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Lessonly for Good

Calling all charitable, non-profit, non-governmental, educational, and social change organizations. If Lessonly can help you expand your impact and make a difference in your community, let us know. We are providing teams with free Lessonly Pro licenses.

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Brighter Indy

Every year, we share time, talent, and finances with four non-profits that care for kids in our community. This year, we’re giving four $10,000 grants with preference for orgs that address racial inequity through their mission, programs, and efforts. Our application is open through December 31, 2020.

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Anti-Racism Training

Confronting our biases and being more inclusive is vital. These 10 lessons, put together by Dr. Janice Gassam Asare, explore the causes and effects of systemic inequality and give practical, productive ways to become anti-racist. All proceeds from the purchase of this training benefit The Black Teacher Project. To access this training, please email your Lessonly Account Manager.

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