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Capture & share team knowledge

Work knowledge is everywhere—in Word documents, Powerpoints, and the heads of your team. Capture this information and make it available anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Get your team up to speed faster and working with greater confidence.

Create and update Lessons in minutes, not days
Empower leaders and top performers to share best practices
Partner with our Services Team to migrate existing content and build learning programs that work

Engage & improve skills with feedback

Don’t let learning go in one ear and out the other. Decrease ramp time, develop core job skills, and drive collaboration. Through practice, repetition, and feedback, your team gets better every day.

Test understanding and retention with quiz questions
Prepare for real-life scenarios and provide coaching and feedback with Practice
Create feedback loops and answer questions quickly with Ask the Expert

Measure & drive greater productivity

Perform and win at the highest level. Measure learning and productivity data with metrics that drive continuous improvement. Save time and effort by integrating learning into existing workflows. Maximize team performance with Lessonly.

Bring team learning directly into Salesforce, Slack, Chrome, and more with Lessonly integrations
Measure employee and team engagement and performance using the Gradebook
Track metrics and provide direct feedback for individual lessons and courses

More Features

Unlimited Lessons
Create as many lessons, courses, and learning paths as your team needs.
All Types of Content
Use text, images, video, embeds, quiz questions, SCORM, and other interactive elements to effectively teach employees.
Custom Branding
Customize the learning experience with your company logo and brand colors.
Automated Learning
Deliver learning automatically to employees based on regular intervals, set timetable, or trigger events.
Integrate Lessonly data into other tools to share and manage your users, groups, or analytics.
Automatically send completion reports to your preferred database.
Single Sign-on
Integrate internal directories with Lessonly to eliminate password fatigue and the risk of phishing.
Organize learning content to ensure the right employees get the right information.
Bulk Upload
Easily add new employees to Lessonly, including key characteristics like department and function.
PDF Exporting
Export Lessons for offline use in other training venues.
Measure and track individual and team performance metrics in detail.
Learning Library
Access any lessons ever assigned to your team in one searchable, instantly-accessible location.
Learning Paths
Build automated learning paths to guide learning. Pair with Smart Groups to customize each employee’s path to productivity.
Lessonly University
Access lesson templates, best practices, and other pre-made content in our learning hub.
Smart Group
With Smart Groups, your teammates are automatically added to custom groups, so they have access to the right learning at the right time.

Learn, Practice, and Perform Better with Lessonly.

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