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You’re probably here because you want to train, enable, or coach your team better than before. But we know it can be hard to know where to start. Answer the questions below to see if we’re a match!

What size is
your company?

Less than 25

So much potential! But we’re probably not a great fit for you just yet. We’ll see you in a month or two!

Between 25‑2,500

Hey, you're our people!

2,500 or more

It's the bigwigs! We think our friends at Seismic might be a better fit.

Now, what can
Lessonly help you with?

Faster onboarding

You’re in luck. With Lessonly, you can train 62% faster. Learn about Lessonly.

Training content help

Need a way to create training content without doing it yourself? Lessonly customers can lean on Lessonly Services.

Become a better trainer

Certifiably awesome training starts with a certifiably awesome trainer, so you might want to look into Lessonly Certifications.

Better continuous training

We firmly believe that practice makes perfect. Help your team hone essential job skills with Practice by Lessonly.

Deliver personalized coaching

And at scale! Thoughtful, personalized coaching drives 76% better business results. You might like Lessonly Skills.

Answer questions easier

Information lives in a zillion places at work—help your team surface answers from docs, lessons, and 16+ other work apps with Lessonly Knowledge.

All of the above

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