Ramps Reps 5x Faster By Creating Personalized Training at Scale

“Training is integral to what we do, and it’s absolutely correlative because our entire business model focuses on bringing new people to the company and making them good at their jobs as quickly as possible.”

—John Lanz

Vice President of Training and Development, Lower.com

The Challenge

Lower.com’s mission is simple. They strive to make homeownership more accessible and simple for people. By combining innovative technology with hands-on, expert-level team members, Lower provides customers with everything they need to own a home, including saving for a down payment, financing and refinancing mortgages, and providing insurance.

As a financial technology business, there are a ton of complex products, mortgage topics, and processes for employees to understand. Additionally, many new teammates join Lower with little-to-no experience. 

“Unlike others in the industry, we develop talent from the ground up,” explains John Lanz, Lower.com’s Vice President of Training and Development. “We teach them about the industry alongside their position with the goal of getting them to the next step in their career.”

In its early days, Lower relied entirely on in-person training and stored training resources in a shared drive. But, when the pandemic hit, it was evident that in-person training no longer made sense. The company also experienced unprecedented growth and the training department, which at that time only included two people, needed a better way to scale and deliver training to the rapidly growing team. Enter Lessonly.

“We’re in an industry that has a lot of moving parts and some processes can be confusing. So, to be able to give consistent knowledge to the people who do those processes every day was a big deal.”

—Dru Delaforet, Corporate Trainer, Lower.com

The Process

With the help of Lessonly, Lower transformed how they deliver training on complex topics and processes by rolling content out in a more consistent, learner-friendly format to their sales and operations departments. “The original goal was to get people on board very quickly and decrease the time they needed to ramp up and become proficient in their jobs,” shares Dru Delaforet, Corporate Trainer at Lower.com. “Now, it’s evolved to provide pretty much anything you can think of so that people have the resources they need to make them better each and every day.” 

John appreciates the ability to create consistent training for the entire sales force. Instead of each member of the training team—which has grown to nine teammates—delivering content in different ways, everyone receives the same information. “It’s a big investment to find another subject matter expert,” explains John. “With Lessonly, I know the content that the team is pushing out is going to be consistent across the board.”

Additionally, Lower uses a variety of Lessonly’s features and integrations to create training that appeals to different types of learners. Whether it’s incorporating knowledge checks or sharing click-by-click how-to videos with Iorad, the team has found intuitive ways to optimize training for greater engagement. “Lessonly has really allowed us to teach in different kinds of ways for different styles of learners,” explains John. “It’s also a better way than standing in front of a room of ten people and delivering the same training over and over.”  

Lower is also incorporating Lessonly Practice for even more hands-on learning. “We have this initiative called High-Performance Sales where we take apart our five-part sales process and focus on one component at a time,” explains John. “The goal is to have each rep review content in Lessonly, do the homework before a training session, and then we review everyone’s practice exercises in class and provide feedback so everyone can improve.”

“It used to take our SDRs anywhere from three to five days to be up and running and on the phone. With Lessonly, we’ve been able to optimize our training so we have people on the phone as soon as their first day.”

—Dru Delaforet, Corporate Trainer, Lower.com

The Results

The Lower team started 2020 with 87 salespeople and 100 operations teammates. Now, the team includes more than 350 reps and 350 operations workers, and they deliver onboarding and ongoing training to all of these teammates with Lessonly. In fact, they’ve been able to reduce ramp time by 50% so that nearly everyone is already doing some part of their role on their first day.

Lessonly also helped Lower maximize their training team’s time so they no longer spend 40 hours a week delivering in-person training. “With Lessonly, we’ve been able to achieve more of that 50/50 balance between in-person and online learning,” explains Dru. Additionally, Lessonly saves the Lower team from having to pull a subject matter expert out of the field to deliver training. “Now, we don’t have to get everyone together to talk about a new process. We create a lesson around it. We assign it out, quiz on it, and provide managers with feedback and insights on training progress,” adds John.

To date, Lower has created more than 450 lessons that range from onboarding content to final exams for certain roles. And, John and Dru aren’t the only Lessonly fans within Lower’s organization. In addition to getting accolades from other team leaders and executives, they’ve received more than 9,000 lesson views and a 95% satisfaction score with their learners.

And Lower.com isn’t stopping there. In light of their ongoing growth and momentum, the company plans to expand their product offerings and services, which will, of course, be supported with training powered by Lessonly. “Lessonly has just really exceeded my expectations in a huge way,” exclaims Dru. “This has been a coming-of-age project, and we would not have been able to grow as quickly without Lessonly.”