‘X’ Marks the Spot on Poor eCommerce Sites

More and more companies are finding out that a lack of interactive, live, customer service is resulting in customers leaving their eCommerce site for a competitor’s. Customers without a great online experience are finding the ‘X’ to close the website easier than the shopping cart to close the deal.

This is the same for existing customers as for new potential customers. Jupiter Communications surveyed the actions by Fortune 500 companies to determine how they responded to simple email requests for information. Of the major Fortune 500 companies, 42% took over five days to respond to emails and 35% did not respond at all. After five days, I’ve either forgotten I had the issue in the first place or I’ve found a solution somewhere else, where I then made my purchase.  Making customers wait for answers, means the customers go elsewhere.

Companies invest so much in making websites and in marketing of their brands, but when a person comes to their website they ignore them. This is a major loss of revenues that goes unnoticed. The best practices are to respond to customer inquiries in real time.

The Only Time is Real Time for eCommerce

The internet lives in real time. Not hours of operation and certainly not at the convenience of the companies. The convenience of the eCommerce is for the customers. It matters not at all, if the time is 2 a.m. in London or 5 p.m. in Los Angeles on the web, when a company has an international profile, eCommerce is open 24-hours 365 days per year. It is non-stop and never closes. If you cannot provide real time customer service, provide a resource where your customers can answer their own questions.

Customer Service Improves the Bottom Line and Increases Profits

Some companies mistakenly see customer service as an expense that is necessary but does little to improve company profits. Nothing could be further from the truth. With products getting more complex every day, your customers will have questions. If your company cannot provide answers to their questions, someone else will. Great customer service can turn an unsure customer into a loyal one, and bad customer service can rip the loyalty out of your customers heart and the logo off their polo.

Bad customer service can send customers running out of your store faster than two monkeys riding a boar.

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