How World-Class Organizations Approach Employee Enablement

One of the key characteristics of world-class organizations is an ability to set, and stick to, priorities. This laser-focus on activities with the biggest impact on the business prevents wasted time and leads to business success—however that is defined. The same prioritization and planning are needed when approaching enablement within a successful business.

Random acts of enablement too often lead to disconnected practices and reduced engagement across the company. Good intentions without a broader strategy hurt both the enablement org and the company’s bottom line. Forward-thinking leaders who want to enable their teams should ask themselves a few simple questions to guide their process. These ideas will ensure that teams focus on the right outcomes, build the right content, and measure the right aspects of their business. We organize these essential questions into three categories: Plan, Build, and Measure.


Planning is all about prioritization. There are hundreds of possible inputs to consider when gathering information—including measurements of recent enablement, business objectives, department goals, industry shifts, and more. While all of these are important to consider, the business must decide which inputs are the most valuable and essential. Consider these questions as a part of the planning process:

  • What are your business goals?
  • What are your departmental goals?
  • What challenges are you hearing from your leadership and front-line employees?
  • What challenges have you uncovered from previous enablement programs?
  • What is changing (or about to change) in your business?
  • What are the top priorities for your organization right now?

As leaders begin to identify the key opportunities to make the biggest impact, consider these questions for each specific priority:

  • What impact do you want to make?
  • What needs to change to make that impact?
  • What competencies or skills need to improve to achieve this impact?
  • Who should own it?
  • What’s the timeline?

Once the team has made it through the planning process, it’s time to start building.


Building is all about putting the plan into action. Each priority defined in the planning process will have its own building cycle. When examining and building out each priority, consider these questions:

  • What are the key behavior and learning milestones for each priority?
  • What does the team need to learn?
  • How will the team practice?
  • What content already exists that you can leverage?
  • What new content needs to be created?
  • Who are the subject-matter experts?
  • Who will build the new content?
  • What tool will it be built in?
  • How will it be delivered to the team (e.g. in-person, on-demand, etc)?
  • How will it be accessible for review or reinforcement?

After considering these questions and building out content, it’s time to start measuring the impact.


Measurement comes in many forms and varies between enablement programs and organizations. At Lessonly, we consider four levels of measurement, known as our Learning Impact Framework. These four levels revolve around the following questions:

  • How will you measure the engagement of your learners with the enablement you deliver?
  • How will you measure learner satisfaction with respect to the content’s effectiveness for their job function?
  • How will you measure efficiency gains like time-saved?
  • How will you measure the bottom-line impact on the business?

Each of these measures plays an important role in evaluating enablement success and business impact. The key is to ensure that leaders have a solid understanding of success or failure for every enablement effort—this is the only way to drive continuous rapid improvement. In addition, be sure to analyze results and incorporate these insights back into the planning process when the cycle begins again. In fact, that’s the secret to world-class enablement: Constant iteration and improvement on the plan-build-measure cadence will drive greater enablement success, more engaged employees, and superior business results.

Want to move from enablement to results?

Lessonly is a powerfully simple enablement tool and training software. We’re committed to helping teams plan, build, and measure in order to fuel world-class learning, practice, and performance. Want to learn how Lessonly could revolutionize your employee enablement? Take a tour today.

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