Why Great Outputs Start With Great Inputs: 3 Things Personal Wellness and Customer Service Training Software Have In Common

We’re about a week into this fresh decade, and many folks are dreaming up big goals for a healthier 2020. These targets may involve eating better, losing those pesky holiday pounds, or adopting a new exercise routine. As so many of us resolve to achieve new personal wellness milestones this year, it’s no surprise that professionally we’re doing the same thing. A trend I’m already seeing in organizations is a revamp of their client relations and customer care strategies.

No doubt, group leaders are sitting down to research topics on customer care like “best customer service training programs,” “customer service training ideas” and “customer service training companies,” and they are likely stumbling upon a variety of options of varying quality from customer service training videos, customer service training seminars, and customer service workshops. What these decision makers will quickly find, though, is the best customer service training tools are not the compliance-based training programs of the past. Rather, the answer looks more like Lessonly—an online training software that’s designed to help people do better work and live better lives. Wellness matters today more than ever, and even questions like, “Which software should my team use?” needs to be answered with employee health at the forefront.

So that said, check out the three ways I’m realizing that personal wellness and customer service training software are similar:

1. The outcome is only as good as the input. 

If people are starting to build muscle or lose weight, they’re likely working out in tandem with eating a balanced diet. Our bodies won’t turn sugary Christmas cookies or buttery bread into strong, lean muscles. Rather, a diet high in protein and vegetables can much more easily be converted and help people get the results they want.

In the same way, customer service reps will only ever be as good as their training. We can’t expect learners to know what they haven’t been taught. With Lessonly’s platform, teams develop a customer service training implementation plan to decide what topics are the most important, gather and present that information in an organized fashion, and ensure employees retain what they need to know to be great at their jobs. 

Within our platform, you can upload all of your favorite training content, including text, presentations, documents, videos, audio, images, quizzes, and practice scenarios. If organizations need help developing this content, the Lessonly Services team works directly with customers to make the process simple. Once high-quality job training instructions and materials are easily accessible to learners, employees can quickly learn new and updated information. Long story short, a great output must start with a great input.

2.  You have to practice what you’re bad at to get better.

One bit of advice that’s often given to motivate someone starting a fitness program is to find something they like to do, and then do a bunch of it. If you enjoy running, then run. If you hate working out alone, then join a group fitness class. While this advice is sound in the short-term, it doesn’t withstand the test of time. Simply put, you have to work on the things you’re bad at.

For example, if you’re an avid Crossfitter, but you struggle with pull-ups, you will often be frustrated with your workout performance if you don’t improve this skill. In the same way, if there is an aspect of customer service that your employees are struggling with, provide them with the tools they need to improve. Let them practice. With the Lessonly’s Practice tool, managers can enable their employees to practice key aspects of their role and receive timely feedback. This is how to deliver customer service training in a way that ensures learners are acquiring new knowledge and skills, and most importantly, implementing them in their day-to-day activities to help increase overall job performance.

3.  Teamwork makes the dream work.

Ultimately, we are all responsible for our own success, whether in reaching our fitness goals or in achieving a high level of employee learning and productivity. Each of us have to dig in and perform. At the gym, this can mean cranking up our music and pushing our bodies to their maximum capacity. At work, this can mean putting in earbuds, hunkering down at our desks, and getting stuff done. But, if you’re anything like me, the community is what makes both work and working out fun.

At the gym, I feel proud when I ring the bell for a PR, but it’s the community that keeps me coming back to those grueling workouts day after day. What’s really motivating is the camaraderie that comes when athletes cheer each other on to complete tough workouts. Likewise, I get satisfaction out of meeting personal objectives at work, but the real joy comes from working with my colleagues and meeting company goals together. 

So while customer service training software and personal wellness may not on the surface seem like they go hand-in-hand, they have more in common than meets the eye. For both, remember that…

  1. The outcome is only as good as the input. 
  2. You have to practice what you’re bad at to get better.
  3. Teamwork really does make the dream work.

Think your team could use Lessonly? We think so, too.

Building a world-class customer service team takes both learning and practice, and Lessonly helps teams do both. Click here to get a quick look at what we do, or if you’re not sure about us yet, here are 5 things you should know about Lessonly!

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