You’re Never Too Advanced to Retrain Fundamentals

If you’ve started to notice a lag in the productivity of your time, you might initially consider firing and hiring until the productivity is reestablished at a satisfactory level. That decision could cost you months of production, time, and money. Someone hired these people for a reason. Either they already had the skills necessary or they saw potential to complete the job, so why not use retraining?

Remembering all aspects of the job

If your company is staffed enough for everyone to specialize into a consistent routine, it becomes automatic after a while. However, not having to consciously think about steps in the process can lead to issues. For example. if you employ an assembly line that makes safes and your employees forgot about the hinges, you have stopped selling safes and started selling heavy boxes. Retraining could solve this problem. “Ohhh,…the hinges.”

In most cases, employees will not even realize that they are doing something the incorrect way because they have been doing it for so long. This can lead to issues when new workers come in as well since they may be trained in the wrong way.

Be humble

So you’ve finally landed a coveted manager position, congratulations, but that is no reason to ignore the processes of your business. If one of your employees comes to you for help and you have no idea where to start on their job, you might start nervously sweating. You will probably think that you should not have blown off that retraining program your company offered.

No matter what stage you are in your company ladder, you should not forget about the rungs that got you there. Retraining fundamentals as a manager can improve team processes, safety, and overall team morale. If you are knowledgeable about your team’s functions, they will come to you with questions and respect you more. Improving processes also establishes a growing culture.

When to provide retraining programs

Retraining should be a mandatory part of any workers career with your company. It is a good idea to require these retraining courses at important junctions during a person’s time with the company. You may want to consider having retraining courses offered at a six months review, annual review, and then on a bi-annual basis.

Ensuring your employees understand the basics of their job is beneficial for you, your customers, your employees, and your company. Additional learning resources and training can help increase productivity, improve safety,  and eve increase employee satisfaction with their job, all the while earning you more profits.

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