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Customer Service Training Programs

Customer satisfaction can plummet if your customer service team isn’t adequately equipped with the proper knowledge for the job. This is exactly why every support team needs customer service training. And, a great customer service training program helps agents and reps develop their skills and grow their knowledge. 

Training programs also enable customer service reps to also learn about product information and how to use customer service software. Getting your customer service team the training they need means improved interactions for all future customers.

If you don’t know how to create a customer service training program, a few key things are essential to making your program perform above average. First, remember that customer service training is about more than forcing your customer support team to memorize your product information. And, while teaching them about products is a part of it, it’s not the most important one, not by any stretch. Customer service training programs are about teaching your teams to become better customer support agents. Therefore, all good customer service training programs should teach the learners new skills, your company’s goals, and, yes, some essential info about your goods and services. 

Types of Customer Service Training

When you look at a company’s makeup, where does success source from? Sales? Marketing? IT? Truth is, it takes many to tango, but let’s take a look at the front lines: Customer Service. Customer Service reps are the main and sometimes only touchpoint for the customers that keep your company existing. Aside from simply being helpful and having the answers, reps are an extension of the brand and reflect the company’s values over every phone call or chat they have. No pressure though! Keeping a Customer Service team aligned, prepared, and performing is no easy task. Here’s why customer service training programs are of utmost importance for organizations. 

Customer service training comes in many different forms. Historically, the most common of these are instructor-led training seminars and webinars. There are many customer service training options, but here are a few to consider.

Customer service training seminars

One could argue that in-person, instructor-led training seminars are among the most interactive customer service training programs available. That’s because the lessons are more personalizable than some others. As long as the instructors know what they’re doing, they’ll observe the needs of the people attending the seminars and tailor their approach based on the needs of the attendees. They can answer questions in a more personal and specific way than you can with static training materials.

Using customer service training seminars means that experienced veterans of the customer service field can come in, share their stories, and apply them to the training. This gives new agents the chance to take the information being taught and give it real-world applications, which often helps people retain it better. 

Customer service training videos

Customer service training videos have become closely intertwined with another kind of learning known as webinars. Customer service training videos usually consist of someone showing a concept to the customer service team rather than standing in front of them and telling them about it. You can reuse customer service training videos until they are no longer relevant, which might take several years. Sometimes you can even find free customer service training videos online that can also work for your team’s needs.

So… what’s a webinar? A webinar is a seminar conducted over the web, hence the name. They can bring together more people at once than would be possible with an instructor-led workshop. The best part is that not everyone needs to be in the same place at the same time.

Additionally, anyone can save webinar recordings for later use, giving you a wider range of availability for those you wish to train. It also increases how much content you can put out. This allows you to create a valuable stockpile of helpful information for your current employees and for anyone who may need it in the future.

On-site customer service training

You may have heard the saying, “time is money.” If that principle is essential to your business, then you may prefer on-site customer service training. This type of customer service training program often brings in an outside expert or trainer to a company for training sessions. Like customer service training seminars, which can fall into this category, on-site customer service training is highly personalizable. The trainers can take questions and provide answers on a 1-to-1 basis if time allows.

Customer service training modules

Customer service training modules are interactive mini-lessons that often occur in a digital setting. Modules allow information to be learned in bite-sized chunks, which leads to better retention than a longer course. You can also arrange training modules to best suit the particular needs of your company, meaning that your reps only have to complete the training that directly applies to them. 

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The Benefits of Online Customer Service Training Courses

Now that you know more about various training methods, let’s dive more into the popularity of customer service training courses. Here’s a quick look at the benefits of online training courses. 

Available anytime, anywhere

Due to the virtual nature of online customer service training courses, customer service agents can access them from virtually anywhere with an internet connection (or even without one, if you make the customer service training course downloadable). Customer service agents can access them quickly and easily, meaning you’ll spend less time hounding people to complete their training. 

Easily updatable 

Online customer service training courses can be updated at any time as long as you have the access to do so. The best customer service training courses are always kept up to date as much as possible regarding new policies, procedures, and services, so agents don’t make a mistake by referencing an outdated course. So, unlike customer service training videos that might take longer to shoot and edit, online courses can be quickly updated and shared with your team. 

Deliver consistent training and information 

The universality of online seminars, their ease of access, and the ability to update them when necessary allow all of your agents to get the same examples of what they should or shouldn’t do. They will all be held to fair and consistent standards of completion that may not be possible with in-person seminars.

Get Started with these Customer Service Training Materials

Building a customer service training program from scratch is no small feat. You need to provide your customer service agents with the right materials to let them learn and better retain the things they need to know. These materials can be expensive or take a lot of time to create. Fortunately, there are places where you can find a few materials for free. And, that’s why Lessonly offers a lot of free customer service training materials for your benefit.

Customer service training manual template

Lessonly’s free customer service training manual helps you achieve thorough and consistent customer service training. There’s nothing more important in customer service training than being consistent and as detailed as possible. Writing a customer service manual can take up precious time, so save yourself time by trying out our customer service training manual template.

Customer service training calendar

And since your time is so important, it’s always good to have a customer service training calendar. It will help you keep track of upcoming customer service training events and remind your team of them, as well. Luckily, Lessonly also offers one of those for free, too.

Training program outline

And how could you have a customer service training program without a customer service training program outline? It helps you keep track of important points you want to make and stay on target. If an outline is something you’re not very good at, we can help… for free!

Customer service certification online

Not only that, but Lessonly also offers free online customer service certification! This certification provides tons of actionable ways to boost CSAT, retention, and NPS while learning important skills.

Power your Customer Service Training Program with Lessonly

Lessonly is training, enablement, and coaching software for frontline teams and beyond. We have the tools you need to build the perfect customer service training courses, no matter which kind you decide to use. And with Lessonly, it’s easier than ever to tailor your customer service training for employees based on their individual needs. Get started with Lessonly today, and your customer service team will reap the benefits. Watch this quick preview video to learn more!