What the Party of the Century Taught Me About Closing Deals and Choosing the Best Online Training Software

I was invited to the party of the century when I was in 4th grade. Yep, you heard me.

At least, that’s what I remember thinking when I rolled up to Mrs. Williams’ end-of-the-school-year pool party. Let me set the scene—there were bright pink and green balloons, sunshine, burgers, watermelon, popsicles, summertime music, and eighteen 10-year-olds. What a time to be alive.

My friends and I created a pool game called “American Diver,” which held an uncanny resemblance to American Idol. In American Diver, each contestant had to simultaneously sing a song of the judges’ choice and creatively jump into the water. Easy enough, right?

Gabe and Zach were the judges. I made it to the final round with my friend, Marissa. On the last jump, I sang my heart out and did the best can opener you’ve ever seen. Marissa did the same.  

Unfortunately, she won. I was disappointed, but not crushed. Why? Because Zach had a crush on Marissa, so I knew I didn’t stand a chance. 

What does any of this have to do with choosing the best online training software

Well, Marissa and I did almost exactly the same thing that day at the pool, but she won because she had an emotional connection with the decision-maker that I didn’t have. In the same way, choosing the best online training software is a decision that’s usually guided by logic and need, but ultimately made with emotions because that’s how humans work. We listen to gut feelings. Emotions matter.

When choosing the best online training software, connection, thoughtfulness, and conversation go a long way. A team focused on the well-being and success of the learners in front of them will win almost every time.

At Lessonly, we make powerfully simple training software that enables teams to learn, practice, and perform excellently. Our software helps customers win more. They onboard new hires faster and better. Customer service agents and sales reps get access to the training and information they need to do great work. This is all great, but we’ve never closed a deal by spewing facts or stats alone. But, when we really listen and understand the needs of the people who will use our software—deals close. Here are a few ways we do this at Lessonly:

Honesty and Candor

Our customers come for our product, but stay for our people because we’re candid and honest with them throughout the sales process. The companies on a list of learning platforms—Thinkific, MindTickle, TalentLMS, Litmos—are our competitors, and they’re really good at making us work harder. When we’re candid about who we’re up against and who Lessonly’s platform is and isn’t for, everyone wins. From a prospect’s first interaction with us, we’re invested in their success, and in return, they help us get better, too.

Great Understanding, Great Timing, Great Delivery

So much of choosing the best online training software is dependent on salespeople having great understanding, great timing, and great delivery in their relations to a prospect. And having the emotional intelligence to know when each of these three “greats” is necessary. Delivering the right information at the right time to the right people is challenging, but when it’s done right, magic happens. 

This is best illustrated with an example—pretend you own an e-textbook management software and someone pursues you looking for an online course creator. They don’t know how to develop an online course, but they need a great way to create and sell online courses. They’re bound and determined to build the best online courses with online training course software. But you don’t sell that kind of software—you’re all about textbooks. 

Great understanding looks like realizing you’re not an online course builder, and not the perfect solution for this customer. But, it’s also recognizing that there’s some overlap between the needs of this customer and what you provide. Great timing looks like proposing a online course + textbook partnership with the customer after cultivating a relationship with them. And great delivery is following through once agreements are made and working together to maximize the e-textbook component of whatever online course software your customer goes with. 

For us, winning prospects and keeping their humanity in mind looks like listening well, providing clarity about our training tools, and always working to exceed expectations. Choosing the best online training software, or really any software, is a technical decision, but an emotional one, too, because we’re people. If you’re in sales, we’d challenge you to lean into your emotions and humanity while you’re selling. Keep honesty, candor, and the three “greats” in mind. You might not win American Diver like Marissa, but we bet you anything you’ll win prospects’ hearts.

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