What’s So Great about Performance Appraisal Phrases Anyway?

We can be honest, the phrase “performance appraisal phrases,” doesn’t sound super exciting. Once you understand the importance and the greatness behind them, however, our ears perk up every time. Performance appraisal phrases can change the atmosphere of your team and you will especially notice around performance review time. Whenever the end of the quarter starts to roll around, it can be a stressful time for your team.

Some employees start nervously sweating at the mention of performance reviews, but not your team, not anymore. Performance reviews should be a time to revive what motivation might have fallen off and bring your employees back to the right track. The best way to do just that is through performance appraisal phrases. Not convinced? Try to tell me you’re not convinced 300 words from now. Here are the three best things about performance appraisal phrases:


When you use positive phrases, your employees no longer see performance reviews as a time of criticism without motivation, but a time to reenergize. When you give your employees feedback and encouragement, you can work together to make the best use of both your time. It can be easy to lose track of where the company is going or what that role is changing into. A performance review allows employees and managers to discuss where they see the role going and where the employee can improve.


Using performance appraisal phrases also improves consistency across reviews whether it is between employees or just across quarters with the same employees. When your evaluations stress teamwork and cooperation and you promote that idea to everyone, team atmosphere will improve. You can’t just spread the word to one employee and expect team culture to change. Well, you can, I guess, but it won’t work very well.

Consistency in performance reviews also allows you to keep a positive tone throughout the reviews. Whether an employee is exceeding expectations or falling behind, you should stay positive.


As opposed to typical reviews, when you use positive review phrases, you can be helpful and create SMART goals with your employees. Offering to help get an employee up to standard can completely change the tone of a review. Instead of the employee feeling stressed and taxed with improving in a specific area, they get to accomplish this feat with the help of a mentor, which is exactly how it should be.

Establishing a team environment throughout the team culture rather than just a location-based culture where, since you all sit in the same area you are on a team, results in increased productivity and a happier environment.
What are some of the best experiences you have had once you started using positive performance appraisal phrases? Let us know in the comments.

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