Do Better Work

We’re on a mission to help teams change how they work, so their people can live better lives.

Better Relationships.

Better Training.

Better Results.

Our passion for Better Work started with a simple idea: Work shouldn’t suck. Too often, work feels boring, uninspiring, and unproductive.

Better Work is three things: a mission, a movement, and a method.

Lessonly’s mission is to build training software that helps people do better work.
We’re moving toward healthier interactions at work so we can all achieve greater things—together.
The best teams focus on the same six areas when training their people. That’s the method.

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Better Work is something we're building together.

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The Better Work Training Method

We’ve worked with more than 750 companies, helping train their teams. Over and over again, we found that the highest performing organizations, from sales teams of 30 to customer service teams of 30,000, build their training on the same six pillars.
Gather Needs & Inputs

Listen to people, data, and the market; identify successes and challenges; and accurately assess your team’s training needs.

Prioritize for Impact

Identify the most essential objectives and outcomes, and intentionally set milestones for creation and delivery.

Create Quickly & Collaboratively

Work with teammates at the front lines of the business to develop and iterate on bite-sized training/content.

Meet Learners Where They Are

Push training content to teammates—anywhere, anytime—so they can quickly solve problems in the moment of need.

Rehearse, Refine, Repeat

Reinforce skills and information with realistic practice scenarios and receive feedback to fuel improvement.

Do Better Work

Empower the organization to continuously improve, deliver, and quantify results.

Beyond these six steps, the Better Work Training Method includes a flexible framework for developing effective training at scale.

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Doing Better Work, together

We’ve built our entire company to help teams Do Better Work. From building training quickly with our Services team, to linking performance and training with our product, Lessonly exists to help you Do Better Work—every step of the way.

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