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Implementing the Right Sales Training Software

When contending for some of the top talent on the market, the odds can seem stacked in favor of larger and more established names. Job prospects send out their lengthy resumes to the biggest names that they can think of and the good ones get scooped up pretty quickly. However, with the right sales training software, companies of all sizes can hire people that fit with their company, and train them to be the best in the business. This type of training is far more extensive than just a sales training PDF or a list of sales training tips that you can find through internet search. Implementing a set of thorough sales training methods alongside the right software system can have profound effects on the skill and capabilities of your sales employees.

The best way to get started with your search for a sales training software is to sit down and map out your entire process. What do you do, who are your customers, where do you reach these customers, how do you reach them, how much does it cost, and how do you appeal to these customers? Answering a few of these beginning questions will point you in the right direction toward putting together a sales training program, which you can then pair with a sales training software. Figuring a way for these two to work hand-in-hand is the secret to training great employees and enabling plenty of sales.

Sales Training Programs

Some of the best sales training programs go back to the basics to try and reinforce the fundamentals. It may seem redundant to prepare a lesson on how to prospect a client and other basic types of sales training, but it’s important to remember that not everyone coming into the sales roll learns in the same way. For some, it might feel like opening the beginner’s sales techniques books all over again, but practice makes perfect. By creating a process training process that encourages studying and reviewing the sales basics before moving forward, every sales representative on your team will be properly equipped to do their job to the best of their ability, no matter their start date. Some companies even go so far to create an employee training program template that can be used across multiple departments. Below are some examples of a sales training program outline that many companies make use of in their process.

Sales Training Courses for Beginners – These sales training courses often cover the very basics of sales training. How to sell a product, how to talk on the phone or online with customers, and other central topics. Beginners courses like these can be given to completely new sales reps or to veteran representatives looking to hone their skills.

Retail Sales Training Tips – Selling in a retail environment is often an entirely different set of skills that need mastered. Retail sales training often skews much further into the customer service skills and features plenty of retail sales training videos that give a visual representation of how to maneuver through certain situations with customers.

Medical Sales Training Programs – Then there are specialized sales training programs for certain industries. Medical sales is just one example. These specific industries require knowledge of statistics, definitions, and sometimes particular software options to sell to other businesses within the same industry. Creating a sales training program outline this specific would be hard to use anywhere else.

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Online Sales Training with Lessonly

Putting together a sales training program is no easy feat, but if you’ve made it this far, their effectiveness can be improved upon with the use of online sales training programs. Looking at the web-based training definition, we can describe them as a learning software that is available through the internet, but also a local intranet. By using web based training courses to distribute your sales training program, your learners are able to complete their training wherever works for them. A popular example of this is Microsoft Expert Zone that hosts product update lessons on a website that is distributed through a Microsoft Zone website. This allows web based training examples of new product updates and news to be sent out to representatives all over the globe instantaneously.

Take this into consideration when hiring a new sales representative for example. Even if all of the resumes are equal, your sales reps might need to refresh themselves on the small things from time to time because everyone learns differently. This is where hosting sales training courses online comes in handy. With a software like Lessonly, training can not only be distributed, but tracked as well. Lessonly allows for online sales training programs to be built that will send lead learners through a queued stream of lessons. Once your employee finishes their sales basics lesson, they’ll get an email saying that their sales prospecting lesson is ready for taking. All of this can be done automatically to help you facilitate them to do their job better.

How to Teach Sales Training Techniques Online

The strength of a training program paired with sales training software is too good to pass up, but if you need a few sales training ideas, Lessonly has got you covered. We have a multitude of clients that use our software for teaching retail sales techniques. Those who have invested time and polled their senior leaders and employees have found enormous impact from creating lessons that deal with indigenous knowledge. This information is pulled straight from the people that do it the most, and in this case would be sales representatives. Having your senior sales manager create a lesson on popular phone sales techniques will be instantly applicable to your newer employees in their quest to expand their tools of the trade. Using a few of your developers to put together tips on software sales training is a great way to add usefulness and depth to a lesson as well.

And with Lessonly, all this learning can be quantified by the admins. Learners’ completion rates are kept track in our Lessonly Gradebook and gives team leaders the ability to see who is nailing the information, and who might need to retake the retail sales training manual lesson. We strive to be a learner-focused learning tool so that employees feel at-ease when using it. By relieving their stress at work, Lessonly enables leaders to help them do their jobs better, and ultimately live better lives.

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