Why Buying Call Center Training Software Is Like Booking A Vacation

Vacation is great. I think we can all agree on that! But, we definitely don’t agree on how to vacation. Give me a low-key, relaxing cabin on a lake in Northern Michigan, and I’m golden. You might be thinking, “No way, that sounds boring.” You might want to gamble in Vegas or try new food internationally. And that’s okay—post-quarantine, of course! 

We all vacation differently. Depending on our desired outcome, the decisions we make while planning a vacation lead each vacationer on a unique path with unique needs and decisions to be made. 

Choosing call center software is no different. 

The industry of tools and tech for call centers is seemingly infinite. Some tools cater to global call centers, and some are working to perfect call center software for small business. Some organizations build their entire model to provide the best inbound call center software, while still others focus solely on outbound call center software. And just like vacation, there isn’t a single solution that is the answer for everyone! 

In all reality, I have learned a lot from my customers over the years, and I’m here to share with you how you can pick the best software (and book the best vacation) by asking yourself three questions: 

1. What is the challenge that needs to be solved? 

When I’m planning a vacation, I’m looking to change things up from my day-to-day routine. If my day-to-day routine has been slower paced recently, I might look to plan an adventure-filled getaway with friends. If it’s been a busy time of year, a slower-paced staycation might be more my speed. It all depends on what I’m feeling and how I need to regain my balance. 

When buying call center software, and let’s be real, today it’s probably classified as virtual call center software, start with your challenge. For some teams, the challenge might be that your calling software needs to be upgraded to support remote work. For others, you might be adding a support channel to your agents funnel and need to level up your ticketing system. Bonus points if your challenge ties back to a company objective, like increasing CSAT, by the end of the quarter or maintaining eNPS while employees shift to working from home. Using the company objective as your guardrails can help you efficiently evaluate the many tools on the market to ensure your new or upgraded solution solves your challenge. 

2. What is my budget? 

Budget is a major factor in planning any vacation. Budget makes the decision between an all-inclusive resort or an AirBnb. Budget makes the decision between a direct flight or a layover. (Maybe your budget is the decision between first class or business—if that’s the case, I want to travel with you!) No matter the decision, budget is a factor. 

When choosing software based on a budget, there is a wide range. Call center software pricing can range from incredible, free call center software options on the market all the way up to incredibly expensive, yet effective, call center software. 

We often see the lower budget options as tools that solve for one thing very well. The more expensive tools are often more expensive because they pack a lot of solutions into one tool. I like to call these the “cruise ships” of tools. 

Sometimes you move faster having everything all-in-one. Sometimes it slows you down. Choosing your tech stack based on budget will allow you to prioritize the tools that matter and make the right decision for your business outcomes! 

3. Who else is involved in this decision? 

Deciding on how to vacation is typically the hardest part of the whole ordeal. Each friend or family member you invite will have different ideas of what their desired outcome is, what their budget is, and when is the right time to travel. All parties need to be open to hearing the others out on their ideas and coming to a decision on the vacation that benefits the collective group. If you’re traveling by yourself, it cuts down on the input you need to gather, but it might also limit your budget or timeline. 

Software is no different! At a small organization, it might be just you making the majority of software decisions for your support team. You’ve got the freedom to choose based on the outcome you’re looking for! At a larger organization, we often see tools and the corresponding needs span multiple teams. Buying a tool, like a ticketing system for example, touches teams including agents, trainers, quality assurance, workforce management, and more. Each stakeholder will have competing priorities with different outcome goals based on the same tool. Working together to clearly identify all priorities, and then collectively rank them will help everyone come to an agreement on call center software that is the best solution for your needs.

Ultimately, what is the best call center software or the best vacation? The one that makes the most sense for you! 


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