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Call Center Training Software

Anyone who is in the call center industry knows that this particular business niche has distinct challenges that supervisors must surmount for success, and superior call center training is at the heart of that accomplishment. The quality of support that customer and clients receive is directly proportional to the call center training methods that your employees have access to for their professional development. Not all call center training programs are the same, however, so if you want call center operations training that delivers true call center training solutions, then you need to look into the professional services of training experts who understand the training methods that work best to enhance customer satisfaction.

Call Center Training Manual

When customers contact call centers, they are looking for two things: accurate information and consistency. Ensuring that each of your representatives has the same correct information, and are reading from the same page, is the job of a comprehensive call center training manual, so developing one must be job one for your organization. Luckily, Lessonly has made this job easier with a free customer service training manual. Obtaining a call center training manual free is like receiving free call center training, so it just makes sense to build your call center training foundation on a true and tested model.

Call Center Training Programs

A call center training program is essential for call center agents to hit the ground running. The service a company offers is vital to the bottom line and can either improve or diminish its branding image. Since it’s cheaper to retain loyal customers than acquire new ones, it’s important to train agents to value each and every point of a customer interaction. And, because a great deal of that service takes place with your call center agents, it’s no surprise that contact center training programs are becoming more popular and important. Here at Lessonly, we believe your online program should especially feature a few concepts.

Soft skills are crucial to call center agents success

Hard skills are essential for acquiring new customers, but if a company wants to retain them call center agents need to develop soft skills. In LinkedIn’s 2019 Global Talents Trends report, 92% of hiring managers believe soft skills are equally or more important than hard skills. And, we believe soft skills including empathy and optimism are noteworthy for your contact center’s training program.

Empathy is the ability to feel with others and understand their perspective. We’ve all experienced customer services reps or team members who can’t understand our perspective. We become easily frustrated, and our depiction of the company’s identity changes for the worst. If your call center agents understand that your customer’s perspective is their truth and they effectively look through the lens of the customer, they’ll make more informed decisions resulting in improved performance and better customer experiences.

Contact centers and agents also need to remain optimistic. Dana Lightman, a famous optimism researcher, discovered that soft skill increase sales, improve overall productivity, and drive a higher sense of accountability. Optimism drives a healthier business and it’s contagious. If call center agents manage to stay chipper, eventually those angry customers will understand that they’re happy to help. During customer interactions, if a call center agent can remind customers they’re on the same team and remain optimistic, agent performance and customer satisfaction will also skyrocket.

The power of role play for your agent performance

When you think of preparing for a big basketball game, players typically participate in sessions revolving around scrimmaging and free-throw shooting. So, how can contact centers model this same idea of practice to improve each customer interaction? Team members must learn to role play and practice before they operate in real time. Role play prepares call center agents from unseen situations and results in improved performance. Additionally, call center agents will naturally feel more comfortable as they practice and develop the necessary soft skills and confidence to excel in their role. By integrating role play into your online training, call center agents will field questions and dilemmas in real time with ease from even the most disgruntled customers.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of role play and soft skills in your training programs. We want your call centers to Do Better Work and improve every potential customer interaction!

Call Center Training Best Practices

What differentiates the average call center from the truly outstanding call center? Invariably it is the use of best practices from the latter and shoddy training methods of the former. Anyone looking to increase their call center efficiency, utilizing call center training best practices is the key to obtaining those superior results. The wealth of call center training resources, which is available from Lessonly, provides call center training tips that allow you to establish best practices. Our free customer service training material will help you turn your call center into a finely tuned organization.

In the quest to achieve best performances, our call center training material details the factors that are critical to success:

  • Management—is committed to the alignment of all employees, technology, and procedures to achieving a seamless interaction with customers and their expectations. For this managerial team, they have full bought into the concept of ongoing education and training to meet call center goals.
  • ROI is King—and all businesses rise and fall on the achievement of a reasonable return on investment. From the new phone system to the enhanced training of employees, each investment must be made with an eye towards multiplying that investment.
  • Accountability—as they say, “the devil is in the details,” so ensuring that each employee is fully cognizant and responsible for their performance. A lack of accountability only encourages complacency, and does little to advance the goals of your call center.

Call Center Management Training

Anyone who has ever sat through the onboard safety lecture of a taxing airplane well knows, “If you are traveling with a child, always be sure to affix your own oxygen mask before helping your child.” The reason is simple; the parent will hardly be in a position to help their child of they are passing out owing to a lack of oxygen.

The same concept applies to ongoing call center management training. As call center management, you must always remember the need to continue your professional development to achieve call center management best practices. By investing in your own development, you signal to the rest of the team the importance of not resting on out laurels.

Here at Lessonly, we provide customer service management training, as well as call center management tips, to continuously hone your managerial skills. Leaders lead from the front, and demonstrating that you are always willing to hone your training will inspire those working below you on the organizational chart to do the same. From cutting-edge call center management software to the latest thought on optimizing employee productivity, investing in yourself is perhaps the best return-on-investment that you could possibly make. Call center management jobs are not always easy, so get the help you need from Lessonly today.

Call Center Customer Service Training

Perhaps one of the biggest difficulties with running a call center is employee turnover. A tough job, it is important to remember that providing great customer service is not innate, and teaching the skills they need, through call center customer service training, is essential to training and retaining your call center staff. This means that employees are not only fully versed in the internal tools, processes, and procedures of your organization, but they also excel at demonstrating a strong background in customer service principles. Customer service sales training provides the context, which combines superior customer service with a thorough understanding of how to consistently, and compliantly, address customer concerns and expectations.

Bolstered with superior training, even the most hesitant call center rookie can excel if given the tools to succeed. Those tools include a comprehensive call center customer service training program, coupled to a management team that is committed to training their staff in all contingencies. Going to work and hitting the phones with confidence is guaranteed to deliver a more positive customer experience while simultaneously cutting down on staff attrition. Customer service sales training from Lessonly will transform the energy and results of even the most lackluster call service center.

Call Center Sales Training

To hear some people speak of it, the ability to sell is an innate ability reserved for the Donald Trumps of the world. That is absolute nonsense of course. That being said however, call center sales training could fine-tune a rainmaker’s game while teaching the basics to the neophyte of the phone banks. Knowing when to close a sale is not necessarily an intuitive process and must be taught for ideal results. Understanding call center sales techniques allows for a seamless transition from discussing the attributes of a product with a customer, and arranging the shipping details to that customer’s home following a successful close of the sale. Utilizing outbound call center best practices, Lessonly has call center sales training techniques and call center sales tips to turn all of your employees into stellar closers. We provide tools that allow you to train your call center staff in the art of selling.

Once an employee has become fully versed in the processes and procedures that will guide their work activity, the next step is directing their energy towards successfully closing deals. Using our call center training methods, you will build a confident crew of closers that will transform the sales numbers of even the most uninspiring of call center operations.