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Customer Service Articles

The world of customer service is vast. So, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of resources, ebooks, and how-to articles out on the web. In fact, a simple search for “customer service articles” on Google produces 1.6 BILLION results. 

Sure these articles help leaders transform good customer service into the absolute best customer service, but digging through an ocean of articles is time-consuming. 

To help your team learn the tricks of the trade and deliver effective customer service, we put together a library of our go-to resources by industry experts who’ve written excellent customer service articles. Enjoy these standout readings.

Articles that Highlight Examples of Good Customer Service in Retail

In today’s retail environment, good or bad service can make or break a retailer’s competitive edge. While we often read horror stories that share poor customer service examples, there are also plenty of inspiring articles about good customer service in the retail industry. We recommend giving all of these a close read. 

Top 10 Retailers with the Best Customer Experience
Each year, Forrester ranks the service quality of more than 50 retail brands as part of “The US Multichannel Retailers Customer Experience Index. This article shares a great summary of the study’s findings and how retailers are providing excellent customer service. Examples include Costco’s new delivery options and Ikea’s furniture assembly services.

6 Examples of Good Customer Service (and What You Can Learn From Them)
Hubspot’s blog features a great collection of customer service focused blogs, but this one highlights numerous examples of good customer service in retail. From the Ritz-Carlton to Warby Parker, we love how this post shares real-life stories from customers and provides lessons for other companies to apply to their teams.

Bad Customer Service Examples: 50 Things Retail Employees Shouldn’t Do 
Sometimes the most effective way to understand how to do something is to learn what not to do. In this bad customer service article, Bob Phibbs shares 50 customer service sales tips for retail store owners and staff members to keep in mind as they strive to deliver exceptional service.

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Customer Service News Articles

Customer service is a $350 Billion industry. With such a large global presence, it’s no wonder that there are so many news sites and publications with entire sections dedicated to customer service. Forbes, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, and Huffington Post are just a few of our favorites. Check out some of their most popular customer service articles from 2018 and this year.

Reinventing Customer Service
People instantly recognize the customer service department. We call them and benefit from their service all the time. However, the best companies know that changing and adapting customer service to what people want is imperative. In this article from Harvard Business Review, readers get a glimpse of what it’s like at T-Mobile and how they’ve overhauled their contact center efforts. 

Customer Service Expectations are Rising — Is Your Business Keeping Up?
It’s no secret that customer expectations matter more than ever. In this article, Forbes breaks down the 2018 Customer Service Expectations Survey and highlights the effects of good customer service and how to deliver excellent customer service. Examples center around delivering consistent and personal experiences for service success. 

NewVoiceMedia Research Reveals Bad Customer Experiences Cost U.S. Businesses $75 Billion a Year
Yep, you read that correctly. The cost of poor customer service totaled $75 billion in 2018. NVM’s article reiterates how important phone interactions are and provides context on how customers respond to bad customer service. Consequences show that only 27% of calls were actually effective in resolving an issue.

Excellent Customer Service Articles and Publications

There are also plenty of great organizations that have their own publications dedicated to sharing excellent customer service articles. Here are just a few of our favorites to check out.

The International Customer Management Institute empowers companies to provide the best customer experience through call center training, certification, and resources. With customer service articles that range from learning and development, metrics, and operations, leaders are sure to find helpful articles. 

As a global association that’s committed to promoting customer care and engagement, SOCAP publishes articles online and in its CRM Magazine. Readers can also access articles tackling how to deliver the best customer service in specific industries such as automotive, consumer packaged goods, healthcare, and more.

Customer Service Articles by Lessonly

We help customer service teams across the world learn, practice, and do better work. So we’d be remiss if we didn’t share some of our favorite customer service articles.  

Customer Service in Sales
t’s a myth that there’s a huge difference between sales and customer service. As forward-facing teams, both sales and customer service rely on many of the same skills, knowledge, and expertise for success. We explain some of the most important skills and tips for customer service teams to keep in mind. 

The Better Work Guide to Customer Service Training
Lessonly’s newest article is jam-packed with everything you need to elevate your customer service training. Lessonly’s guide helps leaders discover how to create a customer service training program for any team and features other customer service experts, thought leaders, and practitioners. Download the customer service PDF.  

Customer Service Enablement
To deliver great customer service, leaders need to create an environment that supports reps and truly empowers them. Explore tangible steps you can take with your people, processes, and technology so your team can do better work in an omnichannel world.