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Customer Service Training Activities

Customer service tips and training activities to get your team excited and motivated.

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Customer Service Training Activities

Customer service is often a thankless industry. It can also feel like an isolated one. Although customer service representatives are on a team, many tasks can be solved individually. To ensure your customer service representatives keep a team atmosphere, break up the day-to-day with some customer service activities.

When you conduct customer service activities the right way, they can also be customer service training activities. In the download above, you will find customer service games to have fun, build a better team, as well as train with your employees. Use customer service training exercises to train as well as role-play through frequent situations.

Your customer service representatives will see the games presented as a way to continuously improve in their role. If employees feel like they are learning and growing through training and development, leaving the company won’t even cross their minds. It is only when roles become stagnant and dull that employees consider leaving the company.

Customer service training activities make learning fun and engaging. While your employees are improving their customer service skills, they are also coming together as a team.

Team Building Games

You can also use the games and activities presented in the download above for team building. Customer service may be viewed as an individual role, but when an employee can walk into their job every day with a smile on their face because they are a member of a great team, that smile will be passed on to your customers.

Company culture affects customer service more than many realize. When employees love their product and company as much or more than its customers do, they want to help your customers share that love. On the opposite hand, when an employee is not happy in their role and does not share a love of the product, that apathy or disdain passes onto the customer.

When employees walk into a dull room only to answer calls for the entirety of their day and then clock out, it can be exhausting and people can get burnt out. Breaking up the days with customer service games activities can help facilitate a great team environment. Be sure to plan for time to host a few customer service games for work during the first week in October, or customer service week. Games can really show your appreciation for your employees. When employers appreciate employees, employees reciprocate the feeling.

Customer Service Training Ideas

If you are starting your customer service training, you may be in search of a few customer service training ideas. I’m excited to tell you that you’ve found the right place. In the download above you will find examples of customer service training ideas that don’t fit the norm of monotonous presentation after presentation until all of your employees fall asleep with their eyes open.

Customer service training courses should be fun and engaging to benefit both you and your employees. They will remember how exciting their training program was and you don’t have to sit through the same presentation from Norm twelve times a year as a customer service trainer.

Our first piece of advice, ditch the modules. Customer service training modules take so long to create and they look so boring. Even opening modules is a drag. If your employees are bored before they even start up your old LMS, your training is broken. In the download above, you will find an example of what could be your new customer service training material. If you like it, sign up for a trial and try out your new customer service training program. Free trials last for two weeks so you can get a head start on creating your new content and break up with your old modules.

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Customer Service Training Manual

Using a customer service training manual can define all of your customer service representatives’ experiences at your company. When you establish a definition of customer service, you also can look back on what you thought customer service in your company should be and see if you are still on the right track.

Customer service culture can help define a customer’s experience. Clarifying and solidifying your company’s customer service culture definition can promote consistency across customer service representatives. If your employees know what your company thinks of your customers–we hope you think highly of them–your employees understand the importance of their role.

Customer service training manuals also ensure that every new class of customer service representatives experience the same thing as classes before them. Of course, you can and should update and make changes in accordance with feedback from your employees, but once you get it right, there will be no need to make alterations.

Customer Services Skills

To truly integrate your team into the depths of customer service, consider sending your top performers to customer service seminars. Initially, customer service seminars may seem like a high cost with a slow return on investment, but your representatives will bring back insight from some of the best thought leaders of customer service.

If you have a user-friendly learning management system, anyone can create a lesson on the conference to share the knowledge with the rest of the team. Constantly improving customer service means customers who have grown accustomed to your superior service will continue to be impressed. Once customer service skills are established, don’t settle. Continue to strive for new heights.

Good Customer Service Tips

The importance of training your employees on good customer service tips can easily be overlooked. If your employees have worked in customer service roles in the past, they may already have some of the tips of your company. However, customer service is not identical across every company and your customer service representatives should be keeping their service consistent across every interaction.

By offering call center training tips, you ensure that all of your customers are smiling when they get off the phone. You can find our advice in “How to Improve Customer Service” as well as “Customer Service Tips.”

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