Utilizing Your Lesson Performance Pages

The lesson performance page acts as a command center for all the information you need to provide a great experience for your learners. You’ll find almost every tracking, grading, and automation feature that Lessonly offers in one, easy-to-use landing page. Let’s take a look at some of the goodness.

  1. Dive deep into individual learner comprehension with the lesson’s Gradebook link.
  2. Filter lesson information by groups. Everyone you want to see, and no one you don’t.
  3. Archive and restore lessons with just a click. Set aside important lessons and keep your data intact.
  4. Identify overachievers and stragglers with a quick glance at each lesson’s completion progress.
  5. Set a mandatory retake score to ensure that learners actually know need-to-know information.
  6. Someone has to take ownership of this lesson. Set that here.
  7. Take a visual glimpse of your learners’ comprehension with our lesson performance graph complete with awesome hover animations. (Try it!) For more detailed explanation, individual question breakdowns help create a learning experience that sticks.
  8. Relevant tags keep your lesson easily searchable within Lessonly. Add them right here.
  9. With the Advanced Learning Library, discover and assign the spot in the library where your lesson lives. No Dewey Decimal System needed.
  10. Your lesson is going to be popular, find out every course where it’s included.

If you need a guided tour, just contact your Client Experience Manager or send us an email at support@lessonly.com.

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