Learning automation with
scheduled assignments and triggers

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Learning Automation With Scheduled Assignments and Triggers

Over the years, learning management software has proven itself to be the standard in which we bring new employees up to speed efficiently. In those same years, the LMS has evolved. It’s time to improve upon the learning management system and say hello to the learning automation system. By combining the latest technology with a deeper understanding of how people learn and retain information, we can implement a training that not only ensures knowledge retention, but also make use of it as well.

Learning Automation Software

Practice makes perfect. The next evolution of learning management systems is built on this foundation. Learning automation software brings elements of the traditional LMS and combines them with automatic functions to ensure that repetitive, but necessary actions aren’t forgotten.

These days, employees are being asked to do more with less. With the interconnected tools that the internet and software companies provide today, it’s not an impossible task. It is however, a difficult task to get your team fully up to speed quickly. It’s not uncommon for sales representatives to have to know two or three software suites, how they integrate with each other, and how they help sell the product all at the same time. Learning automation software uses contextual information to provide information when and where it’s needed. Until the past few years, technology couldn’t keep track of this information in a relevant timeframe to provide actions in a meaningful way. At Lessonly, we’ve accomplished this by creating features to make repetitive actions easy.

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Triggered Actions

Automation of the learning process starts with triggered actions. These triggers are simple, and amazingly useful. At the base level, triggers exist to enable a response whenever a certain action is completed. Refreshers on company policies, guidelines, and rules are easy with a learning automation software like Lessonly.

Use Case: New Employee Onboarding
Picture this: After a new employee is introduced to his or her manager for the first time, the message was never relayed, “Hey, the printer wasn’t working so this person never got the employee handbook.” If that manager doesn’t remember to make sure his fourth new employee this week got the handbook, the new hire certainly isn’t going to remember it.

A learning automation software can eliminate this simple mistake. As soon as your new employee gets a company email address, he or she can be added to the New Hire group within Lessonly. After this, a drip feed of onboarding emails, lessons, paperwork and training documents can be sent to them until they are completed.

Scheduled Assignments

Back to practice making perfect, scheduled assignments are the key to upholding that promise as learning automation becomes more prevalent in the workplace. The majority of the population tends to learn through repetition of knowledge and that’s how we like to operate at Lessonly. To combat this problem, we worked to include scheduled assignments into the Lessonly framework. This allows Lessonly administrators to schedule assignments into the future as well as set recurring dates for important lessons Whether you’d like your learners to be reminded of a lesson every week, every month, or every year, these schedules can be deployed easily through the Lessonly software.

Use Case: Scheduled Employee Feedback
The beauty of scheduled assignments is the flexibility they offer for learners and admins alike. Our biggest use case so far has been companies using scheduled assignments as a tool to gather company-wide feedback on performance, objectives, and leadership. Short and sweet surveys can be created with open-ended questions to allow employees to feel safe when submitting feedback on how they think their company and culture is performing. This is what learning automation can do. It makes learning simple, smart, and most importantly, automatic.

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