We’re Starting a Movement: Why Customer Service Enablement is the Next Big Thing for Customer Support Teams

Let’s be honest, effective customer service is hard to deliver. Customer engagement is vital, but when issues are escalated, agents are rarely dealing with customers at their best. The job is much closer to fighting fires than it is to taking a leisurely stroll through the park—which, understandably, leads to a lot of turnover in customer service roles. 

Customer service skills are very similar to sales skills. They are both complex and are continually evolving with consumers. Sales leaders have fully embraced the idea of sales enablement, which has led teams to make huge strides in developing their teams. The core idea is that if a sales team focuses on practicing and improving together, they will see an increase in both sales and camaraderie. I believe the idea of sales enablement is transferable to customer success enablement, and I’ll discuss three ways that customer service enablement will impact employee retention in contact centers. 

Better Training Makes Your Employees Feel Valued

There are many types of customer service because we live in an omnichannel world, but no matter the channel, there is one consistency, great training makes employees feel valued. Here are a couple customer service examples of how better training has done exactly this: 

Jessica Wayda, a customer care agent at Ibotta said, “I enjoy that I can get help on demand right when I need it! I try to do as many Lessons as possible, as I find them extremely helpful.” 

Frontline agents like Kabutey Ebeheakey at Volusion have said that their training program has led their team to, “Get information and have more opportunity to learn and grow. It’s also nice to have refreshers on stuff that I have learned.”

By having access to customer service training exercises, both of these contact center employees have felt empowered to succeed in their roles and have stayed with their organizations. 

Maximize the Potential of your Customer Service Team

One of the best customer service tips I’ve come across is to develop a consistent customer service training manual. High performing employees that leave customers smiling are continuously looking to improve, and creating a structured customer service enablement program encourages agents to hone their skills. Agents that have gone through a structured training program are encouraged to develop and will perform better than those without a similar experience. 

Now imagine the level of service that a team could provide if each employee has not only gone through a great onboarding process, but is continuously given customer service training exercises, and is encouraged to improve in their role. This builds an entire team that will delight customers and encourage customers to keep your company top of mind. 

As your employees continue to grow in their roles, they can even begin to share their tribal knowledge with newer employees. They become subject matter experts and can help with creating lessons and transfer their knowledge into an LMS to allow every customer service agent to benefit from their working tactics. Lessonly makes it easy for your team leaders to build impactful training content so your team can learn and practice the skills they need to create great customer experiences.

Training Isn’t a Distraction

What is customer service to you? I’ve spoken to customer service leaders across the globe, and one constant commonality is they all want to make their customers happy. Many have the, “put the customer first” mindset, which has been popular since the early 1900’s. I believe it’s time to update how customer service teams approach this. Start putting the customer service agent first and you will directly impact their interactions with customers and increase Net Promoter Scores (NPS) as well as Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).

Training isn’t a distraction; it is a way to empower employees, develop them into the agents you want to retain, and make customer service a differentiator for your business. Training does not have to be workshops, where you take all of your team off the call queue. It can be a 5-10 minute practice scenario that describes how your agents should overcome a common issue or customer complaint. Customer service skills can be practiced in between phone calls with mock chat tickets and emails. It can be done quickly and easily, and it will improve the performance of your team. Check out how your customer service team can democratize learning with Lessonly

Happy Customer Service Employees = Happy Customers

The best way to keep customers isn’t to put them first; putting your employees first will elevate customers’ interactions with your brand. Great companies that retain their contact center agents prioritize the training of their own people. Developing employees and encouraging them to grow professionally helps customers win in the end. I’m not saying that retaining agents is easy, but I am saying that it all starts with training. The people who are on the frontlines of your business, talking with customers for hours a day, need to be fully equipped and empowered to wow your customers and deliver exceptional experiences. If you are obsessed with the customer experience, talk with one of our customer service experts to discuss how happy customer service employees create happy customers. 

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