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Online Skills Courses

There are more websites out there providing skills courses than anyone can count. In fact, training courses are becoming increasingly available online, with estimates that the online learning market will be worth $350 billion by 2025

But, in this sea of online course websites like Coursera and Skillshare, all claiming to have the best online skills courses, how do you know which one delivers? Well, today we’re here to help narrow down which ones truly are the top learning websites

All online skill courses have their benefits, specialties, and drawbacks. As Forbes magazine explains, Skillshare is mostly for creatives, offering classes on animation, photography, and lifestyle, while Coursera is mostly academic and gives access to more university-style courses. Finding out which online course website is the best comes down to which one has the best ratio of benefits to drawbacks. 

For example, Coursera has quite a few benefits, but the few drawbacks it does have are pretty serious. Many people enjoy Coursera because of the wide variety of courses offered and because they offer online master’s and bachelor’s degrees. However, the site isn’t without faults. Some users complain about the confusing and hard-to-find prices for the courses. Others say they don’t have enough feedback options, and contacting customer service is almost impossible.

Skillshare is another online course website with mixed reviews. The main point of praise for Skillshare is their 27,000+ courses, 2,000 of which are free. On the other hand, the quality of their courses is widely varied because of the vast quantity they produce. The courses they offer are short, too, which most people view negatively. Unlike Coursera, Skillshare doesn’t offer any certificates or diplomas.

And while there are a few steps that come standard, regardless of which course platform you consider most online skills courses consist of certain key parts: pre-recorded or live seminars, solo research, and readings, and tests. A decent amount of them also includes a solo project or presentation.

Why Consider Free Online Skill Courses?

In 2020, the demand for some online courses increased by an estimated 4,000%, but why? No matter how experienced you are, there are always new skills to learn. Unfortunately, not everyone has time or money to take classes and go to college. 

In addition to online course sites that offer pre-existing courses to choose from, there are also tools out there that allow organizations to build online skills courses that are specific to their organization and team, like Lessonly. Lessonly makes learning new skills more attainable than ever. And, unlike other free skill learning websites, Lessonly makes it easy to create training paths and certifications of training. You can also take a peek at some of Lessonly’s free courses that organizations can share with their employees here. 

There are two main reasons your team can benefit from the online learning courses offered by Lessonly First, it gives everyone the chance to increase the skills they need for their current job. It’s also a great way to learn and practice the skills required for a promotion or new role. Let’s take a closer look at why you should consider online skill courses and training.

Upskilling for a current job

Upskilling is essential for people looking to stand out in their current field or work position. You can start a job with outstanding abilities, but if you never show improvement, people will soon stop being impressed. Upskilling is also an excellent way for companies to help their employees close skill gaps.

Online courses are crucial for anyone looking to improve their skills while working. Having knowledge in various areas always helps you stand out, and may come in handy when you’re trying to advance your career.

Learning for a new job

If you’re applying for jobs at multiple companies, they all have different expectations for what skills you should have—even if you’re applying for the same role. When looking for a new employee, it’s common for companies to choose a job-seeker who is willing to learn, instead of someone who thinks they already know it all. Online skills courses help you prepare for a new job, even if you’ve already started working.

Technology and trends are constantly changing, and so are the expectations of job recruiters. Neglecting to keep your skills up-to-date or learn any new skills quickly makes you less relevant to them. Taking a few free online skill courses, as offered by websites like Lessonly, helps your resume catch the eye of recruiters and increases your chances of getting hired.

Going back to school is time-consuming and often hinders either your learning or work performance. You don’t have to search far and wide for the best online courses to take. Sites that offer free online skill courses are great because not everyone has time or money to spare. If you have new skills to learn, look into using free skill learning websites

As Forbes notes, “Online courses provide a more affordable option than traditional ones, and there are no commuting costs, and sometimes required course materials, such as textbooks, are available online at no cost.”

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Benefits of Online Learning

Nowadays, it seems like every high-paying job demands a degree before you can even start the application. Yet, because college is expensive and time-consuming, many people have decided to put it off. Going back to school has become even less feasible during the 2020 lockdowns and school closures. 

Online learning offers you the opportunity to get the skills and certificates you need to show job recruiters why they should hire you. Lessonly and other online learning sites provide thousands of free online courses as a solution to your problem. With our help, you can learn and sharpen whatever skills you need to get any job you want. A handful of online learning sites even provide free online courses with certificates, meaning you never have to stress about not going to college again.

Unlike a physical training course, online learning offers you the ability to create and change your learning schedule. No more forced routines—online courses are flexible enough to work around your day-to-day life. The independence of taking online courses also forces you to learn self-discipline, which is an asset in any profession.

What to Look for in the Best Online Courses

Online courses are helpful in many ways, but not equally so. There are online course websites that only offer their lower-quality courses for free, and others that don’t offer any at all. There’s even a handful out there that appear to offer a great deal and then proceed to overcharge you. You can find the best online courses on sites like Lessonly, which cares enough to provide you with a great experience.

Which online skill websites offer the best online courses? While there’s no objective answer, there are a few universal things that all of the best online courses have in common. 

First, take a look at their reviews. The best online courses have a higher rating, but it’s also essential to look at the number of ratings and people that use the website. Another thing to look for is whether or not the courses are engaging and interest you. If you aren’t interested in a class you take, you’re less likely to retain valuable information.

The best online courses with certificates operate similarly, but they have one more crucial thing to check for: legitimacy. There are many sites out there offering online courses with certificates. There are also spam sites advertising the “best online courses with certificates,” knowing it will grab your attention and make you click.

Online Skills Courses with Lessonly

Sure, free online skills courses are great—but there’s a better way to deliver tailored training to your employees. Lessonly’s training, enablement, and coaching software makes it easy to create engaging and effective online skills training courses for your team. Our simple, mobile-friendly experience lets employees develop their skills anytime, anywhere. We also integrate with other tools and even other online course websites, like LinkedIn Learning, to deliver powerful skills training. Learn how you can assess, track, and hone your team’s skills with our newest product, or watch this quick, 2-minute preview to find out more about Lessonly.