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Customer Service Experts

Customer service experts play an important role in establishing and maintaining a company’s reputation by acting as a liaison between a company and its clients or customers. The exact nature of the customer service job will depend on the industry. In might involve working in a call center or staffing an in-person help-desk. Some customer service representative roles concentrate on sales, where the focus is on placing orders, up-selling, and generating leads. Other customer service specialists fill a more informational role, where their duties are to answer customer questions, resolve complaints, and keep profiles and accounts updated. It’s a role that requires great communication skills and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Good customer service skills typically don’t come naturally to people. It can be difficult to keep track of multiple communication platforms, manage customer expectations, effectively tell your company’s story, navigate conversations with upset clients, and measure customer satisfaction. However, with the right training, practice, and a strong customer experience strategy, anyone working in customer service—from entry-level representatives to customer service specialists and team managers—can become an expert in the role.

What Does a Customer Service Expert Do?

Regardless of whether the role has a more sales or informational slant, there are some responsibilities that every customer service expert job description contains:

  • Customer service experts are the voices and faces of the company for most customer interactions. As the main point of contact for the public, they must maintain a positive, empathetic and professional attitude toward customers at all times. Usually, people only reach out to a customer service department when they’re experiencing some sort of difficulty, and thus are already likely to be upset. Customer service experts are responsible for setting customers at ease, de-escalating situations, and making sure the issue gets resolved as much as possible to the client’s satisfaction. This can also involve following up with cases and monitoring social media and review platforms to ensure that customers don’t fall through the cracks and fail to receive a response. 
  • A customer expert uses active listening techniques in client interactions. This includes positive reinforcement to signal attentiveness without disrupting the customer’s flow of thought, asking questions to get all the necessary information and clarify details about the issue, effective note-taking, and clearly summarizing and reiterating the main points of the message, giving the customer an opportunity to correct anything if necessary before proceeding on to the next step of assistance.  
  • An effective customer service specialist knows everything about the company’s products, services, and processes and can quickly determine how to best serve customers—either by working with them or by directing them to the best-qualified person to address the issue.

Customer service experts share best practices, assist with onboarding new team members, and ensure that training materials stay updated. They are focused on customer satisfaction and help the entire team understand the company’s customer experience definition.

Expert Customer Service Skills

While by no means a definitive list, a customer service expert resume should include: 

Adaptability & Problem Solving

Sometimes customer service experts will encounter problems that aren’t specifically covered in the company’s guidelines or a customer has an unexpected reaction. They must be able to quickly think on their feet to get the interaction back on track or know who to ask for assistance if the issue is beyond their capability.

Communication Skills

It’s important to know how to clearly relay important information to customers in a personable, straight-forward manner that leaves nothing to doubt. This includes understanding and effectively utilizing different best practices for communicating in person, over the phone, or via email or chat.

Patience & Ability to Work Under Pressure

Patience is an absolute must for anyone wanting to pursue a career in the customer service profession. Developing the ability to remain calm when under pressure is one of the greatest attributes to have in the industry. 


Customer service experts go the extra mile by considering how they would feel if put in a similar situation and what an ideal outcome would be. By asking these questions, they can channel empathy that allows them to better connect with the customer, showing that they understand their frustration and confidently express their ability to find a fair and desirable resolution to maximize customer impact.

Knowledge of the Product

As previously mentioned, customer service experts must understand the product or service. It’s not necessary to know highly specific production details, but everyone on the team should now how it works on the same level as someone who uses it daily. Otherwise, they won’t be able to effectively help customers who run into problems.

Positive Attitude

People who work in customer service need to be able to calmly handle all customers, even the most negative ones. A customer services expert must be able to retain a positive attitude and not take it personally when the customer is upset. Doing so allows them to stay in control of the interaction, figure out a resolution, reframe the conversation to go in a more amicable direction, and provide great customer service.

Time Management

Customer service experts must be able to utilize time efficiently and productively. Depending on their role, they have to balance meetings, phone calls, visit clients, assist customers, help team members, and more. Good time management skills allow them to complete all their required tasks in a shorter period, meaning they have more time to give attention to customer satisfaction and learning opportunities.

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How to Become a Customer Service Expert

The customer service field is relatively easy to enter as there are generally no educational requirements—although a high school diploma and some previous work experience are often preferred. What’s important when starting as a customer service technician or assistant is demonstrating the ability to learn quickly, solid verbal and written communication skills, and a sincere desire to help people. To progress up the career ladder towards gaining customer service expert jobs, agents need to get ongoing training, practice their customer service skills, and receive useful feedback and coaching.

Get ongoing training

It’s easy for training plans to fall by the wayside in a busy customer service environment, so having a solid, organized plan for learning is crucial for setting team members up for success. With an easy to use training software, such as Lessonly, agents can track milestones, measure growth, and access resources they can learn from and share with the rest of the team. 

Practice customer service skills 

Beyond learning on the job from customer interactions throughout the day, team members must have an opportunity to practice their skills in a more focused manner. This can include things such as role-playing for each other, peer learning tools, quizzes, and videos, journal destress training, brainstorming sessions, and more. With an online, mobile-optimized training platform, agents can also access lessons and practice skills while on-the-go. 

Receive feedback and coaching 

Understanding strengths and weaknesses are vital to improving performance. By getting feedback and coaching from team members who are consistently meeting or exceeding the company’s customer experience goals, junior agents can improve their own customer service skills. They have an opportunity to see the very best customer-facing skills and help desk practices and learn how to replicate this level of quality in their own work.

Becoming a customer service expert is both a challenging and rewarding experience. While the role comes with greater responsibility, customer service expert salary is higher and there’s greater job satisfaction. With the proper tools, training, and resources, it’s something that anyone can accomplish. Lessonly’s powerfully simple training software helps turn your team of customer service reps into a team of customer service experts. Learn more and get a demo today.