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What Defines A Modern Learning Experience?

When it comes to learning experiences, moving to a digital format doesn’t always make it modern. The following nine elements, outlined by the Association for Talent Development, are staples of any truly modern learning experience.

1. Accessible: easy to find and available in the moment
This speaks for itself. How easily can your learners access the information when they need it? Valuable information should be readily available whenever, not at the end of some extended login process.

2. Autonomous: self-directed and able to do without help
Modern learners are hard-working and self-driven. Developing a modern learning experience gives them the power to take initiative. (Those who do are usually the ones you want to keep around.)

3. Chunked: small divisions, generally two-minute videos or five paragraphs of text
Keeping information short isn’t just for attention spans. Learning sticks much better when it’s in bite-sized, digestible chunks. Giving your learners a bit of a break between long-winded points is not just nice, it’s necessary.

4. Current: up-to-date or easily updatable
With today’s technology, information shouldn’t be stale or outdated. A modern learning experience must be easy to update as soon as information changes or new knowledge emerges.

5. Experiential: do something and receive feedback, sometimes immediately
Build feedback systems to give your learners the feedback they need to understand the information best. Quizzes and and grades reinforce the importance of this learning.

6. For Me: curated and delivered based on preferences of learners, preferably with their names on it
The rise of usernames, passwords, and login information lets us assign a personality to users. Leverage this capability by personalizing information for your learners. A gradebook with all of their scores, information that pertains specifically to their job, or even their name at the top of emails makes all the difference.

7. Hyperlinked: content is linked to other related content for more related ideas
The hyperlink is a beautiful thing. It’s the modern way of sourcing information so learners can quickly follow it down the rabbit hole. Creating and connecting relevant data to your content provides an amazing way for our brains to convert that to memory.

8. MVAK: Multimedia providing input that is Visual, Auditory, or Kinesthetic
This is a very complex way of explaining that images and videos can greatly enhance the way our brains encode information. Modern technology gives us ways to use this, so any modern learning experience needs to find a way to incorporate it.

9. Social: includes other people through crowdsourcing, likes, views, or comments and uses face-to-face interaction through coaching, mentoring, or dialogue
The social aspect of modern learning experiences extends beyond sharing to your social network of choice. Building in ways to comment and collaborate with other learners can really make learning more effective for everyone.

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