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Wagepoint Twitter Chat Recap

Yesterday, Max remotely sat down with Wagepoint to Twitter chat about engaging remote employees. If you missed it, you can catch up here so you don’t have to pretend what everyone else is talking about anymore.

Q1: What does remote working mean for your startup?

We trust our people and assign clear goals. Remote working = letting people find the environment that lets them do their best work.

Q2: Could you share your 4-part formula to increase engagement in a remote work environment?

Sure thing!

Step 1: Hold a weekly company-wide meeting. We use Join.me for video and voice sharing.

Step 2: Have weekly departmental meetings to discuss immediate and long-term goals and share individual progress.

Step 3: Create a digital town hall. We use Flowdock for real-time, company-wide chat. More on that soon.

Step 4: Use lessons to share must-know info. They’re trackable and provide a feedback loop to ensure employees understand the info.

Q3: What is your own experience around the hiring process for remote workers?

Hangouts make remote interviewing more personal. Interviewees go through 3 interviews; the last two feature 2–3 team members.

We are also a big fan of the intern-to-hire process; it allows each party to test the waters before they dive in.

Q4. Do you have management tips to foster communication & accountability in remote teams?

We share a doc each week, where each team member’s goals and progress are displayed to the rest of the team. Results stand out.

Q5. How much does employee training impact or encourage organizational cohesion?

Performance problems arise when people don’t know what to do, how to do it, or why to do it. Training eliminates these problems.

Q6: The proverbial ‘watercooler’ is a big part of corporate pop culture, how can companies replicate the watercooler magic with remote working teams?

Have to s/o to Flowdock again. It’s our digital watercooler. We’re constantly laughing at the GIFs our bot, Bort, pulls in.
Bort started as just a watercooler Bot. Then, we gave him a robot raise and now he’s in our app, too!

Q7. What apps should any company serious about #remoteworking have in their toolkit?

Lessonly for need-often information. Flowdock/Slack for need-now communication. Plus, a CRM and Intercom!

Q8. What is the craziest excuse you’ve heard from an employee for missing a deadline?

“It is taking me longer because I am doing it the hard way.” My advice was to start doing it the easy way ASAP.
Managing remote employees can be a challenge, learning away from the office shouldn’t be. Try out Lessonly for free here.

Let us know what you thought of our conversation on Twitter @lessonlyapp and @wagepoint or in the comments below!

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