What is Indigenous Content?

Each company establishes its own mission, values, culture, and singular way of doing business with its customers. (For example, one of our values here at Lessonly is “We critique in love.”) Along with institutional knowledge, unique approaches, and proprietary information, your company most likely uses job titles, acronyms, and perspectives only found in your organization.
We call all of this company-specific knowledge indigenous content. It’s anything that only your employees would recognize, right down to divisions, jobs, and people. Creating a training program filled with indigenous content keeps your team drumming to the same beat.

What is off-the-shelf content?

Alternatively, many companies buy ready-made courses to meet their training needs. We call this off-the-shelf content. It’s prepackaged, so those administering the training just need to plug it in and assign it. Companies providing this content offer dozens of generic courses in the attempt to make a one-size-fits-all approach to training.

A better approach to training

Too often this cookie-cutter method falls short when you need to pass along that particular shorthand only your employees will understand. Sure, some templates of best practices or compliance standards work well in training the masses. But for most uses, you need flexibility to adjust your content to fit the particular needs of your departments, teams, and employees. After all, how can someone outside your business communicate your vision better than you? Why rely on outsiders to educate your team?
If off-the-shelf content doesn’t address the unique aspects of training, learners can feel like training is wasting their time. Without buy-in, they’ll resist and won’t open themselves up to what you’re trying to teach.

By taking a little time on the front end to present indigenous content through the tone and style of your company’s unique culture, you’ll get better buy-in from your employees, impart the knowledge they need to know, and ensure better retention. And they’ll become more productive, efficient, and confident.

And hey, they might even learn something valuable.

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