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Certification Management Software

If you’re in charge of managing employee certifications for your company, you know what a hassle it can be. Even if you manage to get an entire department on the same schedule with the same due date, details can (and do) slip through the cracks. In one of our previous articles, we discussed the merits of having a standardized certification management system across your company. To do this effectively will require the right software help. 

The certification management software you choose is critical to keeping this system up and running. A good software framework keeps track of your due dates, features individual profiles, saves employees’ progress for each training course, and sends automated alerts. 

Having the right software allows you to stay on top of the certifications your employees need to keep working without breaking the law, risking their professional licenses, or following an out-of-date process. Employee certifications can also help boost consumer confidence, so displaying earned certificates on an employee’s profile can increase customer trust. 

Imagine using a tool that automatically assigns training courses to the correct employees, weeks in advance of a deadline. Your employee gets reminders until they complete the course, and afterward can print a certificate of completion for their records. The appropriate managers receive a record of their achievement, and the system stores the results for ease of reference. At any time, you can enter the system and take stock of any employee’s current status or completion rate. 

That’s what a good certification management software tool should do.

Certification Tracking Spreadsheet

Back in the day, when technology was limited, and software solutions weren’t as scalable, certification tracking could easily become a nightmare. Trainers, managers, and development leaders would have to pass around a battered handbook or manual for their team to study. Bored teammates would glance at each other, skim over the content, meander through a thrown-together quiz, and promptly forget almost everything on the test. 

Also in this deep dark past, to operate employee certification tracking, excel spreadsheets would need to be created, updated, and disseminated. Remember those finicky things? Everyone desperately hoped that no one accidentally deleted a few rows (or pages) of it. Could anyone actually understand how to read or update that thing? Who had access to unlock the permissions on it?

You shouldn’t have to use a certification tracking spreadsheet from the Stone Age to know who is due for training this month. Relying on your employees to self-report their completed training courses on the shared Excel sheet won’t go too well, either. Somehow, the formulas always get messed up, leaving you wondering if any of the information on the spreadsheet is accurate. In fact, some studies have shown that up to 88% of Excel spreadsheets contain significant data errors

It’s well past time for companies to move toward better ways of managing certification and skills nurturing. That’s why you need a comprehensive…

Skills Tracking Software

If you want to keep your company’s training management and certification tracking on course, you need to use skills tracking software. This creates a profile for each employee, allowing you to see if and when everyone completed their courses, and which ones they still need to work on. By tracking your employees’ skills in this way, you’ll always know who is qualified for a promotion, and who needs additional training beforehand. 

There are several benefits to using software to track your employees’ skill levels and training status.

1. Save time and effort

You can stop scrambling through spreadsheets or looking for records of completion in battered personnel folders that are never in the right place. Organize your online view by course, skill, or employee to see exactly who has completed the necessary courses, and who hasn’t. Skip the useless time-wasting scramble for documentation and put that effort toward the betterment of your employees. 

You can also gain valuable insights into which courses have the most engagement, and which ones produce the highest learner satisfaction. You can also keep an eye on metrics like which department is most often late with their assignments. This kind of data tracking will allow you to make changes and implement course corrections that help all of your employees.

2. Easily accessible by leaders, trainers, and managers

Tired of only one person having access to the supply closet? Don’t let your skills tracking system fall prey to the same issue. Easily create multiple admin accounts so that everyone who needs to can see the big picture. Each employee should have a limited access account that only lets them see the courses they need to take or have already completed.

3. Keep info up-to-date with automatic processes

Tired of worrying about marking down who completed the course this year and who didn’t? Then you need a software solution that automatically logs who is current, who is past due, and which stellar employees actually worked ahead. Automatically assign skills development courses to employees, and get notifications whenever someone completes their course. With automation, all of this is now possible.

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Certification Tracking Software

Employee skills training is important, but adequate certification management could mean the difference between incurring fines and operating within the boundaries of the law or best practices. Certain job roles require certification on behalf of their employees, most commonly on a yearly basis. Federal, state, and local regulations apply to restricted industries and various licensing bodies require specific ongoing training to retain licensure

An adequate certificate tracking software offers multiple benefits to you as a training manager and to your company as a whole. A certification tracking app will only go so far—you need a complete and integrated solution to manage all of your employee certification records from one easy-to-access framework. 

A good certification management software makes it easier for you to ensure that both new and seasoned employees alike stay up-to-date on the latest skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their roles. New employees need to integrate quickly into their new position, while veteran employees need to stay sharp on perishable skills. Take care of both kinds of upkeep by assigning certification training for your current workforce and new hires alike. 

Instead of passing out boring quizzes, you can engage your employees with interactive training courses that increase retention and implementation. Keep in mind that free certification tracking software might not do the trick when it comes to tracking multiple employees across several departments. It might also fail to deliver several kinds of certification management based on what department they belong to. 

When your employees are working toward a certification instead of simply checking boxes, they’re even more likely to internalize the training course. That’s why tying certification to your training modules is such a great way to step up your continuing education programs. People are more motivated to really learn when there is a tangible achievement at the end of it—especially when they can print the certificate and hang it on the wall when they’re finished. 

Keep it mind, a free employee certification tracking software likely won’t have all the features you need to identify the exact areas where employees excel versus where they have room for improvement. But once you’ve gone down the road of using software to manage certifications, it only makes sense to go all the way. Combining tracking, management, assignment, and verification into one simple framework will save you time, money, and headaches. 

Do Better Work with Lessonly’s Training and Certification Tracking System

Lessonly is here to make all of your skills training, certification management, and continuing enablement easier than ever. Skip the spreadsheets and get automatic updates and efficient records-keeping. Stop handing out boring quizzes and watch employee engagement and satisfaction rates soar. Imagine if your employees were eager to improve their skills, instead of rolling their eyes at an annoying yearly necessity. 

You can achieve all of these results and more by using Lessonly. Lessonly’s customizable, interactive certification management software can help you keep track of your employees, training materials, and completion objectives with ease. Boost employee confidence, enhance customer service and sales skills, and get your entire workforce on the same page by using standardized courses to produce optimal results. 

If you want all of your employees to thrive, you must nurture a company culture that embraces learning. By encouraging everyone to be their best selves, you can engender a company environment full of happy, upbeat, and confident employees. Lessonly is here to help you accomplish your certification management goals and create a place where everyone becomes their best selves. Click here for a demo, or click on any of the resources below to learn more.

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