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The proof is in the pudding.

And by pudding we mean ROI. Uncover the
verified cost savings and benefits of Lessonly with
The Total Economic Impact™ Studies from Forrester.

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See how a US-based fintech company onboarded new sales reps 62.5% faster and saw a 124% ROI in three years.

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Find out how a telecom company created training for 35,000 customer service reps 50% faster and saw a 76% ROI in three years.

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Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Studies on Lessonly

Choosing the right solution to provide training, enablement, and coaching to your organization is a big decision. You want to onboard new hires quickly, provide ongoing enablement efficiently, and deliver powerful coaching effectively. You also want to make sure that your training and enablement efforts positively impact your organization’s bottom line.

So, to better understand the impact Lessonly has on business performance, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct two Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) studies.* This research features interviews with Lessonly customers across the fintech and telecommunications industries and offers a look at the different types of economic impact Lessonly has on each organization. The Forrester research that’s included in these studies focuses on key findings like:

  • Time saved using Lessonly
  • Pipeline generated through enhanced skills
  • Improved sales rates and customer satisfaction
  • The overall return on investment

*A Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ Study on Sales Enablement Commissioned By Lessonly July 2021. A Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ Study on Customer Service Enablement Commissioned By Lessonly August 2021.

About the Forrester TEI Studies

Forrester created the TEI study to help technology companies analyze the ROI and true benefits of their solutions. In return, this helps prospective customers better understand the financial impact they may see by investing in a software solution or tool before they make the final purchasing decision.

Behind the methodology

Total Economic Impact (TEI) is a methodology that was developed by Forrester Research. It was created to help companies during the decision-making process and to enable technology vendors to show the value proposition of their software or tools. The TEI methodology includes four components that evaluate value: benefits, costs, risks, and flexibility. These economic impact examples are beneficial to review in order to ensure that the benefits of making a purchase outweigh the costs.

Key Findings: The Benefits of Lessonly

Lessonly helps frontline teams deliver better training, enablement, and coaching. As a result, businesses see improved productivity, increased sales, reduced employee turnover, and overall higher business performance. Here are just some of the Lessonly stats you’ll find in the studies.

  • Saw a 124% return on investment after 3 years
  • Onboards new sales reps 62.5% faster
  • Created training lessons twice as fast as before
  • Decreased onboarding time for new customer service reps by one week

Still interested in what the economic impact of using Lessonly could be for your organization? Download The TEI Study of Lessonly for Sales Enablement here. and The Total Economic Impact™ of Lessonly for Customer Service Enablement here.


Forrester is a leading global market research company that helps organizations exceed customer demands and excel with technology. Learn more here.

Forrester Research creates technology reports, provides advisory services, and hosts technology conferences. The company also provides analysis in technology areas including computing, software, networking, the Internet, and telecommunications. Learn more here.

TEI stands for “total economic impact.” TEI studies provide a helpful cost and benefit analysis framework for decision-makers.

Purchasing a new solution is a big and important decision for any organization. Forrester’s TEI studies can help you outweigh the costs of making a purchase with the potential benefits before making a final decision.