What a Professional Storyteller Taught Us About Confidence, Feedback, and Practice

Confidence comes when we know what works and why.” —Sally Perkins

Well, the cat’s officially out of the bag: Confidence at work is a direct result of practice. On the Practice First podcast, we’re learning from athletes, chefs, sommeliers, and sometimes even world-class story performers like we had the privilege of doing for episode two. To learn more about our brand new podcast, you can listen to the trailer and read up on why we launched Practice First in this blog post by show host, Ben.

Let’s get to the good stuff. On this episode of Practice First, we chatted with Dr. Sally Perkins—a storyteller, professor, trainer, consultant, and performer. She teaches public speaking at Butler University, works with a number of corporate clients, and travels around the United States to tell stories. Sally’s piece Digging In Their Heels: An Eye-Opening, Energized Story of Women’s Battle for the Vote, is taking her all over the place, even to New York City where she performed off-Broadway. 

Why did we want to chat with Sally? Because her day-to-day is chock-full of practice. When she teaches at Butler, she practices lectures. When she consults business leaders on how to make more compelling pitches, she showcases the value of practice and telling stories. When she’s performing an hour-long piece like Digging In Their Heels from memory, she rehearses even the most minute voice inflections and hand gestures to make sure the story is as engaging, fun, and effective as it can be. Long story short, Sally’s dedication to practice is astounding. She’s an aficionado if there ever was one. Not to mention that her joy is contagious. 

Want the fast facts? In this episode, Sally shares…

💪 How imagery and muscle-memory fuel practice

🎨 How intentional preparation allows for spontaneity and creativity. 

🔁 How to give and get feedback—from who, when, and how. 

📣 How being specific in coaching, encouragement, and feedback leads to confidence.

We hope you’ve learned as much from Sally as we did about feedback loops, preparation, and practice. If you’re curious about Sally’s endeavors, you can check out some of her work at www.sallyperkins.net.

P.S. Don’t be shy if you learned something from Sally’s episode! Reach out to our hosts, Conner Burt or Ben Battaglia, on LinkedIn or shoot them an email at practice@lessonly.com if you’d like to connect and share your thoughts.


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