

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Create scalable content

Offered 15+ new continuous training modules each month for customer service reps.

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Reap the rewards

Saved $6.7 million with virtual training and hands-on practice.

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But wait, there’s more.

This customer also experienced a ton of other benefits including:

  • A key partnership with Lessonly’s Account Management, Services, and Implementation teams
  • Flexibility and integrations that simplify learning
  • Unmatched global support and implementation

Ready to see how your team can benefit from Lessonly?

A Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ Study Commissioned By Lessonly August 2021.