Yellowship Captain’s Log: Thursday Recap

Thank you for joining us for #Yellowship19! Today was the perfect way to end our voyage. Here’s a glance at our last day together. 

We learned how to do Better Work and live better lives

“‘A’ players bounce back with passion, both in strategy and mindset. Curiosity has to be genuine—the ‘A’ players will ask questions that nobody else is asking.”
—Rachel Rohn, Regional President, Compass

“Health is simpler than it’s made out to be, and it can help you optimize your power.”
—Erica Ballard, Founder & CEO, B MethodTraining Coordinator, ThirdLove

“People really do better work when they know what they’re succeeding at and what they need to do.”
—Keysha Chapman, Training Coordinator, ThirdLove

“What’s great about the human brain is that it can always get better.”
— Megan Bartlett, Founder, We Coach

“When you’re on the phone, all you have is your voice. We owe it to ourselves to hone it.” 
—Jimmy Miller, Director of Training and Development, OutboundEngine

Debra Searle pointed us toward positivity

“The best way to focus positive is through visualization.”

“There’s so much power in words. They’re free, and they were the difference between me quitting or staying in the adventure of a lifetime.”

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

“Choose your attitude, it’s the one thing you always have a choice about.” 

Some final thoughts

Congratulations again to this year’s award winners: Liz Vaughan, Mark Bussell, Betts Recruiting, Autodesk, Blue Apron, Rob Luther, and Nat Brown. 

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Thanks again for being here. We are so grateful for all of you. Stay tuned for more info on all things Yellowship!

In the weeks and months ahead:
May you lean on positivity when things look hard.
May you find strength from being vulnerable.
May you harness your inner badass.
And may you choose more self-compassion than self-criticism.

Here’s to doing Better Work, together. 

—The Yellowship Team

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