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Identifying Employee Strengths

As an employer, it is important to find employee strengths and employee weaknesses. Every employee has their own unique strengths and weaknesses, or things that they excel at and things that they may need a little bit of extra work at. Examples of strengths in the workplace may vary based on your specific industry, but some employees may have stronger customer service skills, others may be natural born leaders, and some may be able to close a sale more consistently than others. Identifying an employees strengths can help you utilize those strengths to your company’s benefit.

Trying to identify and come up with strengths and areas of improvement examples is not always easy. As such, you may find yourself wondering how to identify employee strengths and weaknesses and how to identify strengths and weaknesses of a team. There are different types of employee strengths and weakness evaluation that you may do to help you determine these attributes or you may find a way to evaluate employee strengths for performance review. Many employers equate employee strengths to signs of a good employee, so if you have an employee that stands out in your mind as being a top employee, stop and think of what traits they possess that allow them to stand apart from others and acknowledge those traits and strengths.

Employee Stengths in Sales

You want to identify and grow employee strengths. However, the list of key strengths of an employee can vary based on the industry that your business operates within. If your business is a sales-based business, you may be wondering what strengths are key for an employee to have. Here are some examples of strengths in the workplace that can be beneficial in a sales-related position or industry.

Organizational Skills

One strength of a good employee within the sales industry is organization. Organizational skills are important, as the employee has to know who they have contacted, who they have not contacted and who they need to follow-up with. All of this information can be important to helping them find new customers and communicate with existing customers or clients.


Confidence is another key strength of employee who works in a sales-related field. It can be hard to sell. A sales person needs to be confident in not only themselves as a person, but in the product or service they are selling. They also have to have a strong backbone and not take it personally if someone declines a purchase.


Friendliness can go a long way in any industry, including sales. No one wants to buy from a rude, pushy sales person so friendliness is one of the overall good employee skills to look for in employees.


Taking initiative is a great skill to possess, especially in sales. You don’t want to have to micromanage your staff, so proactive employees can make your life easier.


Motivation is key in the sales industry. You need employees who are motivated to do a good job and sell. Motivation is one of the employee strengths that employees have or don’t have. You can’t really teach it.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are a great asset in any industry but are vital in a sales-related industry. Your salespeople need to be able to communicate with each other and their customers.

The Ability to Close a Sale

The final of our key strength examples to look for in employees is the ability to close a sale. Some people are natural salespeople, while others may be unable to close the simplest of sales. You need an employee who can sell and complete the deal.

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Good Employee Skills for Customer Service Reps

Great Communication Skills

One of the key strength examples for a customer service rep is great communication skills. A great customer service rep can listen to customers, identify what their needs are and then communicate in a clear and efficient manner to help the customer.


A good customer service rep needs to empathetic. They need to understand where the customer is coming from and empathize with their situation.


One of the most overlooked key strength of employee who works as a customer service rep is patience. Working as a customer service rep is not always easy. Customers may be angry or frustrated. A rep must be patient and listen, even to rude or flustered customers.

A Problem-Solver

Another of the good employee skills that a customer rep should have is the ability to solve problems. Customer service representatives deal with different problems each day. They cannot always ask for help from someone else. They need to be able to solve common issues on their own.


A customer service rep needs to be attentive to their customer. The customer needs to feel like they have the service rep’s full attention, even if that is not always the case.

Ability to Multi-Task

The final strength of a good employee who works as a customer representative is the ability to multi-task. Most customer service representatives have many different job duties. They may have to answer phone calls, while also typing up an email or pulling up accounts. A rep needs to be able to complete multiple tasks at once to be successful in this field.

Turn Professional Weaknesses Into Employee Strengths with Lessonly

Lessonly’s training software makes it easy to train employees on skills and knowledge that could be considered a weakness and turn them into a strength. From practicing important skills to understanding how processes and procedure works, teams can identify knowledge gaps and deliver effective training to any employee.

Here at Lessonly, we know how important it is to identify employee strengths and weaknesses. We also know how important it is to identify an employee weakness or weaknesses in the workplace and to try to improve on it. Unfortunately, it is not always an easy task to identify employee strengths and areas of improvement. This is why we offer tools to help with this task.

We offer tools that can help you to identify characteristics of good employee skills based on the industry your employees are in. This can help you to identify what types of skills your employees should possess. We also offer an areas of improvement appraisal form or employee strengths and weaknesses evaluation checklists, which can help you evaluate employees and identify areas in which they can improve. Learn more about Lessonly and get a demo today!

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