Why I Would’ve Loved a Learning Content Management System To Teach Me to Drive Stick

Most teenagers I know dream about the day they can finally get their driver’s license and hit the open road. I know this because I was one of them. 

The Hill

I couldn’t wait for the freedom and independence that would come with having my license. But before I got there, I of course had to practice driving. And to be honest, there were moments in that process that I hated because like any new driver, I wasn’t great at it. And to make things a little bit more complicated, my dad envisioned passing off his 91 Ford Ranger to me when I was ready to start driving on my own, so I knew that in order to have his car, I needed to learn how to drive stick. 

We began in the parking lot and eventually made our way to starting and stopping on a nearby hill. I don’t want to bore you with the details, but let’s just say the time we spent on the hill was less than fun. I didn’t understand what I needed to do to be successful, and being successful meant not stalling the car or letting it roll backwards into other cars! Needless to say, I’ve been driving automatic cars ever since that day on the hill. Driving stick was simply not for me.

At least that’s what I thought…

Fast forward 7 years when I began my professional career at Lessonly. Starting as a Sales Development Representative, there was a major emphasis on learning and practicing because both are essential to thrive in any sort of sales role. SDRs deserve to know what great work looks like so they can emulate it. This is something I wish I had known when I was learning stick.

Whenever change hits customer-facing teams, whether it looks like a revamp in the product they’re selling or a new method for resolving customer service requests, frontline employees need a quick, simple way to get themselves up to speed. And they need a risk-free environment to practice what they’re learning.

I like reflecting on my time on the hill learning stick with my dad because it helps me appreciate the value of practice and how Lessonly’s learning content management system made this possible for me to grow and develop. With Lessonly, I can practice and learn in a risk-free space, giving me the opportunity to try, try, and try again, until I feel ready to try something new with a prospect for real. Put simply, Lessonly has been the education content management system I needed to be my best self.  I didn’t get that feeling learning stick and if I had to guess, there are sales and customer service teams that feel the way I felt on the hill. Overwhelmed, frustrated, and stressed.

How an LMS Could’ve Helped

To all my sales, customer service, and L&D leaders out there looking for learning management systems examples , a content management system website, or a learning management system comparison, I think it’s important to reflect on stories like this one. You, as their leader, want to implement a training platform that brings out the best in your people. One that inspires, motivates, and elevates their confidence. I didn’t have that when I was learning to drive stick, and I know that I would’ve greatly benefited from a free learning content management system, a learning content management system pdf , or even a learning content management system ppt that was built for 16-year-olds like me who were learning to drive and needed some prep work before I was actually behind the wheel.

This is a great reminder to give back to your teams. An LMS gives teams a place to learn at their own pace, and it gives leaders like you an easier way to create and deliver content that your team needs to be successful in their work—that’s the learning management system definition and ultimate value proposition. Lessonly has set the standard for what a modern LMS should look and feel like. We’ve enabled hundreds of sales and customer service teams all over the world the confidence they need to do their best work.  If you’re having trouble finding a tool that will help accomplish this, I highly suggest taking a look at Lessonly’s modern learning management system .

Ready to choose a partner for your training needs?

We’re ready for that, too. With Lessonly’s powerfully simple training software, teams train, practice, and perform like pros because they’re continuously equipped with the tools they need to support their teams and Do Better Work.

Think Lessonly could help your team? Click here for a quick look at what we do. Not sure yet? Here’s a learning management system pdf of 5 Things to Know about Lessonly.

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