dust doodles Make training fun with these customer service games

Make training fun with these customer service games

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Customer Service Games & Team Building Activities

As the famous English Poet, John Donne, once noted, “No man is an island, entire unto himself,” and that notion is behind the popularity of team building activities for groups of all ages. Team building games assist in building communication skills and helps develop problem-solving strategies that work great for kids and adults alike. That is why team building activities, exercises, and programs are all the rage at corporate retreats and children’s summer camps. Knowing that the benefits of team building activities transcends age groups, there is a myriad of team building games for kids, team building games for teens, and team building games for adults.

Each program varied its exercises according to the abilities of the age group obviously, but all of them build on skill sets that individuals need to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world. For those operating in a corporate environment, team building games help create a rapport among your staff that is carried back to the office. This new rapport fuels improved performance with clients, and a seamless operation that is bound to result in increased customer satisfaction and lifelong loyalty to your company.

Team Building Activities for Work

The collective groan can be heard throughout the office when staff training is mentioned around the water cooler, but that does not have to be the case because team-building is fun and makes work fun. Participating in team building activities for work translates into having an engaged staff that looks forward to these exercises as a way of honing their skills in a congenial training environment. Long gone are the days when employees watched training videos in the human resource department before filling out the obligatory informational packets and surveys that indicate you perused the material.

When it comes to team building activities for adults, corporate team building games is an excellent vehicle for inculcating valuable lessons in a fun-filled environment. Corporate team building activities build on the fact that your employees work most efficiently as a team in the pursuit of your company goals, and these types of fun activities remind them “all work” does not have to equate to “no play.” Working by yourself is a boring proposition, so why not spice things up with team building activities for work.

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Fun Customer Service Training Games

Customer service jobs can be grueling, and interacting with the public brings with it a wide array of customer exchanges that must be successfully navigated to ensure superior customer service and lasting loyalty. Unfortunately, as is often the case in life, people are usually more willing to complain than praise in an environment where they are spending their hard-earned money. That makes customer service difficult, so it is great when your entire team can get together to problem solve around this persistent customer service issue. Customer service activities for the workplace are the ideal platform for engendering this type of team cohesion. After all, why not learn from the shared experience of the entire team? Customer service games allow that to happen is a fun and supportive environment.

Sales and customer service are two sides to the same coin. The former is aimed at making a sale while the latter is responsible for that customer coming back for more services later. Likewise, it just makes sense for both teams to work together in activities that combine both customer service training activities, and sales training games. These customer service activities lend themselves to a better appreciation for the role each side plays in an ongoing, successful business relationship with your customers.

What makes customer service training games so much more effective than typical team building exercises? In short, they are fun activities that inspire as many smiles as they do mental breakthroughs. In the same way that comedy clubs have taken over the teaching of DMV driving classes when you get a ticket, a fun filled experience is always remembered more clearly than a boring one.

Customer Service Week Activities

Celebrated the first full week in October, Customer Service Week celebrates and honors the hard work done by the nation’s service representatives. If you have a team of dedicated customer service workers who toil daily to ensure your brand name with their public interactions, rewarding them with customer service week games and activities is a great way to show that you appreciate their contribution to the success of your organization.

Not only can you promote customer service week games for your hardworking staff, but such activities serve as great customer service icebreakers between departments. Customer service week games and puzzles allow your employees to continue their ongoing training, under the guise of fun-filled frivolity, and four out of five dentists have long agreed that fun-filled frivolity is the way to go when you are learning new things.

Various Team Building Exercises

When plotting out quick team building activities always harkens back to the joys that you remember from elementary school. Specifically speaking, remember the joys of recess. The psychology of your basic nine-year-old fourth grader and average 39-year old accountant is much the same when it comes to being cooped up in the classroom or office. Rather than fight that fact, integrate that factor into your ice breaker games and quick team building activities by moving the action outside with outdoor team building games. As opposed to indoor team building activities, outdoor team building activities awake the senses and excite the brain’s neurons from the stimulation provided by a new environment.

To keep your staff fresh and alert for changing conditions, mix up your indoor team building games with outdoor team building activities to help awaken their senses. Whether it is a group walk around the building, or sack race that pairs coworkers in a tripod like configuration of cooperation, moving the action outside increases the rate of retention both in and out of the building. No one said that learning had to be boring, so take that philosophy to the streets, and see the supercharged results you get by simply exposing your staff to the warm rays of the sun on an otherwise busy workday.

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