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We Want to Know: Hoosier Learning Software?

OK, jokes aside, our question still stands: Who’s your learning software?

This year, Lessonly is joining all Hoosiers in celebrating Indiana’s upcoming Bicentennial. Our mission to help people do better work and live better lives extends around the world, but partnering with other Indiana businesses to make that impact in communities across our state has special meaning to us. Considering we’re neighbors in a state known for hospitality, let’s get better acquainted.

Lessonly is easy-to-use learning software that gives teams the knowledge they need, when they need it. With Lessonly, companies and managers quickly build Lessons containing the information their employees need to succeed, easily share them across teams, and track the impacts of better learning across their organizations. Hardworking Hoosiers are more confident, consistent, productive, and efficient with team learning powered by Lessonly.

On average, clients tell us Lessonly makes their teams 22% more productive in their jobs. And improved productivity is something all hardworking Hoosier organizations can get behind.

And while we help Learners do better work for companies across the globe, we celebrate our slate of Indiana-based clients, which include:

We do business with these, and many other, Hoosier neighbors, and we’re always looking for more partners who want to improve their team efficiency, productivity, confidence, and consistency. Whether you’re a native Hoosier or not, consider taking a tour to help your team do their best work. Sign up today.

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