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Corporate Training in the Era of Online Training

Corporate environments are by their definition, usually pretty crowded. The large number of employees associated with corporate companies means that each individual brings a different walk of life through the front door on a daily basis. Corporate training has become such an industry force that it has even spawned entire corporate training companies solely dedicated to providing training within the corporate environment. Corporate training software and programs have been growing to the point of becoming nearly mandatory for office jobs over the past few years, but little has changed in the way this training is conducted and disseminated throughout companies.

Fortunately, becoming a corporate trainer doesn’t have to mean a life of physical paper filing anymore. Online training options are on the rise and can help cut down on many of the headaches that come with tracking, recording, and filing corporate training documents. The advent of software as a service, or SaaS, companies has changed how online learning and training can be accomplished, and Lessonly is one of those offerings. With the amount of people that need properly tracked and the information required to certify employees within their position, a modern online training system or learning management system just makes sense.

Making the Life of a Corporate Trainer Easier

The range of topics that can be taught to employees joining a new company is so wide that the corporate trainer job description might look more like a “jack-of-all-trades.” The best online corporate training systems can be utilized for more than just one set of training. By scaling the use of your software to be usable for new employee onboarding all the way to management training software, companies can save money. A software system like Lessonly would be perfect for this situation. Lessonly’s functionality as a learning management system gives admins, in this case person with the corporate trainer certification, to create training materials quickly and easily, while distributing them via email and the internet. Learners are notified whenever they have a lesson that needs completed, and the admin is notified as soon as those lessons are finished. It’s a seamless cycle of sending and completing lessons that is easily scalable to an entire company by one corporate trainer. Interview questions, for example, can be placed into a lesson that is sent to all of the managers and C-suite executives so that new hires are being asked consistent examples during their hiring process. Integrating an online learning system in such a way allows people to do their jobs better, and stress less knowing that the are making no mistakes.

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Corporate Trainer Jobs Within a Company

If the integration of a learning management system has you excited and looking into potential corporate training positions and searching ‘how to become a corporate trainer,’ just know that there is plenty more to be done within this role. The traditional route to corporate training certification typically includes a specialization in college as well as a degree, but with the rate that the training industry is growing, there are plenty of individuals who have a qualified corporate trainer resume without the degree. This is due to the growth of the training and learning sector and the increasing numbers of corporate training jobs for teachers that find ways to apply their skills to a different set outside of the classroom.

Many of these new trainers find the transition much easier by adapting a learning management system to their new titles. Student education has long since used learning management systems as a way to assign and track educational lessons for students, but with the right LMS and the right corporate trainer, these ideas can be brought to the corporate world. Corporate trainers can function on many different levels of a company, including onboarding new employees into their first few months at the company. It’s a rarity that employees joining a company will know every single thing about a business when they join. Corporate trainers and the right online training system can smooth that over. By creating a host of lessons that introduces new hires to the company, its values, its leaders, and its processes, the time that it takes for a new employee to start producing good work is drastically reduced.

These same trainers can be hired to further ongoing training within a business. Lessonly excels at ongoing training with automation features built into the software. Some corporate environments require certification classes to be taken at a regular cadence, and Lessonly adapts to this by allowing lessons to be scheduled ahead of time at a certain time. If the IT department needs to renew their information security certification in February of every year, Lessonly allows for the lesson to be built and scheduled once with automatic reminders whenever the deadline is getting closer. Functions like these are the ones that set the truly job changing software options apart from the rest of the pack.

Create the Best Corporate Training Programs with Lessonly

When sitting down to start creating corporate management training programs or any lessons for that matter, think in longer terms than just one lesson. Forget all the corporate training trends and imagine what it will be like for a user to travel from one lesson to another; what questions will they have when they finish the first lesson, what will they need to know? With Lessonly, you can build entire training courses that lead employees through everything they need to know to excel not just at their position, but within the corporate environment of your company. With Lessonly’s groups function, you can create a bucket of lessons that are assigned to the different departments within your company. Engineering team, sales team, customer service team, and marketing team can all have separate lessons that go specifically into the details of their roles and how they can improve upon it.

When you implement triggered assignments and automation, your employees begin to go down the path of your entire corporate training program. Lessons become pieces within that educational program and not just a secluded and isolated event. Building training like this with Lessonly allows training and development to become a part of the company culture instead of something that people are hesitant to dive into. Employees aren’t afraid to ask questions if they need to know something, but they also have access to all of the information that they need whenever they need it. Each person’s learning patterns are supported in the way that suits them best and the end result is improvement in their day-to-day tasks, which translates to business success; a large end goal that all starts with the right training program.