What to Look for in an Online Sales Training Software

Taking your sales team to the next level is a constant desire of many growing businesses. Whether it’s working on demo quality, conversion rates, closed opportunities, or even first-touch outreach. Whatever your topic of choice is, you should be able to delegate, create, distribute, update, and track your online sales training easily and effectively. Here are two things to focus on while in your search for online training software:

Ease of use

The easiest way to share knowledge in your company is to get the information right from the source. So, when you have a veteran employee who has figured out the 100% successful cold-email outreach process, they should be able to share it with the rest of the company. Also, please share it with us.

You should be able to build out your company’s sales training ideas in an afternoon and share with your veteran employees for feedback. By the next day or even later that afternoon, you should be ready to onboard your new sales representatives.
Some of the best sales minds travel around the country presenting ideas and sales training techniques on reeling in the right deals for your company. But, sales training seminars are usually expensive. It’s not easy or efficient to pull the entire sales team out for a day and send them all to a Zig Zigler training session. Instead, send one person who can take great notes and retain that information long enough to build a lesson about the session and share it with the rest of the team.

Ease of access and its benefits

Meetings and presentations only go so far. When your employees don’t have the ability to refer back to an easily accessible and understandable resource regularly, knowledge is lost. I only mention this for the people like me, the forgetful. If I sit through a meeting early in the morning and my note-taking hand isn’t moving quickly yet, I’m going to forget. I’ll fall behind then I’ll get to a crucial point and think, “Wow, I wish I had taken better notes in Mike’s presentation because now I have no idea what to do.”
I just don’t do well with lectures and I’m not the only one. But, if I had something I could look over regularly, I would eventually get to the point where I could create my own lesson or ask meaningful questions to improve the current one.

You should be able to get familiar with your online sales training software before you jump into it for free. Sales training isn’t easy, but building it in your chosen sales training software should be.

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