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Customer Service Enablement is the Heart of Great Customer Service

Customer experience is quickly becoming the number-one competitive advantage and is a proven driver of long-term growth. While many companies recognize the importance of great customer service, leaders are overwhelmed with the different processes, tools, and strategies that can impact the customer experience. The most impactful way to ensure superior service lies with those who are interacting with your customers on a daily basis—the customer service representative.

That’s why the best teams create a customer service enablement program that focuses on equipping reps with virtually everything they need to deliver exceptional service. In fact, teams with a well-designed customer service enablement program tend to see increased productivity, lower turnover, lower operational costs, and improved service levels. Now that we know why customer service enablement is so important, let’s take a closer look at what that includes. 

Customer Service Training 

As customer needs and preferences continue to evolve, customer service training has become even more important. And while many customer service teams provide basic training by following the traditional training playbook, it isn’t enough. While free customer service training materials are a great place to start, these programs typically feature standard, antiquated information from free customer service materials they found years ago. The best customer service training programs go beyond the basics to create world-class customer service enablement. This means that reps receive continuous training that focuses on both technical knowledge and customer service skills.

Customer Service Tips

In addition to customer service training, retail customer service tips and customer service tips for staff are very helpful when enabling teams for success. Because service reps handle different types of interactions on a daily basis, they may find a customer service tip of the day helpful to their role. Leaders can also empower reps to share their own customer service tips and tricks with one another as a way to share best practices across the team.

Customer Service Coaching and Feedback

Reps also need effective coaching and feedback on their current performance and how they can improve in their role. For example, the growing popularity of self-service channels means that customers are turning to these channels for simple, transactional interactions. When it comes time for a customer to reach out to a rep, it’s likely because they didn’t get the help they needed via self-service. Therefore, the phone call tends to be more complex and unique. To adapt, leaders need to share customer service phone tips and coaching strategies that prepare reps to handle higher-effort or more stressful interactions. This strategy maximizes performance across the entire workforce.

Enable your Customer Service Team with our Resources

Planning and building a training program that enables customer service reps doesn’t have to be difficult. That’s why we created two resources to help you create an enablement program and hire a CS enablement manager to lead the charge. 

Improve Customer Service in an Omnichannel World with our Ebook

For truly great customer service, leaders need to identify innovative customer service ideas as they expand their omnichannel strategy. Gone are the days when a customer picks up a phone to talk to a rep. Now, reps have to adapt to new channels and customer preferences. By continually asking how to improve customer service in the workplace, customer service enablement leaders will set their team up for success as they adapt to the continuously evolving service industry.

Our ebook, Enabling Customer Service Success in an Omnichannel World, features the advice and knowledge of six customer service experts that any support team can benefit from. This guide will show you how to transform training, equip reps excellently, and measure what matters when it comes to customer service. 

Hire the Best Customer Service Enablement Manager with our Job Description Template

A customer service enablement manager provides reps and agents with the training, content, processes, and tools they need to deliver great support. This includes working with different teams like quality assurance, marketing, and management to increase productivity and customer service levels. The role includes a wide range of different responsibilities and priorities like those we’ve listed above.  

Since CS enablement managers oversee and work on so many different functions and tasks, you may see similar or related job titles such as:

  • Customer Service Manager
  • Customer Service Training Manager
  • Director/Head of Service Enablement
  • Enablement Program Manager 

A phenomenal CS enablement manager possesses a number of skills and relevant background experience. Instead of writing a standard job description, take time to craft a description that truly reflects the role. Thankfully, our free customer service job description template is a great place to start. We also recommend sharing the description with a few other team members to get their feedback and make any changes before posting. A great job description will make a huge difference in attracting the best applicants and new hires.  

Access More Free Customer Service Training Manuals 

Still looking to figure out how to improve customer service? Here are a few more resources to help you get started with better customer service enablement.