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Customer Service Examples

The retail industry is notorious for bad customer service. Many of the publicized stories on customer service have to do with poor worker-to-customer communication. As a manager or supervisor, it’s your job to make sure these kinds of situations are prevented at all costs, and instead, have great customer service stories be publicized.

Customer Service Skills

Good customer service skills at a high-level can come naturally to some. But when explaining customer service to your team, it’s all in the details. Excellent customer service skills are rooted from your businesses’ detailed definition of customer service. To define excellent customer service skills, think about the key messaging and values that your company revolves around. Then, create long-form and short-form learning material consisting of processes and procedures that encompass those messages and values.

It’s true that some employees will be inherently good at customer service. Employees that are great communicators and problem-solvers are ones to look out for when interviewing. Even if you ask all the right customer service interview questions, and the interviewee is nailing the interview, you’ll still need to train that future employee on the thorough do’s and don’ts of your brand’s customer service.

A great way to do this is to build learning material digitally, deliver it to employees, and track their learning. Lessonly is a learning automation platform equipped to not only train employees on customer service but give managers the means to improve learning and innovate within the company.

Customer Service Training

Excellent customer service starts with effective, enjoyable training. If employees can’t embrace learning customer service skills, they’re not going to execute those skills properly to customers.

In retail, use elearning material to brief and reinforce action. With Lessonly, you can deliver training prior to on-site training to have employees prepared to perform. Furthermore, you can assess the learning of individuals and deliver ongoing training along the way — all on a digital platform. You can create and shape your learning however you want to. From a high-level customer service duties course to a lesson on customer service phone tips.

Within Lessonly, learners can reference back to material on a whim with any mobile device. If you don’t want your reps using their phones under the counter, consider printing off a quick-guide of internal customer service tips. A customer service skills list that consists of actions and reactions or FAQs and responses is a great cheat-sheet for employees to refer to.

As a retail manager, ask yourself the most important questions and put yourself in frequent scenarios as an employee. How does an employee deal with a customer that is right? How should an employee talk to a customer over the phone versus in-person? Can a customer be reimbursed for a damaged, delivered item? Without answers to questions like these, learners are going to feel lost and hesitant to problem solve. Or, employees will problem-solve to their best ability, and the solutions to these repeated situations will be different between each employee.

It’s necessary to note that retention doesn’t come from learning something once. It takes repetition and immersive learning. On some learning platforms, like Lessonly, you can schedule certain lessons at a cadence weekly, monthly, or annually to keep employees refreshed on information. If a lesson needs updated between then, the updates are saved automatically and the scheduling will not be affected. When learning happens at a cadence, it become memorable; information is retained and relevant experience is gained.

When it comes to creating great learning, Lessonly gives you the platform to incorporate a mix of media. That way, learners can be engaged and entertained with learning as opposed to dreading the experience. Besides the standard customer service training examples, sprinkle some fun into your learning. For example, throw in some customer service quotes throughout the lesson. Starting out, these can be quotes from famous people that pertain to a certain example, but after sometime, you can update the average quotes to great customer service quotes from your employees. These retail quotes can reinforce brand values and make an employee feel recognized for their knowledge.

Define good customer service for your team by providing real-life examples in training. Incorporating these customer service examples in training allows employees to imagine themselves in similar situations prior to actually being in them. Use simple scenarios to display how good customer services examples can quickly become bad customer service examples.

Incorporating questions, like free-response or poll questions, into lessons will show your employees that you value their opinion. They will be more inclined to contribute to bettering customer service in your business. If you decide to quiz employees on practices, you can identify individuals that are excelling in learning and those who need to be coached more. By tracking learner progress, you can keep everyone performing at the same level.


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Excellent Customer Service

When your employees are performing examples of good customer service, those actions echo throughout a company. If it remains consistent, it becomes a staple. Here are some good customer service examples that set the bar for retail brands. These great customer service stories set the bar for competitors.

Providing excellent customer service goes beyond lessons on customer service tips. Whether you’re managing a team for a retail call center or not, providing excellent customer service over the phone is a big factor in today’s definition of amazing customer service. Call center customer service tips or retail customer service tips should be a briefing of all the take-aways from employee training. Any tips lesson should function as a tool to quickly reference, but excellent customer service examples come from more than just distributing tips. Great training has a lasting impact on consistent, excellent customer service, and is the first step to define excellent customer service skills throughout a business.

If you want to start building learning material and incorporating those good customer service phrases into lessons, try Lessonly out. We have a free tour to get you building, delivering, and tracking learning.

Examples of Companies with Good Customer Service

Good customer service examples are challenging to find. We often read horror stories or worst-case scenarios, but there are examples of good customer service. There even seems to be a consistent group of companies with good customer service skills that deliver an exceptional experience for most customers. We’ve found a few companies with effective customer service that are worth mentioning.


Chick-fil-A continuously perfects the customer service experience. Every employee at Chick-fil-A possess good customer service skills and they regularly go the extra mile to ensure an excellent customer service experience. In fact, the employees were rated the most polite in the food industry. What can we learn from Chick-fil-A? Put the customer experience at the forefront of every touchpoint, and the company will be easily distinguishable from the rest.

Trader Joe’s

Countless customer service examples are born out of this supermarket specializing in organic produce. Not only do customers love Trader Joe’s products, but they also continually praise the good customer service skills the employees have. Trader Joe’s shows us that in saturated industries, like supermarkets, delivering a good customer service experience is key to earning brand loyalty.

Why Companies Should Value Customer Service

In the digital age, one bad service complaint can forever hinder a company’s branding image. It’s more important than ever that superior customer service is at the center of every business, despite the industry. And too often, companies undermine the value of a good customer service experience. They build incredible products but forget that’s only half of the battle. We’d like to highlight a few advantages a good customer service experience can provide.

Retain customers with good customer service skills

Converting new customers is far more expensive than keeping existing ones. Companies like Apple are incredibly successful because of brand loyalty. Once a customer buys an iPhone, it’s rare they ever make a change. Effective customer service will payout in the long-run. Plus, it’ll keep customers away from the competitors. Create a brand with good customer service skills that consumers can write home about. The result? Happier customers and a customer service team that does better work.

Word of mouth is a company’s best friend.

5-star customer service examples are a company’s best channel for acquiring new customers. When customers are so pleased with their customer service experience, they’ll recommend the company to their friends. Eventually, these references which are created from good customer service skills, not products, will turn into new business. They’ll also strengthen the credibility of the brand.

Example after example of excellent customer service means less advertising and more profitability

We’ve explained how companies can retain customers and acquire new business by delivering great customer service experiences. They’ll also save on their advertising budget. Promoting a company is costly, whether its through traditional or digital advertising. A solid set of good customer service skills can save companies countless dollars on advertising.

Effective customer service can be a company’s competitive advantage

Why would any consumer buy a pair of shoes online? Even if the shoes were cheaper, how would they overcome the fear of the shoes not fitting?  Zappos knew the answer was good customer service skills. The company pioneered an entire industry through examples of good customer service situations. However, they couldn’t have predicted it would become their competitive advantage. Zappos employees build relationships with consumers through every customer service experience and this leads to extreme brand loyalty.